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MoonDragon's Midwives Vocabulary

Tay-Sachs Disease

A genetic disorder where an individual is lacking an essential enzyme needed to break down lipids. Common among Jews of Eastern European origin. A preconception test is advised for high-risk parents to find out if they carry this recessive gene.


Excessively fast heartbeat.


A medication used to stop contractions in preterm labor.


The pair of male sexual glands necessary for sperm production.


A bacterial disease which is usually contracted through a deep puncture wound of the skin. The bacteria attacks the nervous system and produces lockjaw. Can be prevented with a vaccine, part of the DTP vaccine in children.


Inflammation of a vein associated with a blood clot.


A fungus infection in a baby's mouth or on a woman's nipple.

Toilet Training

Teaching a toddler to control urination and bowel movements. Readiness varies from child to child -- generally ranging in age from 2-4.

Tonic Neck Reflex

A baby's automatic response to turn his head to one side while stretching his arm and leg out to the same side.


Organs in the back of the throat which act as filters for the lymphatic system. Once routinely removed if infected in young children, they are now left in place unless they are often infected.


A parasitic infection carried by cats' feces and uncooked meat. May cause stillbirth or miscarriage in pregnant women so they should avoid touching a cat's litter box and wash hands thoroughly when handling meat.


A device that emits sound waves and transmits them to a computer, resulting in an ultrasound image.

Transitional Object

A toy, stuffed animal, or blanket that a child attaches himself to and uses to comfort himself.


A period of 3 months. Pregnancy consists of 3 trimesters.

Tubal Ligation

A permanent sterilization procedure whereby a surgeon ties off a woman's Fallopian tubes to prevent conception.


A highly contagious, bacterial disease which affects the lungs and other parts of the body. A test is usually given to a baby at the 12-month checkup. If positive, TB can be treated with antibiotics.


A surgical procedure that helps open blocked Fallopian tubes. Can also be used to reverse a tubal ligation.


Tiny drainage tubes surgically inserted in the middle ear to relieve chronic ear infections.

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