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MoonDragon's Pregnancy Information
(UTI in Pregnancy)

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  • UTI Description
  • Frequent Signs & Symptoms
  • UTI Causes
  • UTI Risk Factors
  • UTI Preventive Measures
  • UTI Expected Outcome
  • Potential UTI-Related Complications
  • Conventional Medical Treatment
  • Medication
  • Activity Recommendations & Restrictions
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Holistic Recommendations & UTI Therapy
  • Herbal Recommendations
  • Postpartum Urination Recommendations
  • Notify Your Midwife or Health Care Provider
  • Bladder Infection, Cystitis, UTI & Urinary Retention Supplement Products


    Urinat tract infections (UTIs) are very common; approximately 8 to 10 million people seek professional medical assistance annually for this disease. Women are affected more than men, although men and children can get UTSs. Approximately one woman in five will have a urinary tract infection in her lifetime. Pregnant women have a greater risk of developing urinary tract infections. Most infections are not serious and can easily be treated with antibiotics, However, if left untreated, some infections can result in kidney damage and even death. This is why it is so important to seek appropriate medical treatment if a UTI is suspected. UTIs can involve bladder, kidneys, ureters (tubes connecting kidneys to bladder). Asymptomatic bacteruria is the presence of multiplying bacteria in the urinary tract without obvious symptoms. There are three types of urinary tract infections:
    • Urethritis is infection of the urethra (vessel that leads from bladder to external opening through which urination occurs).

    • Cystitis is an infection of the urinary bladder.

    • Pyelonephritis is a kidney infection that occurs when bacteria ascends up the ureters, arising from cystitis. It is a significant and potentially dangerous infection.


    Sometimes, no symptoms are obvious. Not everyone with a UTI has symptoms (asymptomatic), but most people get at least some. Here are the most frequent signs and symptoms of a UTI:
    • Frequent urination (the average person urinates six times a day).
    • Dysuria is a painful burning sensation in the area of the bladder or urethra during urination. Pain at the beginning of urination is usually associated with urethritis (inflammation of the u rethra), whereas pain in the middle of urination is associated with cystitis (inflammation of the bladder).
    • It is common for a person with a UTI to complain that despite the urge feeling to urinate, only a small amount of urine is present indicating the bladder is practically empty.
    • A nagging type pain in the lower abdomen. Often women complain of an uncomfortable pressure above the pubic bone and some men experience a feeling of fullness in the rectum.
    • The urine may appear cloudy. In addition the urine may have a pungent, unpleasant, foul-smelling odor.
    • Blood in the urine giving the urine a reddish color.
    • A leaking urine (urinary incontinence) may occur.
    • It also is not unusual to feel bad "all over,"" with shaky, tired, flu-like symptoms. These include fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. If a fever is present greater than 101°F it usually means that the infection has reached the kidneys (pyelonephritis). Other symptoms specific to kidney infection include pain in the back or side (flank), nausea and vomiting.
    In young children and infants the symptoms of a UTI may be overlooked or mistakenly attributed to another condition. Symptoms in infants and young chilodren include irritability, change in eating habits, unexplained fever that does not go away, urinary incontinence (such as bed wetting) or change in urinary pattern and loose stools.


    A cause of urinary tract infections include a breakdown in the body's defense mechanisms that allows bacteria from the vagina, perineum, rectum, or a sexual partner to invade the urinary tract system.

    Bacteria that enter the kidney through the bloodstream from an infected source in the body can infect from above the urinary tract, or a UTI can occur from below by bacteria entering the urethra and spreading upward. Infection from above is most often seen in newborn babies with a systemic infection known as sepsis. Infection from below is much more common. It is most often seen in small children and adults. Small children, still using diapers, have stool (which is largely bacteria) in close proximity to their urethra. The longer they sit in soiled diapers, the more likely the chance of infection. In addition, small girls are more prone to infection because they have a shorter urethra than boys.

    Uncircumcised boys are more likely to get an infection than circumcised boys because bacteria survive in warm, moist areas like the area under the foreskin. It is important for uncircumsized boys to be taught proper body hygiene and daily genital cleanliness to prevent problems. When toilet trained, older girls may be more likely to get a UTI if they wipe themselves from back to front, because this can expose the vaginal and meatal area to bacteria which colonize the rectum, most commonly Escherichia coli (E. coli). However, infections can be caused by Klebsiella, Proteus, Enterobacter, Pseudomonas, Serratia, Citrobacter, Streptococcus fecalis and, rarely, Staphylococcus aureus.

    Sexually active teenagers and adult women are more prone to UTIs because of friction that occurs at the meatus during intercourse, which allows bacteria to enter and ascend the urinary tract. This problem can be avoided by urinating after sexual intercourse, flushing out the urethra.

