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Having a baby is one of the most important decisions a woman and her partner can make. Today, we have more control over whether or not we have children than any other generation and it can be difficult to decide on the right time to try for a baby. Many issues come into play when deciding to have a baby, whether this is your first or a subsequent child.


Finances are a big issue for many people planning a family. Babies and children are expensive to have and to raise. Security for your children and yourselves in a world where the job market is constantly changing and having upheavals is a difficult task. Job security, financial security, seems to be gone. Children can stress an already tight family budget. Today, it takes both partners working to make ends meet and pay the bills. Hospital costs have skyrocketed, so keep this in mind if you are planning a hospital birth, even without complications, and many people do not have health insurance that will cover the costs. If you do have health insurance, check on your policy to see what it does cover and find out any limitations your policy may have regarding your care and that of your baby.

Homebirths are much less expensive, at about half to a third of the costs, but homebirth midwives do not handle high-risk pregnancies (if you fall in to this category) and many health insurances do not cover out-of-hospital births. This means finding a homebirth midwife that will work with your budget and give you a financial break in her services (many of us do this), but you have to be healthy with a healthy baby.

If complications come up during the pregnancy or birth, you will still have additional hospital costs (a good incentive to take good care of yourself during your pregnancy). Hospitals, clinics, and associated health care providers, do not usually reduce their costs to you because you are financially stressed and do not have health insurance.


Career Choices have become a major issue, primarily with women. In the 1990s and to the present, more women are having children later in life. Many desire to have a career and put off a family while developing their career. And although it is still most common to have a first child during your twenties, patterns of motherhood are definitely changing. More and more women are finding themselves in their 30's and 40's without having a child. They realize that their "biological clock" is ticking away their chances of having children.


Relationship & Marriage Choices have also become an issue of our times. Many women today are finding themselves without a partner that they would want children with. This may have been due to her career choices or because of separation and divorce. Divorces are up in numbers with fewer marriages lasting for shorter periods of time than they did for our parents and grandparents. A poor relationship, especially if it involves domestic violence or any kind of abuse (verbal, sexual or physical) in a relationship, is a definite contraindication for having a baby (pregnant women are more likely to be abused than their non-pregnant counterparts).

Alternative families lifestyles (lesbian-gay relationships) wanting children have to plan on a third party (a sperm donor or surrogate mother) to assist them with becoming pregnant and having a family. Some single women, without a partner, are opting for in vitro fertilization by a sperm donor simply to have children before their biological clock runs down and stops. Finding a suitable partner or a donor to have a family with is a very difficult task for both women and men.

A woman is at her most fertile in her early twenties and her fertility tends to decline quite rapidly after the age of 35 and the risks for genetic problems, such as Down's syndrome rises. So the longer you leave it, the harder you may find it to conceive. But no matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties or forties, once you have made the decision to try for a baby, there is a lot you can do to improve your chances of conception and ensure your child gets the best possible start in life, even before it is born.

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Many women feel it is important to know that they are fertile to allow them the opportunity of planning their life. If you decide that you would like to have a child, you and your partner should have a complete physical by your health care provider. Tell your health care provider that you are trying to get pregnant and ask for any advice that may help you to achieve your goal.

You should have blood work drawn to be tested for viral hepatitis, HIV, and other communicable diseases. You need to have your immunity checked for measles and have your blood type tested, including the Rh factor.

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Visit your dentist and make sure all your dental care is up to date. Having dental problems during pregnancy can make things difficult for you and some dentists do not work on pregnant moms.

MoonDragon's Pregnancy Information: Pregnancy & Dental Care


You should stop smoking, alcohol and drug usage (legal and illegal drugs). Change your negative lifestyle habits to positive ones. Seek professional assistance, if needed. If you are on any kind of medications for depression, diabetes, or other health issue, consult with your health care provider about your health options and whether or not you can change medications or discontinue them if they are contraindicated for pregnancy.

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If you have genetic problems in your family history, you should have these checked as well.

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Following a quality nutritious diet is important with plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Make sure you are getting enough folic acid in your diet before conception to prevent certain neural tube-related birth defects. Stay away from fast foods and junk foods, white sugar, white flour, preservatives, and processed foods. If you have an eating disorder, consult with a qualified practitioner to get help for your condition.

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Start an exercise program. Moderate exercise is important as well for toning and strengthening your muscles for pregnancy. Both of you avoid overheating. An overheated body is no place for a baby and for men, it can decrease sperm count if the testicles become overheated. The healthier you and your partner are, the better the chances you have of conceiving and maintaining a healthy growing baby throughout your pregnancy.

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fertility awareness and natural family planning


When you consider that many of us have grown up with the mistaken belief that you can get pregnant at any time of the month, it is easy to understand why some women are devastated if, having made the decision to try for a baby, they then experience problems conceiving. If your own fertility and that of your partner is normal, there is roughly only a 1 in 3 chance of becoming pregnant each menstrual cycle. On average, it takes couples about 3 to 6 months to conceive. There is a 15 to 20 percent chance that a woman may not have achieved pregnancy within a year. One in six couples have lower than average fertility, and take more than a year to conceive.

If you have been on hormone-based contraceptions, discontinue them and give yourself some time for your body to get back into a normal fertility cycle. Discuss your fertility and pregnancy plans with your health care provider to determine how long your body needs to take to "clear" the contraception hormones from your system. Consider using non-hormonally-based contraception until your body gets back to normal, such as condoms, cervical cap or diaphragm.

