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MoonDragon's Parenting Information
By Fiona Lohrenz


1. Always keep your child neat and clean.

2. Clip nails carefully and regularly.

3. Wet and soiled diapers should be removed promptly and child cleaned thoroughly.

4. Ensure genitals are clean and dry at all times in order to avoid fungal infection.

5. Care of the scalp is very important. Fungal infections, dermatitis, etc., can be prevented by proper cleaning.

6. Ensure clothing is loose and airy as tight clothes can be irritating to the skin.

7. Room should have sufficient light and ventilation. It should be free from dust and dirt.

8. Arrange a appropriate sized bed with a waterproof undersheet for the child.

9. Always keep some music making toys near babies and children.

10. The neck muscles in a young baby are weak so always support the head with your hand.

11. Mothers milk is the best nutrition for the baby,it also gives emotional attachment. Breast milk should be given as per the babies need preferably with mom in sitting position. Proper cleaning of nipple is also necessary. Mom should have a good nutritious diet throughout lactating period.

12. Bottle feeding moms should clean, sterilize and keep dry feeding bottles.

13. Never heat drinks in microwave as liquid can be boiling in parts.

14. Milk, fibers, food and cosmetics can cause allergies. If child is exhibiting an allergic reaction try to discover the offending allergen through a process of elimination.

15. Mosquito nets should be used regularly. Diseases like malaria, dengue, filariasis, yellow fever spread through mosquito bites. Mosquito bite can also produce skin eruptions with some allergic reactions and can disturb sound sleep.

16. Ensure you have a calm, consistent bedtime routine to encourage healthy sleep. Kids need lots of sleep. Growth hormones kick in during REM so napping kids are busy.

17. Growth development, behavioral development, motor development, personal social development, language development, etc., should be noted in relation to age. However, parents need not be over anxious as slight variations are seen from individual to individual.

18. Regular measurement of weight and height is essential to assess growth.

19. In the early months of life infant may defecate after every feed. Proper toilet training should be given when the infant grows. The infant can be placed on the toilet seat by the age of ten months.

20. Always thoroughly sanitize the toilet seat. Sharing with other kids isn't encouraged.

21. If the baby shows some signs of distress like excessive crying, convulsions, fever with rigor, stiffness of neck, frequent vomiting and diarrhea, bluish discoloration of the body, difficult breathing with grunting, etc., pay attention and consult your health care provider.

22. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit to hand which should contain dressing, sterile cotton and antiseptic lotion. Note all emergency numbers and keep in an obvious place.

23. Child's medicines should be kept in separate box. Information regarding dose and mode of administration should be noted and affixed to the box.

24. Ensure you have the correct car seat fitted.

25. When you are going out with the baby have an identity card with your phone number and address inside his small pocket.

26. Supervise a child learning to walk to minimize accidents.

27. If an accident occurs, take necessary first aid measures and get the victim to a nearby hospital.


1. No shaking baby as it can cause brain damage.

2. Don't keep any small articles near the baby.

3. Same goes for sharp or pointed items.

4. Avoid allowing water into ears while in the bath.

5. If a child is coughing or crying a lot don't try to get them to eat.

6. Do not over feed the baby.

7. Keep any dangerous or toxic substances out of child's reach.

8. Avoid tight clothing.

9. Care should be taken if your baby is on the bed that they do not fall off.

10. Do not give your baby to strangers and avoid close contact with others.

11. Childproof all electrical sockets and wires.

12. Kitchen is a dangerous place for children. Don't leave them alone in the kitchen.

13. Supervise your child the entire time they are in the tub. Keep water level low.

14.Avoid smoking inside the house.

15. Keep pets at a distance (ensure they have received all shots).

16.When the child starts walking ensure you have locked gates on stairs and never allow them to climb the steps.

17. Avoid strong light in the bedroom.

18. When you are traveling don't accept food from fellow passengers.

19. Don't allow a child to crawl in the dirt.

20. If you are sick or someone else is sick stay away from the kids.

21. Avoid areas of pollution, large crowds and hospital wards.

22. Table lamp should not be kept near the kids, this will attract insects at night and cause problems.

23. Never give medicine that has been prescribed for someone else to your child.

24. Medicine which has passed the expiry date should not be used.

Owning and operating a day care for 10 years provides Fiona Lohrenz with lots of material for her child care articles. Not to mention her childcare website and DVD guide to Starting a Child Care business at

This article was submitted by Fiona Lohrenz for electronic reproduction July 16, 2008. Thank you Fiona for your contribution.


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