    People with diabetes have a higher risk of infection because of changes in the immune system secondary to the high sugar concentrations. Bacteria thrive in glucose-rich environments. Any disorder that affects the immune system raises the risk of developing a UTI. UTIs may occur in infants who are born with abnormalities of the urinary tract, such as posterior urethral valves or vesicoureteral reflux. These conditions sometimes require surgery.

    Women are more vulnerable to these infections due to shortness of the urethra. Infection ascends from the urethra to the bladder. If they are not expelled from the body, can continue up the ureters and infect the kidneys. UTIs affect women more often than men and the bacteria can be spread by sexual contact. Other risk factors include kidney stones, diabetes, enlarged prostate (in men), sickle cell anemia and having a bladder catheter. Various changes in the urinary tract in pregnant women increase the risk of infection.

    Many women suffer from frequent UTIs, which is defined as three or more culture-verified UTIs in one year. This condition is known as recurrent cystitis. Studies have shown that nearly 20 percent of women who have one UTI will have another, and 30 percent of those women will have yet another. Of the last group, 80 percent will have a recurrence. Usually the recurrent infection stems from a strain or type of bacteria different from the original UTI, which suggests a separate infection. Research indicates that one factor involved in recurrent UTIs may be the ability of the bacteria to adhere to cells lining the urinary tract. Additional studies have shown that women with specific blood types are more prone to UTIs.

    Pregnant women are no more likely to develop a UTI than other women. However, if a UTI occurs it is much more likely to travel to the kidney and cause pyelonephritis. Two to four percent of pregnant women develop a UTI; this is believed to be due to the hormonal changes and a shift in the position of the urinary tract during pregnancy. These changes make it easier for bacteria to ascend the urinary tract and travel to the kidneys. For this reason many health care providers recommend periodic testing of pregnant women's urine.


    These factors may increase the risk of getting an UTI and potentially increase the complications associated with a urinary tract infection.

  • A history of urinary tract infection.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Sickle cell anemia trait.
  • Underlying abnormalities of the urinary tract.
  • More than 3 previous pregnancies.
  • Presence of renal stones (nephrolithiasis).


  • Drink plenty of fluids (8 glasses of water a day) to keep the urinary tract flushed out.
  • Empty bladder immediately before and right after sexual intercourse.
  • Wipe from front to back after a bowel movement.
  • Urine studies during prenatal visits with your midwife.
  • Do not postpone urination. Urinate when you feel the need.
  • Drink plenty of unsweetened, pure Cranberry juice to keep the urine acidic and not alkaline.
  • Wash genitals thoroughly. Maintain good hygiene.
  • Women should always wipe from front to back after bowel movements.
  • Avoid douches (unless recommended by your midwife or health care provider).
  • Avoid feminine hygiene sprays and products with deodorants.
  • If a UTI is suspected, see your health care provider for antibiotic treatment.


    With early diagnosis and treatment, symptoms usually resolve in a few days. Recurrence is not uncommon.


  • Pyelonephritis, that may become chronic.

  • Untreated urinary tract infections that can progress to pyelonephritis, which is associated with premature labor and poses a serious risk to the unborn child and mother.



  • Diagnostic tests may include a urinalysis and urine culture by your midwife. You will be advised on how to collect a clean, midstream urine sample.


    Before You Start the Test Gather Materials You Need:
    • Bottle of UTI Test Strips
    • Folded tissue
    • Timer or watch with a second hand
    • Pen or pencil (optional)
    • Clean, dry cup - a urine specimen cup with a cap is helpful (optional)

    Read all directions carefully. Wash your genital area thoroughly with soap and water. Rinse with clear water. Remove one test strip from the bottle. Recap the bottle tightly. heck the color of both dry test pads. Compare them with the negative color blocks on the bottle label. If either pad is darker than the negative color block, discard the strip. Simply wet the test pads by holding in your urine stream for 1 to 2 seconds. Read both test results in just 2 minutes. Match the color of the test pads to the color blocks on the bottle label. A urine specimen cup can be used to catch the urine sample and the test strip pads can be submerged in the urine sample for 1 to 2 seconds and removed, sitting the strip on a tissue or paper towel, following the instructions for timing and reading the results.


  • For an asymptomatic infection or cystitis, medication is generally all that is required for treatment.

  • Follow-up urine cultures are important to ensure that the infection is eradicated.

  • Pyelonephritis treatment normally requires hospitalization for intravenous medications and careful monitoring for complications, such as dehydration. If there is no improvement in symptoms, further diagnostic testing is considered.


