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The birthing mom had 6 previous miscarriages prior to this pregnancy spaced between 4 other live births. This was her 5th baby. Five of her miscarriages were prior to 12 weeks, one of which was an accident that occurred when she was repairing a live electrical outlet cover and hit a hot wire with her screwdriver. Her sixth miscarriage was at 18 weeks, which proved to be very emotionally upsetting for her. Possible causes of 4 of her miscarriages may have been stress-related due to extremely tense personal relationships with husband and in-laws. Her son, age 11, was born in the hospital with outlet forceps (standard procedure for the physician and first time mothers) and obstetric medication, which included gas. Her daughter, age 8, was born in the hospital with medication and gas. Son, age 6, was born in the hospital with medication, but father was able to attend this birth.

The primary reason for choosing homebirth was the obstetrical treatment received with the 3 hospital deliveries as well as the lack of concern, assistance, and education regarding the treatment of herself and her babies. Procedures were given without her knowledge, consent, or blatantly against her wishes. She did not like being confined to her bed during her labor and being flat on her back during the births. She was totally fed up with medically managed deliveries.

The birthing mom gave birth to her fourth child, a son, at home assisted by a Naturopathic Physician (as male midwife). Her husband and mother-in-law were the only other attendants present at this birth. It was a 47 hour labor until she had her amniotic bag broke and the birth happened quickly. She became good friends with the naturopath and his family, and they began instructing her about midwifery and natural holistic healing methods. He became the catalyst for her future midwifery goals and profession. Although the birth was a good experience, she still felt that she wanted a womanly birthing support experience. She missed having the midwife experience.

The current pregnancy was handled completely by herself, as the midwife, and assisted by her birthing assistant and her daughter. The pregnancy was uneventful, diet was excellent, with mild labor periodically occurring beginning in late May. On June 2nd, she was checked by her birthing assistant and was 2.5 cm dilated and about 50 percent effaced. On June 5th, she had mild contractions 10 to 15 minutes apart for a while and passed copious amounts of blood-tinged mucus signifying the loss of the mucus plug. She passed more mucus about 4 times before she finally went into actual labor. On June 10th, she was 3.5 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced with more blood-tinged mucus. The fetal hand was up along side of the head at this time. The fetus grabbed hold of the birthing assistant's finger when the birthing mom was being internally examined.

On June 12th, after having irregular contractions for 2 days, she took 3 ounces of castor oil at 11 am, mixed with 8 ounces of orange juice. At 4 pm, she also took 4 capsules of powdered blue cohosh root and again at 5 pm. Between 5:30 and 6 pm, contractions began 2 to 4 minutes apart. When checked at 8 pm, contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds. Dilation was 6 cm and 80 percent effaced with the fetal head at station 1+. Amniotic membranes were still intact.

birthing mom in labor
Birthing mom in labor using breathing and light massage.
preparing to rupture the membranes
Birthing assistant preparing to rupture the amniotic membranes.

The birthing mom's mother and her other birthing assistant from a region a little over 200 miles away left to come to the birth at 10 pm. The fetus was in a posterior position (face up-head down) at this time and the fetal heartbeat was strong and regular. Contractions were of moderate intensity. At 1 pm, all contractions ceased abruptly. However, the moment the birthing mom's mother and her other birthing assistant walked through the door at 2:30 am, the birthing mom's contractions resumed with moderate intensity, 2 to 3 minutes apart. At 4:05 am, the birthing assistant broke the amniotic membranes (AROM) at the birthing mom's request. This was done with great difficulty. Her membranes, as in all her past labors, was thick and difficult to break. The amniotic fluid was clear. The FHTs dropped to 128 but came back up to 140 quickly. Contractions ranged from 30 seconds to 4 minutes apart and lasting 60 to 90 seconds. The baby had changed positions to an anterior presentation (face down-head down).

At 8 am, the dilation was 8+ cm, cervix had a small amount of swelling with a cervical lip on her right side. She changed positions and got up to move around and then into a sitting position to apply more weight directly on the cervix. By 9:19 am, dilation was complete.

fully dilated and into pushing stage.
The mom is dilated to 10 cm. With the cervical lip out of the way. Mom begins pushing.

The birthing assistant moved the remaining cervical lip over the fetal head and the head moved through the cervix. In one contraction, the head was born completely, preventing adequate massage and support. The head was in an anterior, de-flexed, straight-on (military style) presentation with very little molding. When the next contraction came, the shoulders were born and the rest of the infant followed immediately.

baby's head is born
The baby's head is born.
baby is placed on his mom's tummy
The baby is placed on his mom's tummy.
up on tummy
We have a baby boy named Randy.
massaging the baby.
Massaging the baby.
baby wrapped and warm.
Randy is wrapped and warm in his mom's arms.
Randy's older sister looks at her new brother.
put to the breast
Randy put to the breast to begin nursing to stimulate contractions.
latching on
Latching on to the nipple for the first time.
Randy's grandma takes a look at him
Randy's grandma takes a look at him.
Randy's first meal
Breakfast!!! Randy got the hang of this very quickly.
Randy's first meal, happy and contented.
Dad cut the cord after it ceased pulsating and clamped using forceps.
Randy weighs in
Randy weighs in at 6 pounds 4.5 ounces.
clean, happy, and tired!
Mom and her son, clean, happy and tired.

Randy breast fed immediately upon his birth, aiding in uterine contractions for the delivery of the placenta. The placenta delivered within 20 minutes of the delivery of the baby without incidence. There was only about 1/2 cup of blood loss at the most upon delivery of the placenta. There was between a 1st and 2nd degree tear along the old episiotomy scar requiring 3 stitches.

The birthing mom had her daughter present, along with her husband, her mother and her two birthing partners.

Randy weighed in at 6 pounds 4.5 ounces and was 20 inches long. After a shower and a change of clothes, Both mom and baby were able to rest. One birth assistant left at 4 pm and the other went home about 8 pm. The birthing mom's mother stayed for a few days to help out until driven back home by the birthing mom and her new son.

Randy was born on his mother's 30th birthday. What a birthday present!

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