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Do not try too hard or become stressed out about becoming pregnant. Do not run out and corner the market on home ovulation and pregnancy tests and constantly search for signs of pregnancy. I have seen several couples that try everything to get pregnant, with no physiological reason preventing conception. They finally gave up and adopted a baby. As soon as they did this, the pressure was off and they conceived a baby. So stop worrying about it. Anxiety can interfere with getting pregnant. RELAX! Enjoy each other and your lovemaking. Do not make it a chore that HAS to be done RIGHT NOW! Spend time together, maybe take a romantic vacation together during your fertile time and let things happen on their own. But stay RELAXED!

menstrual cycle

You have a greater chance of conceiving when you are most fertile. Keep track of your menstrual cycle. Note the first day of each period. Ovulation usually occurs at the midpoint of your cycle. This is when you are most fertile. For example. The 14th day in a 28 day cycle (or 14 days before your next menses starts). Learn your own cycle. Each woman is a little bit different.

basal thermometer for determining ovulation

Learn and observe the physical signs of ovulation. Obtain a basal thermometer. Take your temperature first thing in the morning before rising. Find out what your normal temperature is every morning and keep a chart. When you ovulate, the temperature abruptly rises a little bit.

fertile cervical mucus

Other physical signs are a change in vaginal mucus and cervical color. During ovulation the mucus is clear and jelly like.

doing self exam using a mirror, flashlight, and speculum

You can check your own cervix using a plastic speculum (obtain one from your midwife, health care provider, or women's clinic) and a mirror with a flashlight. The cervix turns from pinkish to bluish in color. Another option is an ovulation predictor kit that can be purchased in a drugstore, online or available in the Conception Kit (see below).

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Most of all... Relax, have fun, enjoy each other, and relax, relax, relax. Good luck.

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Unless otherwise specified, the following nutritional supplements in this section are recommended for either or both adult partners.

Suggested Dosage

200 to 400 mcg daily. Deficiency leads to reduced sperm count and has been linked to sterility in men and infertility in women. Caution: Do not tke supplemental selenium if you are pregnant or have heart, kidney, or liver disease.

  • Selenium Supplement Products
  • Vitamin C
    2,000 to 6,000 mg daily, in divided doses. Important in sperm production. Keeps the sperm from clumping, and makes them more motile.

  • Vitamin C Supplement Products
  • Bioflavonoids Supplement Products
  • Vitamin E
    Start with 200 IU daily or 400 IU every other day and increase gradually to 400 to 1,000 IU daily. Needed for balanced hormone production. Has been shown as the "sex vitamin" that carries oxygen to the sex organs. Use d-alpha-tocopherol form.

  • Vitamin E Supplement Products
  • Zinc
    80 mg daily, Do not exceed a total of 100 mg daily from all supplements. Important for the functioning of the reproductive organs. Use zinc gluconate lozenges or OptiZinc for best results.

  • Zinc Supplement Products
  • Dimethylglycine (DMG)
    As directed on label. Increases oxygen supply in the blood to all tissues. Use a sublingual form.

  • DMG Supplement Products
  • Raw Liver Extract
    As directed on label.

    Injections, if needed, as prescribed by a health care provider, twice weekly.
    Found to be beneficial in promoting function of the sex organs. A good source of iron. Consider injections, if needed.

  • Liver Glandular Supplement Products
  • Octacosanol
    As directed on label. The heart of wheatgerm aids in hormone production.

  • Octacosanol Supplement Products
  • Wheatgerm Herbal Products
  • Essential Fatty Acids
    As directed on label. Essential for normal glandular function and activity, especially for the reproductive system.

  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Supplement Products
  • Kyolic EPA
    As directed on label. Essential for normal glandular function and activity, especially for the reproductive system.

  • Kyolic EPA Supplement Products
  • L-Arginine
    As directed on label. Increases sperm count and plays a role in sperm motility. Sulfur-containing amino acids that are effective free radical destroyers and chelating agents that protect glandular and hormonal function. See Amino Acids for more information..

  • Arginine Supplement Products
  • Cysteine Supplement Products
  • Methionine Supplement Products
  • Amino Acid Complex Supplement Products
  • Plus
    500 mg daily, on an empty stomach. Take with water or juice. Do not take with milk. Take with 50 mg Vitamin B-6 and 100 mg Vitamin C for better absorption. Alleviates stress and aids in stabilizing moods. See Amino Acids for more information. Caution: Do not take this supplements if you are taking an MAO Inhibitor drug.

  • Tyrosine Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-6 Supplement Products
  • Vitamin C Supplement Products
  • Amino Acid Complex Supplement Products
  • Plus
    Phosphatidyl Choline
    1,000 mg daily. Acetylcholine increases sexual pleasure. Phosphatidylcholine, a primary component of Lecithin, is converter in the brain into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Phosphatidyl choline imporvoves transmission of message from the brain to the genitals.

  • Choline & Phosphoatidyl Choline Supplement Products
  • Lecithin Supplement Products
  • Manganese
    As directed on label. Take separately from calcium. Maintains sex hormone production.

  • Manganese Supplement Products
  • Multi-Proteolytic Enzymes
    As directed on label. Take between meals. Powderful free radical scavengers. To aid in proper breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for better absorption of nutrients.

  • Multi-Enzymes Supplement Products
  • Raw Orchic Glandular
    As directed on label. For men. Glandular extracts from the male reproductive organs that promote their function. See Glandular Therapy for more information.