    Antibiotics may be prescribed if other alternative therapies do not eradicate the infection. It is important to complete full dosage even if the symptoms disappear. In some cases, when a UTI recurs, antibiotic treatment may be recommended for the remainder of the pregnancy. In cases of pyelonephritis, antibiotic therapy is often continued to suppress future infections, a preventive strategy by allopathic practitioners often referred to as antibiotic prophylaxis.


  • No restrictions in normal activities.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse when symptoms are present.


  • No special diet after treatment, but eat a well-balanced pregnancy diet.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (especially water) daily to keep urinary tract flushed out.
  • Avoid sugars, coffee, black tea, soda and alcohol during treatment as these tend to promote bacterial growth.


    Unless otherwise specified, the following recommended doses are for adults over the age of 18. For a child between 12 and 17 years, reduce the dose to 3/4 the recommended dose. For a child between 6 and 12 years old, use 1/2 the recommended dose, and for a child under 6, use 1/4 the recommended dose.

    Suggested Dosage
    Very Important
    1 quart pure, unsweetened cranberry juice daily. If pure juice is unavailable, cranberry capsules may be substituted. Take capsules with a large glass of water. Acidifies the urine and inhibits bacterial growth.

  • Cranberry Herbal Products
  • Colloidal Silver
    As directed on label. A natural antibiotic. Destroys bacterial, viruses, and fungi. Promotes healing.

  • Colloidal Silver Supplement Products
  • Garlic (Kyolic)
    Fresh Garlic
    2 capsules 3 times daily.

    2 to 3 cloves garlic with meals 3 times daily.
    A natural antibiotic and immune enhancer.

  • Garlic & Kyolic Garlic Herbal Products
  • Corn Silk/b>
    2 capsules daily. Have a diuretic effect and reduce bladder spasms.

  • Cornsilk Herbal Products
  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C: 4,000 to 5,000 mg daily in divided doses.

    Bioflavonoids: 1,000 mg daily.
    Produces antibacterial effect through acidification of urine. Important in immune function.

  • Vitamin C Supplement Products
  • Bioflavonoid Supplement Products
  • Important
    As directed on label. Take on an empty stomach. Also use 1 tablespoon in 1 quart warm water as a douche. Caution: Do not douche in late pregnancy unless instructed to do so by your midwife. Needed to restore friendly bacteria. Especially important if antibiotics are prescribed.

  • Acidophilus Supplement Products
  • Calcium
    1,500 mg daily.

    750 to 1,000 mg daily.
    Reduces bladder irritability.

    Aids in the stress response and works best when balanced with calcium. Use magnesium chelate form.

  • Calcium Supplement Products
  • Magnesium Supplement Products
  • Bio-Chlor-Dox
    10 drops twice daily. Also use 30 drops in 1 quart warm water as a douche. Caution: Do not douche in late pregnancy unless instructed to do so by your midwife. An important effective homeopathic antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal product.

    An excellent support to the treatment of intracellular viral states such as candida albicans and environmental toxicity. Recommended for gum inflammation (periodontis) and other mouth related conditions. Inhibits the growth of disease and bacteria in water and helps alleviate symptoms of food poisoning, amoebic dysentery, or diarrhea. 25 percent more potent but a third of the price of Dioxychlor.

  • Bio-Chlor Dox Supplement Products
  • Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral Complex
    As directed on label. For essential balanced vitamins and minerals. Use a high potency, hypoallergenic form.

  • Multivitamin Supplement Products
  • Multimineral Supplement Products
  • With
    Vitamin A
    10,000 IU daily. For essential balanced vitamins and minerals

  • Vitamin A Supplement Products
  • And
    Natural Beta-Carotene
    15,000 IU daily. For essential balanced vitamins and minerals.

  • Beta Carotene & Carotene Complex Supplement Products
  • N-Acetylcysteine
    500 mg twice daily, on an empty stomach. A potent detoxifier that neutralizes free radicals.

  • Cysteine & N-Acetylecysteine Amino Acid Supplement Products
  • Potassium
    99 mg daily. Replaces potassium lost as a result of frequent urination.

  • Potassium Supplement Products
  • Vitamin B-Complex
    50 to 100 mg twice daily, with meals. Necessary for proper digestion. High doses are necessary if antibiotics are used.

  • Vitamin B-Complex Supplement Products
  • Vitamin E
    200 to 600 IU daily. Combats infecting bacteria. Use d-alpha-tocopherol form.

  • Vitamin E Supplement Products
  • Zinc
    50 mg daily. Do not exceed a total of 100 mg daily from all supplements. Important in tissue repair and immunity.

  • Zinc Supplement Products
  • Plus
    3 mg daily. Needed to balance with zinc. Aids in protein metabolism and in many enzyme systems.

