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MoonDragon's Handcrafted Fashions
Goth Pagan Clothing & Quilts

Each item I make is individually crafted by me, whether it be a baby's outfit, a ritual robe, or a crazy quilt. They may vary slightly from the photo, but I will keep them as similar as possible or make the item to your specifications. Fabrics and trims will vary depending on availability of these items. If you have fabric that you have bought and would like to have me make items from it, contact me and send me the fabric with any trims, buttons, and other notions along with specific instructions and I can make them for you. If you supply your own sewing supplies, the price will be adjusted accordingly and will be for labor only. Here are some of my past creations:


cotton brocade batty baby bib cotton brocade bad to the bone baby bib cotton brocade goth boy baby bib cotton brocade goth girl baby bib cotton brocade born pagan baby bib cotton brocade mommy's little monster baby bib cotton brocade spiderweb goth baby bib cotton brocade whatever baby bib


reversible child's cape reversible child's cape back


cotton gray bats dress cotton gray bats romper cotton gray spiderweb booties cotton gray spiderweb jumper cotton gray shirt and shorts set cotton green spiderweb romper


skull fleece romper and booties skull fleece blanket and hood skull fleece jacket skull fleece pants skull fleece romper skull fleece stroller blanket spider black knit infant cap


purple brocade booties purple brocade dress purple brocade shorts turquoise brocade romper turquoise brocade dress turquoise brocade booties


MoonDragon's Fashions - Goth & Pagan Infant Wear
MoonDragon's Realm
116 Boston Street, Apt 1-L
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

If you are Goth, Pagan, or Wiccan and you would like to have specially made baby clothes and layette items made for your baby beyond the usual pink and blue baby items. Contact me and let me know what you would like. Some examples of past orders can be seen here. New items will be added periodically and as materials and orders become available and items are completed.

I will design and sew up special orders for you. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and any other helpful information necessary for me to assist you (such as sizes and measurements). Be sure to order early in your pregnancy if you want the items for a layette or baby shower. Depending upon the sewing project, time will vary for completion since much of it is stitched by hand. This is especially true of quilts made for twin or larger beds. These are all done by hand without any machine stitching. I will be in frequent e-mail and/or phone contact with you to let you know how your order is progressing and when it's ready to be sent to you. I will try my best to get your order together and sent to you as quickly as possible.

I will customize your requests and give you an estimate of costs before you decide. Once we agree on items and price, you can make payment by credit card through paypal or send a personal check or money order. Since the price will vary depending on your order, you can use this paypal buy-now link set up for an unspecified amount. Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail. Shipping will depend on the size of the order and items requested.

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