  • Orchic Glandular Supplement Products
  • Raw Ovarian Glandular
    As directed on label. For women. Supports ovarian function. See Glandular Therapy

  • Ovarian Glandular Supplement Products
  • 7-Keto-DHEA
    As diurected on label. Improves libido.

  • 7-Keto-DHEA Supplement Products
  • Vitamin A
    15,000 IU daily. Needed for tissue repair and proper immune function. Important in reproductive gland function.

  • Vitamin A Supplement Products
  • Beta Carotene
    Carotene Complex
    As directed on label. Powerful antioxidants, free radical scavengers, and immune enhancers. Vitamin A precursors.

  • Beta Carotene & Carotene Complex Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-Complex
    50 to 100 mg of each B Vitamin daily (amounts of individual vitamins in a complex will vary). Important in reproductive gland function.

  • Vitamin B-Complex Supplement Products
  • Plus Extra
    Vitamin B-5
    (Pantothenic Acid)
    As directed on label. Maintains sex hormone production. Helpful for stress.

  • Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) Supplement Products
  • Plus Extra
    Vitamin B-6
    50 mg three times daily. Required for the synthesis of RNA & DNA, which governs cellular reproduction..

  • Vitamin B-6 Supplement Products
  • PABA
    (Para-Aminobenzoid Acid)
    50 mg daily. Plays a role in restoring fertility in some women.

  • PABA Supplement Products
  • Folic Acid
    (Vitamin B-9)
    400 mcg daily. Protects the egg, sperm, and genetic material.

  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9) Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-12
    2,000 mcg twice daily. Maintains fertility. Use a lozenge or sublinual form, if available.

  • Vitamin B-12 Supplement Products



  • Astragalus Extract has been reported to stimulate sperm motility. Caution: Do not use this herb in the presence of a fever.

  • Damiana, Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, Saw Palmetto, and Yohimbe enhance sexual function in men. Caution: Do not use ginseng if you have high blood pressure.

  • Damiana, Dong Quai, False Unicorn Root, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Licorice Root, and Wild Yam Root are good for women. Caution: Do not use Ginseng or Licorice if you have high blood pressure.

  • Green Oat (Avena Sativa) Extract (also known as Oat Straw) is an excellent aid if the reason for infertility is the man's ability to maintain an erection.

  • Yin-Yang-Huo (Horny Goat Weed) is a Chinese herb known as a male aphrodisiac and may increase sperm count and semen density.

  • Heavy use of Echinacea, Ginkgo Biloba, and St. John's Wort may cause infertility in men, and should be avoided.


  • Astragalus Herbal Products
  • Damiana Herbal Products
  • Dong Quai Herbal Products
  • False Unicorn Herbal Products
  • Ginseng Herbal Products
  • Gotu Kola Herbal Products
  • Horny Goat Weed Herbal Products
  • Licorice Herbal Products
  • Oats & Oatstraw Herbal Products
  • Sarsaparilla Herbal Products
  • Saw Palmetto Herbal Products
  • Wild Yam Herbal Products
  • Yohimbe Herbal Products


  • Avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs, and saunas, as they may lead to changes in ovulation and reduced sperm count.

  • Avoid all alcohol; it reduces sperm count in men and can prevent implantation of the fertilized egg in women.

  • Avoid douching, as this appears to reduce fertility. Douching can change the pH in the vagina and can make it a hostile environment for sperm as well as washing away natural vaginal secretions that can help in conception.

  • Do not take any drugs except those prescribed by your health care provider. Inform your health care provider if you are attempting to conceive. He/She will be able to advise you if your medications may inhibit conception or may be dangerous for the fetus.

  • Do not smoke, and avoid being around cigarette smoke.

  • A balanced diet is important. Do not consume animal fats, fried foods, sugar, or junk foods. Do eat Pumpkin Seeds, Bee Pollen, or Royal Jelly. Caution: Do not use bee pollen if you have allergies to pollens. Bee pollen may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Start with a small amount, and discontinue use if a rash, wheezing, discomfort, or other symptom occurs. A healthy diet is important for both partners. The woman should be taking Folic Acid or a good prenatal / Multivitamin supplement with Folic Acid included in it prior to conception. Folic acid will help prevent some types of birth defects (neural tube defects) in a developing baby.

  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information Index: Diets, Recommendations, Menus, & Food Guide

  • Some artificial lubricants can prevent the sperm from reaching the cervix. Saliva may also have a detrimental affect on spermatozoa. Use a lubricant, such as PreSeed, specially formulated to safeguard sperm and assist in conception. Pre-Seed is included in The Conception Kit

  • Investigate the possibility of heavy metal intoxication, which may affect ovulation. A hair analysis can reveal heavy metal poisoning. See Hair Analysis for more information.

  • Infertility is stressful, but do all you can to reduce the stresses in your life. Learn stress management techniques to help you deal with stresses that cannot be avoided. See Stress for more information.


  • Bee Pollen Supplement Products
  • Folic Acid Supplement Products
  • Multivitamin Supplement Products
  • Multimineral Supplement Products
  • Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement Products
  • PreSeed Conception Lubricant Products
  • Pumpkin Seeds Herbal Products
  • Royal Jelly Bee Supplement Products


  • Because there are so many causes of infertility, in most cases the opinion of a qualified health care provider is needed.