  • Copper Supplement Products
  • Zinc Supplement Products


    NOTE: Consult with your midwife or health care provider before taking any nutritional supplements or starting any dietary therapy if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. These supplemental products listed are for the general population and may not be recommended for pregnant or lactating women. For more suggestions see:

    MoonDragon's Womens Health Information: Cystitis

  • Cranberry can help prevent urinary tract infections. Drinking unsweetened pure Cranberry juice will help to acidify urine, inhibiting bacterial growth. For many decades Cranberry juice has been thought to reduce bacterial infections of the bladder. Studies in recent years have confirmed this, showing that Cranberry juice inhibits adherence of E. coli cells to cells lining the bladder, rendering them harmless. Cranberry has been shown to reduce bacteria levels in the urinary bladders of older women significantly better than placebo. Two different active constituents have been identified, fructose and a large polymeric compound. Fructose is present in all fruits, but the large polymeric compound is found only in cranberry and blueberry juices, and not those of grapefruit, orange, guava, mango and pineapple. When shopping in a grocery store or online, look for pure, undiluted, unsweetened Cranberry juice. Do not use cranberry juice cocktail. It contains added sugar and lots of water. Cranberry Juice concentrate is available that can be added to water, again look for unsweetened pure juice.

  • Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids may be included as a nutritional supplement and vitamin C rich liquids. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that protects against cell damage. It is essential in immune function and tissue repair.

  • If taking antibiotics, include unsweetened or naturally sweetened yogurt in diet. Antibiotics will kill all bacteria, good and bad in the digestive tract. The active culure yogurt and Acidophilus and Bifidus supplements help replace the good bacteria needed for proper digestion.

  • Uva Ursi leaf herbal tea (antiseptic herb which passes through the kidneys). This can be made by taking 1 ounce of the herb and place them in a jar, pour boiling water over the herb and cover. Let stand for 4 hours or overnight. Drink 1/4 cup 4 times daily for prevention and 1/2 cup daily for an active infection. Uva Ursi, also known as Bearberry, has a specific affinity for the genito-urinary organs, especially for urinary tract infections, cystitis, nephritis, urethritis, pyelitis, hematuria (bloody urine), yeast infections, vulvitis. Uva Ursi leaves were officially a drug for urinary antiseptic in the United State Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P.) and the National Formulary N.F. from 1820 until 1950.

  • AHCC supports immune function. AHCC is a proprietary extract produced from specially cultivated and hybridized mushrooms. AHCC is a rich source of polysaccharides such as beta glucan 1,3 and activated hemicellulose produced by enzymatic modification of organic medicinal mushrooms, including shiitake. According to extensive research in humans, as well as numerous non-clinical studies, AHCC supports immune system function through its effects on macrophages and NK (Natural Killer) Cells. NK cells and the intercellular mediators they produce are critical for the maintenance of healthy cell cycle function. AHCC has also been shown to possess antioxidant properties, and supports healthy liver function. As a dietary supplement, take 2 VCaps 2 times daily or take a 1/2 teaspoon (2 g) powder two times daily with water or juice, preferably on an empty stomach. This is a vegetarian-vegan product.

  • Anantmul is effective in treating urinary problems. Anantmul, also know as Indian Sarsaparilla, is employed in nutritional disorders, syphilis, chronic rheumatism, gravel and other urinary diseases and skin problems. Modern studies have demonstrated the antibacterial activity of the root extract and essential oil. Clinical trials have shown a benefit in ringworm infection and for malnutrition. It is a febrifuge, diuretic, antidiarrheal, lactagogue, skin cleanser and tonic.

  • Buchu is a natural urinary disinfectant. Buchu herb has traditionally been claimed to treat a wide variety of disorders, some of which include stomach complaints and urinary tract infections. Also known as the "urinary herb", it is a natural diuretic. Buchu is well known for its beneficial stimulating and soothing effects on the urinary tract system of both men and women. The active ingredient, diosphenol (or barosma camphor), is said to be a potent antiseptic and diuretic, and the herb has been especially helpful in the treatment of urinary tract infections, including prostatitis, urethritis and cystitis. Buchu has been said to reduce swelling of the prostate, soothe the lining membrane of the urethra and alleviate painful urination. It is also thought to help control bladder and kidney problems and the incontinence that is associated with prostate problems. Buchu is considered one of the best herbs for the prostate gland.

