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MoonDragon's Pagan Parenting Partnership is an informational resource service assisting Pagan parents in raising their children in non-Pagan communities. Submissions and suggestions are always welcome here for sharing with each other.

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This was sent to me by Em in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Often a Book of Shadows begins with a book blessing.
This poem is adapted from Silver Ravenwolf's "To Stir a Magick Cauldron"
It reminds us of who we are and why we keep this book.

I will serve the Great Goddess
And give reverence to the Great God
I am a Pagan Witch
A stone in the ancient circle
Standing firmly

Balanced on the earth
Yet open to the winds of heaven
And enduring through time
May the old gods witness my words
Blessed be.

To Stir A Magick Cauldron By Silver Ravenwolf


Most of the following quizzes were taken through Quizilla, which seems to have closed down. Other quiz sites include:

Pagan Quiz: What Animal Is Your Familiar?

CAT- Cats would have to be one of the most common familiars.

cat totem

Pagan Quiz: What Kind of Witch Are You Destined To Be


animancy witch

Animancy Witches are gifted with the power of life and creation. Their abiities are seen as pure and sacred meaning they are the most respected kind of witches around. They understand the cycle of life and know that life it can not exist without death, thus connecting them with their sisters and brothers - Necromancy Witches.

Animancy Magick includes: Resurrection (the ability to bring animals, plants and people to life by sharing its life forces with them). Healing (the ability to manipulate one's health, this includes treating incurable diseases and fatal wounds). Life Creation (the ability to create any living being that exists). Immortality (the incredibly rare ability to surpass death itself.

Pagan Quiz: What Kind of Witch Are You


animancy witch

You are a Crone, or else a Sage if you are male. You are well taught and pull from tradition. Changes are, you are a veteran practitioner and are very confident in your own power. You may even have pupils or people that look up to you. You are very confortable in all magickal settings, and have a good moral compass on which others can rely.

Which Witch? Witch
Wild and beautiful, you are a Witch.
You can feel the tides, the moon, the air, life itself.
You use the strength of your will,
and the quickness of your mind,
to bend and shape your reality.
Magick is a part of you, and you are a part of everything else.
Evil? No.
Amazing? Yes.

Quizilla Buffy Quiz: Are you dark witch Willow or pure Wiccan Tara?

Like Tara Maclay, your intentions as a witch are virtuous - magic is a blessing, one which you respect and love. You are a pure Wiccan!

You are torn between the paths of dark and light. You possess qualities of both a pure Wiccan and a dark witch, and only you can choose which one you will truly be. Remember, magic is a power by which you will receive back times three - choose carefully!

QuoteV Quiz: What Is Your Element?

SPIRIT: Your element is Spirit! Spirit is the element that holds the world together, and associated with ghosts, magick, and the occult. Spirit elementals are likely a combination of all the elements, and do not really fit into one category.

QuoteV Quiz: Which Goddess is Your Patroness?



The Greek and Pagan Goddess of Witchcraft and Queen of the Night. She is a powerful, no-nonsense Goddess. There is no room for fear in Her den, but if She comes to you, then She deems you worthy of Her and Her wisdom. Some of her attributes are the owl and the torch. If you have been noticing either of these things lately, then its likely Hecate is your patron. She will help you discover your Shadow side, the darkness within you, if you do not fear it. She will teach you secrets of the occult, and help you with magic. Like Brigit and Morrigan, She is a Triple Goddess, representing all three aspects of the Goddess: The Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

QuoteV Quiz: Which Type of Witch Are You?


Green Witch

Congratulations! You are a person who deals in herbal magics, the magic of plants. You are very in tune with nature, hence the green part of your title. Green Witches are generally a little more at home when they are at home, since they do not really need to be around others to feel comfortable. Those with Green Magic are always listening to the Earth, so they are very at peace with themselves and thus do not need approval from others to behave as they do. If this makes sense, you are a stable and grounded free spirit. Green Magic is very stable, but when angered, Green Witches are powerful forces of nature's wrath to be reckoned with.

QuoteV Quiz: What Pagan Holiday Are You?


Halloween - Samhain

Samhain in an ancient Celtic holiday very similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead. It is the third Harvest celebration on the Wheel of the Year.

MoonGoddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strange darkness and sadness lurk about you.

Quiz: What Kind of Female Faerie Are You?

Congratulations, you're a Dinnshencha, a feminist fae.
What kind of female faerie are you?
Take the female faerie quiz by Paradox.

Quiz: What Kind of Male Faerie Are You?

Congratulations, you're an Oakman, a mysterious oak grove guardian.
What kind of male faerie are you?
Take the male faerie quizby Paradox.

Quiz: Which Era in Time Are You?

The 60's

Quiz: Are you night time Or day time?

Blue skies and stars glimmer in the distance
And a full moons rays casting shadows
upon my hand as I write.
Lampposts light the street down below
With nary a soul walking.
A lonely, well-lighted street
With cars parked alongside darkly-lit houses.
There's stillness in the air.
The trees stand tall their leaves
and branches unmoving.
Dogs bark at a distance
As a cock crows,
Thoughts ...Memories...
Creating a hazy scene of silence.
You are Night Time.
You are very calm,
You are strong but don't show it to often,
You are a good listener,
And are very understanding,
You are a great friend.

What scary movie reflects you?

The Village
You never show your true self. At night the moon makes you the real you.

What color is your aura?

Your Lavender (Purple)!!!
Your lavender because you're a dreamer!
You've got an active imagination,
so your head's in the clouds.
Your creativity shows in art, music, and writing.
But your not that adventurous.

Remember Burning Times

My Moondragon telling stories to my grandson

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    May the powers of the Stars above and the Earth below,
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    So mote it be.

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