  • Sperm factors account for approximately 40 percent of all cases of infertility. Some causes of sperm inadequacy (exposure to heat, recent illness, endocrine disorders) may be temporary or reversible, but others are not. Except for artificial insemination, orthodox drug therapy is ineffective in such cases.

  • Varicoceles are treatable with surgery, and fertility can sometimes be restored.

  • Strict adherence to a gluten-free diet has enabled some previously sterile men to become fathers. A gluten-free diet has also enabled women who were previously unable to conceive to become pregnant. See Celiac Disease and Gluten-Restricted Diet for more information.

  • Marijuana and cocaine lower sperm count. Avoid these drugs completely.

  • A deficiency of Selenium can lead to sterility in men and infertility in women. See Nutritional Supplements on this page for more information.

  • The transdermal use of natural progesterone cream may benefit infertile women.

  • Caffeine consumption may prevent some women from becoming pregnant.

  • Researchers at Britain's Medical Research Council and Edinburgh University scientists have found a new clue to male infertility: gene defects that interfere with proper sperm production. Located on the Y chromosome, these genes are involved in producing a protein that contributes to fertility. Infertility results when a mutation disrupts its normal functioning. More research may lead to new infertility treatments including gene therapy.

  • Recent advances in the treatment of infertility have focused on making existing techniques more comfortable, as well as expanding treatments to include people who would not have been candidates in the past. One new development is the use of donor eggs to impregnate women who cannot conceive on their own, whether because of damage to the ovaries, age, or some other factor. This is a controversial procedure, and it is being done in select clinics in the United States. It is also extremely expensive.

  • The ulcer medications cimetidine (Tagamet) and ranitidine (Zantac) may decrease sperm count and even produce impotence.

  • If a woman has developed antibodies to her partner's sperm, it may help to have him use a condom for at least 30 days. The sperm antibodies should then decrease, and intercourse without the use of a condom during the time of ovulation may lead to conception.

  • Conception is more likely if the woman is on the bottom position during intercourse.

  • Sperm count reaches its highest level after two or three days of abstinence from any sexual activity, but sperm that remains in the body for longer than a month is less effective at fertilizing an egg.

  • A woman who suffers from pre-menstrual symptoms such as bloating and breast tenderness is probably ovulating, so if she is having difficulty becoming pregnant, the cause probably lies elsewhere.

  • Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) stimulates the pituitary gland and sometimes restores fertility to some women who cannot conceive.

  • More women are waiting to bear children in later reproductive years. However, a woman's fertility begins to decrease when she reaches her thirties.

  • Procedures known as transcervial balloon tuboplasty (TBT) and selective fallopian tube canalization have roughly 90 percent success rates in removing obstructions of the fallopian tubes. TBT is similar to the artery-clearing technique called angioplasty. A tiny balloon is inserted into the tube by means of a catheter; when the catheter reaches the blockage, the balloon is inflated to stretch and clear the blocked section of the tube. The procedure may be performed in about 15 minutes under either a local or general anesthesia. Because this procedure is relatively non-invasive (no incision required), the risks involved are few. However, there is a chance that a tube may become blocked again. This happens in approximately 20 percent of the women who undergo this procedure. Fallopian tube canalization produces similar results to those of TBT.

  • Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) may be tried if all other methods have been attempted. These techniques include the following:
    • Gamete Intrafallopian Tube Transfer (GIFT). In this technique, eggs and sperm are mixed and put into the fallopian tube immediately, without waiting to see if fertilization has taken place.

    • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). In this procedure, which may be used if the man has a low sperm count or too many abnormal sperm, the woman is injected with health sperm extracted from the testes.

    • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Here a woman's eggs are fertilized outside the womb and inserted into the uterus. This is usually done if the fallopian tubes are blocked.

    • Zygote Intrafallopian Tube Transfer (ZIFT). Eggs and sperm are combined, and if an egg is fertilized, it is inserted in the fallopian tube.

  • A University of Michigan study indicated that intense exercise may result in a drop in the production of hormones involved in potency, fertility, and sex drive.

  • A study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle found that stress may contribute to infertility. Researchers found that women with hormonal problems also reported less emotional support (close friends or family). The results suggest that stress resulting from a lack of emotional support may affect the hormones involved in fertility.

  • Your health care provider must get your consent before performing diagnostic tests to determine the cause of infertility. There may be risks involved any time you penetrate the body using a tube, needle, or viewing instrument, or expose the body to the radiation, drugs, anesthetics, and dye materials used in certain imaging techniques. The risks of any given procedure vary depending on your age and health status, and the skill of the practitioner. Be thoroughly informed about any test or procedure before you consent to having it performed on you.

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  • PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid) Supplement Products
  • Progesterone Products
  • Selenium Mineral Supplement Products


    Information, supplements and products for male, female and couple infertility, the inability for a couple to achieve conception after one year of unprotected intercourse. Supplements are also included for impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). Products listed below are for male and female sexual dysfunction and increased libido (sexual drive).