  • Honeybush Tea is good for the urinary tract. Honeybush tea is a herbal tea that is caffeine free and very low in tannic acid. It is therefore especially valuable for children and patients with digestive and heart problems where stimulants and tannins should be avoided. It has a very pleasant sweet tasting honey flavor and also a very healthy drink. It is normally consumed with milk and sugar, but to appreciate the delicate sweet taste and flavor, no milk or sugar should be added. Descriptions of the flavor vary from that of hot apricot jam, floral, honey-like and dried fruit mix with the overall impression of sweetness. The tea has the added advantage that the cold infusion can also be used as iced tea and it blends well with fruit juices. Honeybush tea is prepared by boiling about 4 to 6 grams of the dried material (approximately 2 to 3 tablespoonfuls) per liter for 20 minutes. The antioxidant activity increases when the tea is boiled longer than 10 minutes. Research by the Department of Chemistry of the University of the Orange Free State indicated those substantial amounts of (+)-pinitol is present in Honeybush tea. Pinitol is used as an expectorant and also has anti-diabetic activity. Research on Honeybush tea has only started recently in the 90's and already great progress was made on testing and researching the medicinal values of this tea. Honeybush Tea drinkers in South Africa claim that it has a calming effect, is a natural diuretic and has healing effects on certain skin ailments. Believe it or not, Honeybush Tea has been used by the local population in South Africa longer than Rooibos Tea! It has a recorded history dating as far back as 1705. The bush has a very attractive bright yellow flower that is heavily scented like honey. Unlike Rooibos, Honeybush Tea grows 99 percent wild, with the first experimental crops planted in 1996. De Nysschen et al found 1995 three major phenolic compounds in honeybush tealeaves: a xanthone c-glycoside, mangiferin and O-glycosides of hesperitin and isosakuranetin, two flavanones.


    Honeybush tea processes numerous properties that enhance the health of people that use it:

    Isoflavones & Coumestans

    The dietary phyto-estrogen-hormone-dependant process. This is advantageous for:
    • Regulation of menstruation cycles
    • Prevention of breast, prostate and Uterus cancer
    • Reduces the risk of Osteoporosis
    • Anti-fungal properties
    • Anti-virus properties
    • Anticholesterolemic-lowers cholesterol levels
    • Hypolipemic-lowers fat levels
    • Anti-microbial
    • Anti-oxidant

    Specific Luteolin is anti-spasmodic and anti-oxidant. 4-Hydroxycinnomic acid is anti-fungus and Antihepatotoxic.

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-hepatotoxic works against kidney poisoning
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-diarrhea
    • Anti-fungus
    • Anti-oxidants
    • Anti-depressant


    Vitamin-type activity (mixture of eriodictyol and hesperidien)
    • Anti-oxidants
    • Anti-microbial
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Spasmolytic
    • Diuretic (increases Urinating)
    • Non-feeding sweeteners

  • Silver is a natural bacteria fighter. Silver Biotics was tested by researchers and was found to kill every strain of bacteria that it was tested against and that these bacteria, may of which have become resistant to antibiotics, cause many human ailments. Silver Biotics is a patented Colloidal Silver Supplement offering immune system support and maintaining a strong immune system. Contains purified water and purified silver 10 ppm.

  • Corn Silk is used to soothe the urinary tract. Corn Silk is used traditionally as a mild and gentle diuretic useful for urinary tract infections accompanied by frequent urination and burning. It acts as a therapeutic kidney cleanser. Cornsilk herb is often included in herbal preparations for the bladder and urinary tract. It can be taken as a tea, capsule or in tincture-extract form. For an extract, use as a dietary supplement, 1 to 2 ml 3 times a day. Take 3 capsules three times daily with water or follow package directions for use.

  • Dandelion root is a natural diuretic and improves appetite and minor digestive problems. Dandelion leaves are commonly recommended as a food supplement for pregnant and postmenopausal women.Dandelion tea is warm and soothing, and acts as a blood cleanser and gentle diuretic.

  • Fluid Retention formulas are designed to accelerate the body's fluid drainage system. Diuretic formulas remove unwanted fluid from the body by increasing urination. Herbs often found in natural diuretic formulas include Uva Ursi to treat infections of the lower urinary tract and vaginitis. Uva Ursi is also used with good results for cystitis, dysuria, pyelitis and lithuria. Nettle is used as a diuretic, astringent and blood builder, and to treat anemia (due to its high iron content). Nettle has been applied to cuts to stop bleeding or taken in tea to reduce excessive menstrual flow, as well as to treat nosebleeds and hemorrhoids. Nettle has been used to stimulate blood circulation and as a spring tonic for chronic skin ailments. Dandelion is used as an appetite stimulant, digestive aid, and for liver and gallbladder function. Dandelion is used as a diuretic to stimulate the excretion of urine. Juniper is a diuretic and as a treatment in various conditions of the kidneys and bladder. Juniper Berries are also recommended for their carminative action in cases of indigestion and flatulence. Marshmallow has a soothing effect on inflamed and irritated tissues of the alimentary canal, and urinary and respiratory organs. Marshmallow Root eases the passage of kidney stones and is used in combination with other diuretic herbs for kidney treatments which assist in the release of gravel and stones. It works very well for urinary problems. Horsetail is used as a diuretic for the treatment of edema (swelling/fluid retention). Horsetail is also occasionally used for osteoporosis, nephrolithiasis, urinary tract inflammation, and wound healing (topical). Ginger has diuretic properties that help increase the flow of urine. It protects the liver and is beneficial for hemorrhoids. Suggested dosage for extract-tinctures: 30 to 60 drops in water or juice 2 to 3 times daily or as needed.


