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MoonDragon's Pregnancy Information

Dizziness can happen in any trimester of pregnancy. Make sure you are getting enough food and liquids in your daily diet. In early pregnancy, you may experience morning sickness. Be sure to keep your blood glucose up in your body. You may have to eat several little meals a day in place of 3 larger ones.

Dizziness can be caused by high or low blood pressure or anemia. Your midwife or health care provider can rule out these conditions. It can also be a sign of adrenal insufficiency. Following a good nutritional plan designed for pregnancy can improve your health. Supplements, often found in a good prenatal supplement, with the vitamin B's and vitamin C are helpful in aiding compromised adrenals and anemia. If you feel like you are overly warm, this normal. Your body is working hard in order to grow your baby. This is normal.


  • A good prenatal multivitamin and mineral supplement is usually recommended by most health care practitioners and midwives for most pregnant women. Try to obtain one made from whole foods and balanced in all the vitamins and minerals needed. Read labels and compare brands until you find one suited to your specific needs.

  • One of the big reasons that insomnia can be a problem in pregnancy is that one of the causes of insomnia can be a B-Vitamin deficiency, and it is very easy to have a Vitamin B deficiency in pregnancy because the body's need for increases soon after conception. B-vitamins are water soluble and must be replaced daily. Excess is eliminated in urine. Diuretics, such as caffeine (in coffee) can cause a depletion of necessary B-Vitamins. The proper proportion of B-Vitamins is as follows: For every 3 mg of Vitamin B-1, there should also be 3 mg of Vitamins B-2 and Vitamin B-6; 18 mg of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5), Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3) and PABA; 600 mg of Choline and Inositol, and 9 to 15 micrograms (mcg) of Vitamin B-12 and Biotin respectively.

  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9) helps prevent birth defects and supports pregnancy. Folic Acid is necessary precursor for the manufacture of genetic material like RNA and DNA. Folic Acid also assists in the growth and repair of tissues and in the conversion of fats and amino acids into other useful products in the body. During pregnancy, 800 mcg is recommended daily.

  • Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids strengthens blood vessels. Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids provides powerful antioxidant protection, strengthens collagen and maintains white blood cell function. Bioflavonoids provides antioxidant protection for many of the body's important enzyme systems.

  • Vitamin E helps balance hormones. Alpha-tocopherol is the most active form of Vitamin E in humans, and is a powerful biological antioxidant. Vitamin E is a major antioxidant and the primary defense against lipid peroxidation. Antioxidants such as Vitamin E act to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals and oxidative damage. Free radicals are potentially damaging by-products of the body's metabolism. Free radicals can cause cell damage that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


    These four herbs are found in MoonDragon's Pregnancy Tea. The recipe is:
    Mix well and store in a glass jar in a cool dark place. Light will deplete the nutrients in the leaves. This tea can be consumed throughout pregnancy and is helpful towards the end of pregnancy to prepare for the birth. It is a good base tea to add tinctures or other remedies to during the labor and it can also be made into iced cubes and ice chips to be used by the mother during her labor. It makes a great sun tea and can be consumed cold or hot. I usually recommend about a quart a day of prepared tea. This gives the mom her fluids and helps with her nutrition. It can be used unsweetened or with a little honey added for sweetener, if desired.

  • Raspberry Leaf helps strengthen the uterus and may be taken as a tea. Red Raspberry Leaf has long been established as a female herb. The leaf tea is used by pregnant women to help prevent complications and make delivery easier. It has also been known to reduce menstrual bleeding and relieve symptoms of diarrhea. In addition to preventing complications in pregnancy, reducing menstrual bleeding, and diarrhea, Red Raspberry is used to relax uterine and intestinal spasms. It is known to strengthen uterine walls, and promote healthy nails, bones, teeth and skin. Raspberry Leaf can diminish the effects of morning sickness, false labor pains, hot flashes, and menstrual cramps. Using Raspberry Leaf after childbirth helps decrease uterine swelling and reduces postpartum bleeding. Small children can drink Raspberry Leaf tea for vomiting, dysentery, and diarrhea. The warm tea also soothes sore throats, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, and canker sores. Pour one cup of boiling water over 1 or 2 teaspoons of dried Raspberry Leaf, steep for 10 minutes, and then sweeten to taste. Drink 2 to 3 cups daily while pregnant.