  • Alive Multinutrient Products
  • Amino Acid Complex Products
  • Arginine Supplement Products
  • Ashwagandha Herbal Products
  • Astragalus Herbal Products
  • Bee Pollen Supplement Products
  • Beta Carotene Products
  • Bioflavonoid Supplement Products
  • Carotene Complex Products
  • Choline Supplement Products
  • Chromium Supplement Products
  • Conception Products
  • Cysteine Supplements Products
  • Damiana Herbal Products
  • Dandelion Herbal Products
  • 7 Keto DHEA Products
  • Dong Quai Herbal Products
  • DMG Products
  • EFA (Essental Fatty Acids) Products
  • Egyptian Blue Lotus Herbal Products
  • Enzyme Complex Products
  • False Unicorn Herbal Products
  • Female Infertility Books
  • Fish & Salmon Oil Products
  • Folic Acid Supplement Products
  • Gerovital Products
  • GH3 Products
  • Ginger Herbal Products
  • Ginkgo Biloba Herbal Products
  • Ginseng Herbal Products
  • Gotu Kola Herbal Products
  • Horny Goat Weed herbal Products
  • Infertility Products
  • Kyolic EPA Products
  • Lecithin Herbal Products
  • Licorice Herbal Products
  • Liver Glandular Products
  • Lobelia Herbal Products
  • Maca Root Herbal Products
  • Male Infertility Books
  • Manganese Supplement Products

  • Methionine Supplement Products
  • Molybdenum Supplement Products
  • Motherwort Herbal Products
  • Muira Puama Herbal Products
  • Multimineral Supplement Products
  • Multivitamin Supplement Products
  • Oat & Oatstraw Herbal Products
  • Octacosanol Supplement Products
  • Orchic Glandular Products
  • Ovarian Glandular Products
  • PABA Supplement Products
  • Passion Flower Herbal Products
  • Prenatal Vitamin Products
  • PreSeed Products
  • Progesterone Products
  • Pumpkin Seed Herbal Products
  • Rhodiola Herbal Products
  • Royal Jelly Products
  • SAM-e Products
  • Sarsaparilla Herbal Products
  • Saw Palmetto Herbal Products
  • Selenium Supplement Products
  • Sexual Enhancement & Libido Products
  • Shilajit Herbal Products
  • Squawvine Herbal Products
  • Stomach Peace TCM Products
  • Tongkat Ali Herbal Products
  • Tribulus Herbal Products
  • Tyrosine Supplement Products
  • Vitamin A Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-5 Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-6 Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-12 Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-Complex Products
  • Vitamin C Supplement Products
  • Vitamin E Supplement Products
  • Wheat Germ Herbal Products
  • Wild Yam Herbal Products
  • Yohimbe Herbal Products
  • Zinc Supplement Products




    Amazon: Conception Products
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    Amazon: Conception Kit Products



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    Gerovital Aids in proper brain function, promotes alertness and increased energy. Do not use this product if you are allergic to sulfites. GH-3 is the world-famous anti-aging formula discovered by the Romanian gerontologist Dr. Ana Aslan, and given to tens of thousands in the form of shots and pills since the mid-1960's at her Spa in Bucharest. One of GH-3's main actions is an anti-depressant effect, felt as a mild euphoria by many. In recent years GH-3 has been found to have a definite cortisol-inhibiting effect, which may help to explain its apparent rejuvenative effects experienced by so many over the past 50 years. GH-3 is known to be a safe and effective supplement. GH-7 and GH-9 are also trusted anti-aging therapy supplements of choice of the rich and famous in over 70 countries.


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    Amazon: Gerovital H3 Evolution, Perfect Anti-Aging Serum With SOD (The Anti-Aging Super-Enzyme) 45-Plus

  • Nutrition Basics: Gerovital (GH-3, GH-7. GH-9) Supplement Information


    Infertility herbal support extracts and combination blends are organic herb supplements that has been developed to help increase female fertility.


    HerbsPro: Infertility Natural Treatments, Woodland Publishing, 32 Page Booklet (90172)
    HerbsPro: Infertility Overcoming Naturally, Woodland Publishing, 141 Page Booklet (90716)


    Kalyx: Infertility Support Extract, Health & Herbs, 2 fl. oz. (HH)
    Herbal blend of false unicorn root and lobelia herb in structured water and grain alcohol.
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    Amazon: Fertility Supplement Products