  • Acidophilus Supplement Products
  • AHCC Supplement Products
  • Anantmul Herbal Products
  • Bifidus Supplement Products
  • Bioflavonoids Supplement Products
  • Buchu Herbal Products
  • Colloidal Silver Supplement Products
  • Cornsilk Herbal Products
  • Cranberry Herbal Products
  • Dandelion Herbal Products
  • Diuretic Formula Products
  • Fluid Retention Formula Products
  • Ginger Herbal Products
  • Gravelroot Herbal Products
  • Honeybush Herbal Products
  • Horsetail Herbal Products
  • Juniper Herbal Products
  • Marshmallow Herbal Products
  • Nettle Herbal Products
  • Uva Ursi Herbal Products
  • Vitamin C Supplement Products


  • Warm baths may help relieve discomfort. Herbs or medical remedies may be added to the bath to aid in relief. See Sitz Baths. For hygiene, take showers instead of baths.

  • Take a 20 minute hot Sitz Bath twice daily. Hot sitz baths help to relieve the pain associated with cystitis. Batherapy Products are excellent and can be found in health food stores and online.

  • Or you can add one cup of Vinegar to a sitz bath (or to shallow bath water) once a day. A woman should position her knees up and apart so that the water can enter the vagina. Alternate this with a bath made with two cloves of crushed Garlic or an equivalent amount of Garlic Juice.

  • MoonDragon's Health Therapy: Sitz Bath


    Drink at least 2 quarts of water or herbal tea daily to clear bacteria out of the bladder, and avoid coffee, black tea, and alcohol. Heat - both from tea and from heat packs and baths promotes blood flow in the bladder's mucus lining and wards off infection. Bed rest and meditation give the body strength to fight infection.


    A Sitz Bath may be used to enhance circulation in the pelvis, bladder, urethra and ureters. This will relieve some of the pain and discomfort. Ideally you should use a sitz bath tub. The water should have a temperature of about 100°F and reach about up to your navel. Stay in the bath for 20 minutes.

    A sitz bath that rises in temperature can be even more effective. Start with the water temperature at 91°F and increase it by adding hot water over the course of 20 minutes until the temperature reaches 102°F. Following the bath, rest in bed for about 30 minutes.


    Heat and rest will soothe the distress of a bladder infection. Place a heating pad or a heated pouch filled with rice or flaxseed on your lower abdomen. The pad or pouch should be hot; but be careful not to burn yourself. Cover it with a wool blanket for about 20 to 25 minutes, then rest for 30 minutes. Do this 1 to 3 times.

    If the problems does not improve after one or two days, if blood appears in the urine or if you have a fever over 101°F, consult your health care provider.

  • Use Acidophilus douches. If cystitis is associated with vaginitis, alternate this with Apple Cider Vinegar douches. Do not douche if you are pregnant without first discussing it with your midwife. A few spoonfuls of homemade, unsweetened, plain yogurt may be diluted with water and used as a douche.

  • Pour a cup of warm water over genital area while urinating. It will help to relieve burning and stinging.

  • Do not delay emptying the bladder. Making sure that you urinate every two to three waking hours - "voiding by the clock" can help.

  • With proper hygiene, women can effectively ward off bladder infections. Keep the genital and anal areas clean and dry. Women should wipe and cleanse the genital area from front to back after emptying the bladder or bowels and when bathing. This will help you to avoid transmitting bacteria from the anus to the opening of the urethra.

  • Do not over-do hygiene. Do not use feminine hygiene sprays, packaged douches, bubble baths, or tampons, sanitary pads or toilet paper containing fragrance. The chemicals these products contain are potentially irritating. Aggressive use of soaps, intimate sprays or douches disturbs the healthy skin flora that provide natural protection from infection. Plenty of warm water and a mild, pH-neutral soap are quite sufficient.

