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MoonDragon's Midwives Vocabulary

Gamete Intra-Fallopian Tube Transfer

An infertility treatment similar to IVF that involves removing eggs from a woman's ovaries, inserting them into the Fallopian tube with sperm, and allowing them to fertilize on their own.

Gene Therapy

An experimental procedure to treat genetic disorders by inserting healthy genes into the body to replace damaged ones.

General Practitioner

A physician who treats patients of all ages and either sex. More commonly referred to as family physician.

Genetic Counseling

A service to help determine if there may be any preconceptual or genetic problems with parents or child.

Genetic Disorder

A disease or condition which originates in a baby's genes.

Genetic Inheritance

DNA that is passed on from parents to children.

Genetic Screening

Tests to determine any genetic abnormalities.


Reproductive and external sex organs.


The period during which a fetus develops in the uterus.

Gestational Age

The age of a fetus in utero or that of a premature newborn who is measured by weeks.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)
(Type III Diabetes)

A pregnancy-related condition that a woman may develop when the blood sugar level becomes abnormally high. Must be treated as soon as it's detected. Usually disappears after childbirth.

Grasping Reflex

A newborn's automatic response to grasp a finger placed in his palm immediately after birth.


The medical term for a pregnant woman.

Gross Motor Skills

Movements that involve using the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet, such as running and jumping.


An adult who has been given legal responsibility for a minor in the place of the biological parents.


Physician who specializes in women's reproductive health.

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