  • Nutrition Basics: Specialty Supplements Information



    Amazon: Male Fertility Book Products
    Amazon: Male Infertility Book Products



    HerbsPro: Prenatal One Multivitamin, Rainbow Light, 30 Tabs (35472)
    HerbsPro: RAW Prenatal, Garden of Life Vitamin Code, 30 Caps (94343)
    HerbsPro: Brainstrong Prenatal Multivitamin Plus DHA, I-Health Inc, 30 Tabs & 30 Liquid Gels (98775)
    HerbsPro: DHA Smart Essential & Prenatal One Combo Pack, Rainbow Light, 30 / 30 Softgels, (70166)
    HerbsPro: Perfect Prenatal, New Chapter, 48 Tabs (91394)
    HerbsPro: Early Promise Prenatal Gentle Multiple With Iron, Bluebonnet Nutrition, 60 Caplets (100474)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Nutrients, Solgar, 60 Tabs (36705)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal DHA, Spectrum Essentials, 60 Softgels (74684)
    HerbsPro: Complete Prenatal System, Rainbow Light, 60 Tabs (18700)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Formula, Thompson Nutritional Products, 60 Tabs (35684)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Vitamin, Bellybar, 60 Chewables (82459)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Gummies, Nutrition Now, 75 Chews (93666)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal One Multivitamin, Rainbow Light, 90 Tabs (35473)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Petite Multivitamin/Multimineral, Rainbow Light, 90 Mini Tabs (81432)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Multiple, Natures Life, 90 Caps (90424)
    HerbsPro: Prental Omega Mom, Country Life, 90 Softgels (79103)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Multiple, Natures Life, 90 Caps (90424)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Gels Plus DHA, Now Foods, 90 Softgels (109010)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Multivitamin, Deva Vegan Vitamins, 90 Tabs (73134)
    HerbsPro: Perfect Prenatal, New Chapter, 96 Tabs (91395)
    HerbsPro: Raw Prenatal, Garden of Life Vitamin Cod, 90 Caps (82120)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral, Sundown Naturals, 100 Tabs (102711)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral, Sundown Naturals, 100 Tabs (102711)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Formula, Natures Bounty, 100 Tabs (100092)
    HerbsPro: Early Promise Prenatal Gentle DHA, Bluebonnet Nutrition, 100 mg, 60 Softgels (100477)
    HerbsPro: Completia Prenatal, Natures Way, 120 Tabs (34467)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Organic Multivitamin, Rainbow Light, 120 Caps (81685)
    HerbsPro: Doctors Choice Prenatal Formula, Enzymatic Therapy, 120 Tabs (12788)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Nutrients, Solgar, 120 Tabs (36703)
    HerbsPro: Early Promise Prenatal Gentle Multiple With Iron, Bluebonnet Nutrition, 120 Caplets (100475)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal One Multivitamin, Rainbow Light, 150 Tabs (62769)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Petite Multivitamin, Rainbow Light, 180 Tabs (80563)
    HerbsPro: Complete Prenatal System, Rainbow Light, 180 Tabs (18698)
    HerbsPro: RAW Prenatal, Garden of Life Vitamin Code, 180 VCaps (94344)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Multiple, Natures Life, 180 Caps (90426)
    HerbsPro: Completia Prenatal, Natures Way, 180 Tabs (34468)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Formula, Natures Way, 180 Caps (18047)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Multiple, Natures Life, 180 Caps (90426)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Gels Plus DHA, Now Foods, 180 Softgels (109011)
    HerbsPro: Perfect Prenatal, New Chapter, 192 Tabs (91396)
    HerbsPro: Completia Prenatal, Natures Way, 240 Tabs (34469)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Nutrients, Solgar, 240 Tabs (36704)
    HerbsPro: Perfect Prenatal Trimester, New Chapter, 270 Tabs (91397)
    HerbsPro: Complete Prenatal System, Rainbow Light, 360 Tabs (18699)
    HerbsPro: Early Promise Prenatal Gentle DHA, Bluebonnet Nutrition, 200 mg, 30 Softgels (100474)
    HerbsPro: Early Promise Prenatal Gentle DHA, Bluebonnet Nutrition, 200 mg, 60 Softgels (100479)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal DHA, Child Life Essentials, 500 mg, 30 Softgels (92591)
    HerbsPro: Wholemega Prenatal, New Chapter, 500 mg, 90 Softgels (82357)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal DHA, Nordic Naturals, 500 mg, 90 Caps (92068)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal DHA, Nordic Naturals, 500 mg, 180 Caps (92071)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal DHA, Nordic Naturals, 1000 mg, 60 Caps (92087)
    HerbsPro: Prenatal Plus DHA Complete, Buried Treasure Products, 16 fl. oz. (50992)


    Kalyx: Prenatal Petite Multivitamin & Mineral, Rainbow Light, Food Based, 90 Mini-Tabs
    Kalyx: Complete Prenatal System, Rainbow Light, 360 Tabs
    Kalyx: Complete Prenatal System, Rainbow Light, 180 Tabs


    Amazon: Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Products
    Amazon: Prenatal DHA Supplement Products

  • Nutrition Basics: Multimineral Supplement Information
  • Nutrition Basics: Multivitamin Supplement Information



    Amazon: Preseed Products<

  • Conception: Preseed Information

  • Ing Fertility Products: Preseed™ Moisturizer Products


    Progesterone is a female hormone important for the regulation of ovulation and menstruation. Progesterone is used to cause menstrual periods in women who have not yet reached menopause but are not having periods due to a lack of progesterone in the body. This medicine is also used to prevent overgrowth in the lining of the uterus in postmenopausal women who are receiving estrogen hormone replacement therapy. Progesterone may also be used for other purposes. ProgestaCare is a natural progesterone cream (men's and women's formulas). Medical researchers are just now discovering the many health benefits that natural progesterone cream can offer men as well as women.


