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MoonDragon's Women's Health Procedures Information

Conventional Medical Recommendations

For "Informational Use Only".
For more detailed information, contact your health care provider
about options that may be available for your specific situation.

The opinions and recommendations given on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions and recommendations of MoonDragon's midwives and other alternative or complementary health care organizations or providers. These opinions and recommendations are those of the established conventional medical community. Be informed before making choices.

  • Women's Health Exams Description
  • Screening Tests For Periodic Examinations In Healthy Women
  • Recommended Immunizations
  • Other Tests That May Be Recommended For Women With Risk Factors
  • Notify Your Health Care Provider


  • An annual overall physical examination for healthy adults of all ages is no longer recommended by most medical experts. However, there are certain periodic screening tests recommended by conventional medical providers for healthy women based on risk factors and preventive services. Counseling about lifestyle and health is considered an important part of a periodic exam. Your health care provider will probably discuss health-related behaviors such as smoking cessation, alcohol use, contraception (if appropriate), eating habits and overweight problems or eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, exercise programs, such as postpartum (after birth) exercise or prenatal (during pregnancy) exercise, sexual activity (to assess risk of sexually transmitted diseases) and seat belt use.

  • Medical science believes that vaccine-preventable diseases may have caused needless sickness and death in adults. Many vaccines are considered controversial. They recommend that women are to be made aware that there are immunizations available, but informed immunization choices and information about adverse reactions need to be researched. Women need to keep an immunization, if she chooses to immunize, and complete health history (including prenatal-birth records, gynecological information, lab work, and surgeries done) with all copies of her records updated. These can be kept in a file in her home and available to her as she acquires new or changes health care providers.


    Age 18 to 39 (childbearing years):
    • Height & weight.
    • Blood Pressure.
    • Non-fasting total blood cholesterol (every 5 years).
    • Clinical breast exam (every 1 to 3 years).
    • Pelvic exam and Pap smear (every 1 to 3 years).
    • Dental exam (every 6 to 12 months).

    Age 40 to 64 (middle years):
    • Height & weight.
    • Blood Pressure.
    • Clinical breast exam (yearly).
    • Non-fasting total blood cholesterol level (every 5 years).
    • Pelvic exam and Pap smear (annually).
    • Digital rectal examination (annually).
    • Sigmoidoscopy (every 3 to 5 years after age 50).
    • Mammogram (every 1 to 2 years beginning at age 50).
    • Oral cavity examinations (every 1 to 3 years).
    • Dental exam (every 6 to 12 months).

    Age 65 and over (senior years):
    • Height & weight.
    • Blood pressure.
    • Visual acuity.
    • Hearing and hearing aids.
    • Clinical breast examination (yearly for women until age 75, unless an abnormality is detected).
    • Oral cavity examination (every 1 to 3 years).
    • Dipstick urinalysis.
    • Sigmoidoscopy (every 3 to 5 years).
    • Non-fasting total blood cholesterol level (every 4 years).
    • Mammogram (every 1 to 2 years until age 75, unless abnormality detected).
    • Dental exam (every 6 to 12 months).


    ***Research any immunization-vaccine you are choosing to receive. Know your immune status before receiving a vaccination (e.g., if you had rubella or chickenpox as a child, you will have a natural immunity to the disease and a vaccine is not necessary). Know the side effects, adverse reactions, contraindications and complications associated with that particular vaccine (very important!). Know what the vaccine contains as preservatives and whether or not you may have allergic reactions to the ingredients of the vaccine (many vaccines contain a mercury-based preservative which can be potentially dangerous, especially to babies and young children). Know the length of time the immunization is supposed to last. Make an informed decision based on potential risks, personal health history, lifestyle habits, and need for the immunization. Research alternatives to vaccines (e.g., homeopathy).

    MoonDragon's Immunization Information - Pros & Cons

  • Tetanus-diphtheria booster (once between ages 14 to 16, then a booster every 10 years)
  • Influenza vaccine - below age 65, depends on chronic diseases or occupational exposure; annually if over age 65.
  • Pheumococcal vaccine - below age 65, needed only one time.
  • Rubella vaccine - once, for women of childbearing age without proof of immunity. Do not take while pregnant.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine - once, for women in health care occupations or working with blood, intravenous drug users, those having multiple sexual partners or having sex with a hepatitis B-infected person.
  • HIV patients should be evaluated for all immunizations.


  • Skin exam - for excessive skin exposure to sun or precancerous skin changes.
  • Blood test for hemoglobin - heavy menstrual periods, women of Caribbean, Latin America, Asian, Mediterranean or African descent.
  • Urine test for glucose and infection - diabetes mellitus and urinary tract infections.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) tests - for women having sex with multiple partners or a partner with multiple partners; sexual contact with a person who has or has had an STD.
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) - women being treated for another STD, intravenous drug user, women having current or past sexual activity with an HIV positive person or one who injects drugs, women having multiple partners.
  • Genetic testing - women of reproductive age with risk factors.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) skin test - infection with HIV, living or working with someone with TB or other risk factors for TB exposure.
  • Blood test for type of lipids (cholesterol) - women with high cholesterol count, diabetes mellitus, smoking, family history of heart disease.
  • Mammogram - women below age 35 years if mother or sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Fasting blood glucose (sugar) test - family history of diabetes mellitus, being very overweight, having had diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone test (for thyroid function) - family history of thyroid disease, having an autoimmune disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Colonoscopy - personal history of inflammatory bowel disease or polyps in the colon, family history of colon-cancer.


  • If you or a family member has questions about examinations or immunizations.

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