  • Women should drink a full glass of water prior to sexual activity to help induce urination promptly after intercourse. They should empty the bladder before and after exercise and sexual intercourse, and wash the vagina after intercourse, in order to wash away any pathogens that may have been introduced. Drink 2 glasses of water after intercourse to flush out the bladder.

  • Wear white cotton underwear. Nylon underwear should be avoided.

  • Change into dry clothes as soon as possible after swimming. Avoid sitting around in a wet bathing suit.

  • If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, use sanitary pads rather than tampons.

  • A person with a bladder infection should avoid alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, coffee, chocolate, refined or processed foods, simple sugars, spicy foods and citrus juices, which irritate the bladder. Chemicals in food, drugs, and impure water have an adverse effect on the bladder.

  • If urination is painful but bacteria cannot be found or cultured by the laboratory, discontinue use of all types of soaps and use only water to cleanse the vaginal area. Some people are sensitive to soap; an all-natural, mild Unscented Soap from a health food store is recommended.

  • If there is blood in the urine, consult your health care provider. This can be a sign of a more serious problem that warrants medical attention.


  • Optimal immune function is important in both fighting and preventing all bacterial disorders.

  • Caffeine causes the muscles around the bladder neck to contract, and can produce painful bladder spasms.

  • Habitually retaining the urine in the bladder for long periods increases a woman's risk of urinary tract infection may increase the risk of bladder cancer.

  • Shrinkage of urethral and vaginal membranes, which most commonly occurs after menopause as a result of a reduction in the amount of estrogen in the body, can increase the tendency to develop bladder infections. Urethral dilation helps stretch a contracted urethra.

  • MoonDragon's Womens Health Information: Bacterial Vaginitis

  • Colloidal Silver is a natural broad-spectrum antiseptic that fights infection, subdues inflammation, and promotes healing. It is a clear golden liquid composed of 99.9 percent pure silver particles approximately 0.001 to 0.01 micron (1/1,000,000 to 1/100,000 millimeter) in diameter that are suspended in pure water. It can be taken by mouth, administered intravenously, or applied topically. Colloidal silver is available in health food stores and online.

  • Using aluminum cookware may cause cystitis symptoms. Cadmium, a toxic metal, may cause urinary problems as well.

  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Aluminum Toxicity
    MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Cadmium Toxicity

  • If you suffer from inconsistent bladder control, consider sacral nerve stimulation, a new implant designed to treat bladder problems. This small device sends electronic signals to the nerves connected to the bladder, which helps prevent incontinence and dramatically improves quality of life.

  • MoonDragon's Womens Health Information: Incontinence, Stress
    MoonDragon's Womens Health Information: Incontinence, Urge
    MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Bed Wetting

  • Women who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections are force to stay on a continued regimen of low-dose antibiotics to prevent recurrence. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin Medical School have reported the first successful trial of a vaccine to prevent recurrent UTIs. Women are treated with either vaginal suppositories loaded with the vaccine containing inactive bacteria, or with a placebo. Women who received 6 inactive bacteria treatments over 14 weeks remained infection-free more than 4 times longer than those who received the placebo. Of the women receiving the inactive bacteria treatments, 55 percent had no infections for the entire 6 month study period.

  • Antibiotics and analgesics may be necessary treatments for cystitis, especially for persistent and/or painful infections. Beware of resorting to them too often, however. Antibiotics disturb the normal internal flora and may actually promote recurrent infections by promoting the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. In fact, because antibiotics have been widely over-prescribed over the years, many of the bacteria in our bodies (estimates run from 50 to 80 percent) are now resistant to common antibiotics, such as sulfa drugs and tetracycline. This forces health care providers to resort to more powerful and potentially more dangerous antibiotics that pose a greater risk of adverse reactions and side effects. For most bladder infections, a natural approach to treatment appears to be best.

  • Recurrent cystitis may be a sign of a more serious problem, such as bladder cancer, an anatomical anomaly, or immune deficiency. Cystoscopy, a simple visual examination of the bladder, is indicated.


  • Drink Cranberry juice to acidify urine. Cranberry is the best herbal remedy for bladder infections. Quality Cranberry juice produces hippuric acid in the urine, which acidifies the urine and inhibits bacterial growth. Other components in Cranberry juice prevent bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder. Drink 1 quart of unsweetened Cranberry juice daily. Purchase pure, unsweetened juice.
  • Cranberry capsules can be substituted for juice, if juice is not available. Always take these with a large glass of water. Avoid commercial cranberry juice cocktail products from your conventional supermarkets. These contain relatively little pure cranberry juice (less than 30 percent in some cases) and have high fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners added. Some antibiotic drugs have increased effectiveness when the urine is more acidic.