    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Mist, Natural Progesterone, Life-Flo, 1 oz. (78775)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Mist, Energizing Citrus, Life-Flo, 1 oz. (78776)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care For Women, Life-Flo, 1 oz. (27073)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Response Cream, Emerita, 1 oz. (36140)
    HerbsPro: Progesterone Cream, Source Naturals, 2 oz. (2485)
    HerbsPro: Progesterone Cream, Feminine Balance Therapy, Organic Excellence, 2 oz. (49567)
    HerbsPro: Progest Cream Plus Phyto-Estrogen, Organic Excellence, 2 oz. (83141)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care For Women, Life-Flo, 2 oz. (27075)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Phytoestrogen Cream, Emerita, 2 oz. (18509)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Cream, Paraben Free, Emerita, 2 oz. (18510)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Cream, Paraben Free, Emerita, 2 oz. (67279)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Night Face Cream, Emerita, 2 oz. (70789)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Oh Warming Lubricant, Paraben Free, Emerita, 2 oz. (67280)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Personal Moisturizer, Emerita, 2 oz. (18508)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Natural Lubricant With Vitamin E, Emerita, 2 oz. (33941)
    HerbsPro: Wild Yam & Progesterone, Wise Essentials, 2 oz. Jar (44161)
    HerbsPro: Progesterone Cream, Now Foods, 3 oz. (68627)
    HerbsPro: Progesterone Cream With Lavender, Now Foods, 3 oz. (71688)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Cream, Life-Flo, 3 oz. Pump (83482)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care For Men, Life-Flo, 3 oz. (27079)
    HerbsPro: Wild Yam & Progesterone Pump, Wise Essentials, 3 oz. (50848)
    HerbsPro: Progesterone Cream, Source Naturals, 4 oz. (83788)
    HerbsPro: Progesterone Cream, Source Naturals, 4 oz. Tube (89061)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care With Calming Lavender, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (75094)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care With Cooling Peppermint, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (75095)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Tropical, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (88964)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Estriol, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (104659)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Complete, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (78777)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care For Women, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (51423)
    HerbsPro: Progesta-Care Plus With Phyto Estrogen, Life-Flo, 4 oz. (51422)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Cream, Paraben Free, Emerita, 4 oz. (67280)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Personal Moisturizer, Emerita, 4 oz. (18509)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Femina Cleansing & Moisturizing Wash, Emerita, 4 oz. (82462)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest Cream, Paraben Free, Emerita, 48 Single Use Packets (69607)
    HerbsPro: Pro-Gest-Ade, Enzymatic Therapy, 90 Tabs (12919)


    Amazon: Progesterone Products<

  • Nutrition Basics: Progesterone Supplement Information



    Mountain Rose Herbs: Male Libido Capsules, Gaia Herbs, 900 mg, 60 Caps
    A healthy libido is vital to an optimal quality of life. It can also be reflective of heart health, as both depend on healthy blood flow. Gaia Herbs' Male Libido supports stamina and optimizes performance. With botanicals such as Maca, Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed, and Saw Palmetto, this formula nourishes the male body and optimizes men's health and vitality. Contains: Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Saw Palmetto Berry Supercritical Extract (Serenoa repens), Epimedium (Epimedium grandiflorum), Tribulus fruit (Tribulus terrestris), Yohimbe Bark (Corynanthe yohimbe), Sarsaparilla Root (Smilax regelii), Muira Puama Bark (Ptychopetalum olacoides), Fo Ti Root (Polygonum multiflorum), organic Wild Oats Milky Seed (Avena sativa), Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable cellulose (capsule). Each capsule contains the equivalent of 900 mg. crude herb. 60 capsules per bottle.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Male Care Extract, 1 oz. or 4 oz. Sizes, Combination Herbal Extracts & Tinctures
    Male Care Extract contains organic and wildharvested Ginseng, Catuaba, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), Damiana, Muira Puama, Saw Palmetto and organic Grain Alcohol.


    HerbsPro: Libido Formula, Emerita, 30 VCaps (33939)
    HerbsPro: Maximum Male Enhancement, Virmax, 30 Tabs (92557)
    HerbsPro: Prelox Natural Sex For Men, Life Extension, 60 Tabs (91958)
    HerbsPro: Male Libido, Gaia Herbs, 60 Caps (82200)
    HerbsPro: Womens Libido, Gaia Herbs, 60 Caps (91202)
    HerbsPro: Max Size Male Enhancement, MD Science Lab, 60 Tabs (76722)
    HerbsPro: TestoJack-100 Male Performance Formula, Now Foods, 60 VCaps (68809)
    TestoJack 100 Male Performance Formula provides enhanced energy levels without the anxiety or insomnia that accompanies other energy supplements, as well as overall support for men's health.
    HerbsPro: TestoJack-200, Extra Strength, Now Foods, 60 VCaps (82053)
    HerbsPro: Supermanhood, Balanceuticals, 60 Caps (111344)
    HerbsPro: Libido For Men & Women, Foodscience of Vermont, 90 Caps (70192)
    HerbsPro: Herbal Libido, Dr. Christophers Formulas, 100 VCaps (39834)
    HerbsPro: Male Libido, Gaia Herbs, 120 VCaps (111851)
    HerbsPro: TestoJack-100 Male Performance Formula, Now Foods, 120 VCaps (76361)
    TestoJack 100 Male Performance Formula provides enhanced energy levels without the anxiety or insomnia that accompanies other energy supplements, as well as overall support for men's health.
    HerbsPro: TestoJack, Extra Strength, Now Foods, 120 VCaps (109008)
    HerbsPro: Advanced Natural Sex For Women 50 Plus, Life Extension, 140 VCaps (106810)
    HerbsPro: Manhood Tea, Health King, 20 Tea Bags (51164)
    HerbsPro: Female Libido Tonic, Herb Pharm, 1 fl. oz. (38039)
    HerbsPro: Female Libido Tonic, Herb Pharm, 4 fl. oz. (91307)
    HerbsPro: Max Size Male Enhancement Cream, MD Science Lab, 5 oz. (76719)


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  • Nutrition Basics: Specialty Supplements


    Stomach Peace TCM Formula (Ganweishu) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula. In China this product is extensively used for gastritis, peptic ulcer, abdominal pain, hepatitis, cholecystitis, costal neuralgia, kidney stone, cystitis, epilepsy, neurasthenia, anti-shock, anti-arrhythmia, mastitis, otitis media, costal chondritis, obstruction of Fallopian tube, chronic annexitis, hyperthyroidism and impotence.