  • Alfalfa, also known as Medicago sativa, lucerne, holy-hay, and trefoil, is high in iron, protein, vitamin K and is a good blood cleanser. It helps clot blood due to hemorrhaging. It is good for woman who have problems with anemia (most women do because of their blood loss during menses). Alfalfa can help lower cholesterol, balance hormones, and promote pituitary gland function. Alfalfa alkalizes and detoxifies the body, acts as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and contains an anti-fungal agent. Alfalfa is also good for treating anemia, bone and joint disorders, colon and digestive disorders, skin disorders and ulcers. Alfalfa has shown to be beneficial in preventing endometrial and colon cancer. It has been said that it helps reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritic conditions. Taking Alfalfa tablets before meals will help prevent the absorption of cholesterol. There is some evidence to suggest that Alfalfa tea can be useful in treating diabetes, stimulating appetite and for use as a general tonic. This plant works well as a food for convalescents because it gives many nutrients their body needs to heal and become strong. Alfalfa has shown some estrogenic activity and could be useful in treating problems with menstruation and menopause.

  • Nettle Leaf is high in vitamins A, C, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin K. It is a good all around pregnancy tonic. It has a slight minty taste (it is a member of the mint family). It can be used to build the blood and supply necessary nutrition needed during the pregnancy. In the early spring when nettle first comes up and begins growing leaves, the fresh young leaves can be plucked and eaten in salads. They have not developed their "sting" yet. Later the whole plant can be harvested (be sure to wear protective gloves and clothing when harvesting) and dried. Once dried, the leaves lose their sting and can be used in teas.

  • Peppermint is a good herb that soothes and helps the digestive system. It is helpful for nausea and gastric upset. Make sure your Peppermint is strongly aromatic (it should have a strong peppermint scent to it). Added to teas, it can add a nice minty flavor to otherwise "green-tasting" teas.

  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale; Gan Jiang) has been used safely for thousands of years in a wide range of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbal formulas that benefit the stomach and promote digestive function. Ginger is also used in these formulas as an agent to carry or reinforce the actions of other digestive herbs. It is considered to be a warming herb as it enhances circulation and absorption. Ginger is essential for the reduction and frequency of morning sickness, upset stomach, seasickness, and motion sickness. It is also used expel gas (relieving flatulent colic) from the intestines and to help reduce fevers and lessen symptoms of colds. It is soothing to the digestive tract. Ginger tea can be made by slicing the fresh root into small pieces and added to hot water or milk to steep. It has a slightly "spicy" flavor to it. Ginger can be obtained in candied pieces and popped in your mouth if you are having indigestion problems. A standard dose for most purposes is 1 to 4 grams of powdered Ginger taken daily in 2 to 4 divided doses. Prepare a dose of Ginger infusion by taking 10 to 30 grains or 1 ounce of Ginger powder or bruised root and adding it to a pint of boiling water, take 1 or 2 fluid ounces at a time. In acute colds the entire train of symptoms may be aborted in a single night, by advising the patient to take a hot mustard foot bath at bedtime, while the body, prepared for bed, is wrapped in warm blankets. During the foot bath the patient should drink a glass or two of hot water, each of which contains half of a dram of the tincture of Ginger. To prevent motion sickness, begin treatment 1 or 2 days before the trip, and continue taking it throughout the travel period. Make Ginger tea from the boiled Ginger root as a remedy for nausea associated with pregnancy. Chilled, carbonated, and sweetened Ginger tea is the original form of ginger ale, the famous anti-nausea beverage. Powdered Ginger can be used in the tea instead of the root. Ginger is contraindicated for people with gallstones and should only be used after consultation with a health care provider.


    4 cups of water 2 inch piece of fresh Ginger root.
    Honey and Lemon are optional.

    Peel the Ginger root and slice it into thin slices. Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. Once it is boiling, add the ginger. Cover it and reduce to a simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain the tea. Add Honey and Lemon to taste.

    Note: Keep in mind that if you are making this tea to strengthen the immune system and ward off colds and flu, sweeteners are not recommended. Ginger milk can be done the same way, substituting milk for water. This is good for warming the system up after being in the cold and is soothing to the stomach too. I often made ginger milk after shoveling snow off the sidewalk and needing to be warmed up. You could also add a dash of Cinnamon, if desired to the ginger milk.


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