    Chinese Herbs Direct: Stomach Peace (Ganweishu), Balaceuticals, 60 Caps
    This well-known formula is made of extracts of Chinese thorowax root (bupleuri), immature orange, peony root, processed (ternate) pinellia, tangerine peel, coptis (golden thread), nutgrass galingale rhizome, corydalis, red sage root, and licorice. Chinese medicine uses this formula to soothe the liver and stomach, and to neutralize acidity and pacify the digestive system. As a dietary supplement, take 3 to 5 capsules 3 times daily. Store in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children.


    HerbsPro: Stomach Peace, Balanceuticals, 60 Caps (111342)

  • Nutrition Basics: Digestion Supplement Information

  • MoonDragon's Pregnancy Information Index
    MoonDragon's Pregnancy Information & Survival Tips

    MoonDragon's Womens Health Index

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    Health & Wellness Index


    Allspice Leaf Oil
    Angelica Oil
    Anise Oil
    Baobab Oil
    Basil Oil
    Bay Laurel Oil
    Bay Oil
    Benzoin Oil
    Bergamot Oil
    Black Pepper Oil
    Chamomile (German) Oil
    Cajuput Oil
    Calamus Oil
    Camphor (White) Oil
    Caraway Oil
    Cardamom Oil
    Carrot Seed Oil
    Catnip Oil
    Cedarwood Oil
    Chamomile Oil
    Cinnamon Oil
    Citronella Oil
    Clary-Sage Oil
    Clove Oil
    Coriander Oil
    Cypress Oil
    Dill Oil
    Eucalyptus Oil
    Fennel Oil
    Fir Needle Oil
    Frankincense Oil
    Geranium Oil
    German Chamomile Oil
    Ginger Oil
    Grapefruit Oil
    Helichrysum Oil
    Hyssop Oil
    Iris-Root Oil
    Jasmine Oil
    Juniper Oil
    Labdanum Oil
    Lavender Oil
    Lemon-Balm Oil
    Lemongrass Oil
    Lemon Oil
    Lime Oil
    Longleaf-Pine Oil
    Mandarin Oil
    Marjoram Oil
    Mimosa Oil
    Myrrh Oil
    Myrtle Oil
    Neroli Oil
    Niaouli Oil
    Nutmeg Oil
    Orange Oil
    Oregano Oil
    Palmarosa Oil
    Patchouli Oil
    Peppermint Oil
    Peru-Balsam Oil
    Petitgrain Oil
    Pine-Long Leaf Oil
    Pine-Needle Oil
    Pine-Swiss Oil
    Rosemary Oil
    Rose Oil
    Rosewood Oil
    Sage Oil
    Sandalwood Oil
    Savory Oil
    Spearmint Oil
    Spikenard Oil
    Swiss-Pine Oil
    Tangerine Oil
    Tea-Tree Oil
    Thyme Oil
    Vanilla Oil
    Verbena Oil
    Vetiver Oil
    Violet Oil
    White-Camphor Oil
    Yarrow Oil
    Ylang-Ylang Oil
    Healing Baths For Colds
    Herbal Cleansers
    Using Essential Oils


    Almond, Sweet Oil
    Apricot Kernel Oil
    Argan Oil
    Arnica Oil
    Avocado Oil
    Baobab Oil
    Black Cumin Oil
    Black Currant Oil
    Black Seed Oil
    Borage Seed Oil
    Calendula Oil
    Camelina Oil
    Castor Oil
    Coconut Oil
    Comfrey Oil
    Evening Primrose Oil
    Flaxseed Oil
    Grapeseed Oil
    Hazelnut Oil
    Hemp Seed Oil
    Jojoba Oil
    Kukui Nut Oil
    Macadamia Nut Oil
    Meadowfoam Seed Oil
    Mullein Oil
    Neem Oil
    Olive Oil
    Palm Oil
    Plantain Oil
    Plum Kernel Oil
    Poke Root Oil
    Pomegranate Seed Oil
    Pumpkin Seed Oil
    Rosehip Seed Oil
    Safflower Oil
    Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Sesame Seed Oil
    Shea Nut Oil
    Soybean Oil
    St. Johns Wort Oil
    Sunflower Oil
    Tamanu Oil
    Vitamin E Oil
    Wheat Germ Oil


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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Amino Acids Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Antioxidants Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Enzymes Information
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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Homeopathics Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Hydrosols Index
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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Specialty Supplements
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Vitamins Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Vitamins Introduction


  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: 4 Basic Nutrients
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Avoid Foods That Contain Additives & Artificial Ingredients
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Is Aspartame A Safe Sugar Substitute?
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Guidelines For Selecting & Preparing Foods
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Foods That Destroy
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Foods That Heal
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: The Micronutrients: Vitamins & Minerals
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Avoid Overcooking Your Foods
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Phytochemicals
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Increase Your Consumption of Raw Produce
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Limit Your Use of Salt
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Use Proper Cooking Utensils
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Choosing The Best Water & Types of Water


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  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Analysis Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Diet Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Recipe Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Therapy: Preparing Produce for Juicing
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Additives Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Safety Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Index
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  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Back Pain
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Labor & Birth
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Blending Chart
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Essential Oil Details
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Miscarriage
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Post Partum
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Childbearing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Problems in Pregnancy & Birthing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #1
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #2
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Tips
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Uses
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Information Overview
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Touch & Movement Therapies Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy: Touch & Movement: Aromatherapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Therapy: Touch & Movement - Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Therapeutic Massage
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  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Hydrotherapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Pain Control Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Relaxation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Steam Inhalation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy - Herbal Oils Index

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