  • In Europe, Goldenrod is used in conjunction with other remedies and/or medications for the treatment of bladder infections, irritation of the urinary tract, and bladder or kidney stones.

  • Gravelroot is used for kidney stones, cystitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Because it encourages the excretion of excess uric acid, it is also used to treat rheumatism and gout. Gravelroot is also called Queen of the Meadow, Kidney Root, Purple Boneset and Joe Pye Weed (after the Native American herbalist Joe Pye). It has an apple scent. A strong decoction will help relieve kidney and urinary problems. The tea is also used to induce sweating and break a high fever. Also useful for rheumatism, gravel (gallstones), and dropsy (fluid retention).

  • Birch leaves are a natural diuretic and reduce some of the pain associated with bladder infections.

  • Dandelion tea or extract acts as a diuretic and liver cleanser, and aids in relieving bladder discomfort.

  • Hydrangea is good for stimulating the kidneys and flushing them clean.

  • Diuretics help to cleanse the system. By promoting the release of fluids from the tissues, Diuretics also help to relieve the false sensations of urgency that are characteristic of cystitis. Combinations of these herbs are often most effective in flushing the kidneys and aiding in reducing the urgent need to urinate.
  • Goldenseal is good for bladder infections if there is bleeding, and is most effective as an herbal antimicrobial agent. Caution: Do not take Goldenseal on a daily basis for more than one week at a time, and do not use it during pregnancy. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma, use it only under a health care provider's supervision. Use with caution if you have allergies to ragweed.

  • Plant preparations that build resistance and boost the immune system so the mucous lining of the urinary tract can be better protected, such as Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) and Calendula flowers along with nutritional supplements (see below under Nutritional Recommendations) may be used.

  • Buchu is good for a bladder infection with a burning sensation upon urination.

  • Cornsilk is a natural diuretic. KB Formula from Nature's Way and SP-6 Cornsilk Blend from Solaray are herbal formulas that have a diuretic effect and reduce bladder spasms. Take 2 capsules twice daily.

  • Marshmallow root increases the acidity of urine, inhibiting bacterial growth. The primary use of Marshmallow root is to relieve digestive and respiratory problems, such as coughs, colds, sore throats and asthma. Drink 1 quart of marshmallow root tea daily. It helps to strengthen and cleanse the bladder.
  • Marshmallow root, as well as of each of the mentioned plants described as substitutes, is demulcent and diuretic, and may be used indiscriminately, the one for the other. They will be found valuable, in the form of decoction, in diseases of the mucous tissues, as hoarseness, catarrh, pneumonia, gonorrhea, vesical catarrh, renal irritation, acute dysentery, and diarrhea. In strangury, inflammation of the bladder, hematuria, retention of urine, some forms of gravel, and indeed in nearly every affection of the kidney and bladder, their use will be found advantageous. Much use is made of them combined with equal parts of Spearmint, in urinary derangements. Usage: 1 teaspoon. 2 to 3 times a day depending on condition.
  • Parsley leaf herb is a chlorophyl-rich member of the carrot family. Most fine restaurants offer Parsley as a garnish and breath freshener, a custom borrowed from the ancient Romans.

  • Wild Carrot (Daucus carota) Also known as Queen Anne's Lace. The seeds are a beneficial antiseptic diuretic useful in the treatment of cystitis and prostatitis. Also, the seeds are used for the prevention and washing out of gravel and urinary stones. As a diuretic, it helps with dropsy and the elimination of uric acid from the body (thus, used for gout).

  • Uva Ursi (Also known as Bearberry, a type of cranberry), used in small amounts and diluted with other herbal teas, acts as a mild diuretic and antiseptic. It is effective against E.coli.

  • Other beneficial herbs include Burdock root, Juniper berries, Kava Kava, and Rose Hips. Caution: Kava kava may cause drowsiness. If this occurs, discontinue use or decrease the dosage.


    Proven medicinal herbs used for the treatment of urinary tract infections include Uva Ursi (Bearberry), Calendula Flowers, Juniper Berries, Goldenrod, Couchgrass Root, Horsetail, and Marshmallow Root. They act primarily as anti-inflammatories and diuretics. Products are available from Our Merchants. You can obtain various ready-made bladder teas, or you can make the following yourself:


    1 ounce Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Leaves
    1 ounce >Goldenrod
    1 ounce Calendula Flowers
    2 ounces Marshmallow Root
    2 ounces Licorice Root
    Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Steep for 10 minutes and strain. Drink 1 cup of the tea several times a day. Teas are much more effective than pills because the liquid comes into direct contact with the bladder and urinary passages.

    juniper berries


    Help reduce the stress of an infection with aromatherapy. Put a few drops of Chamomile Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil or Sandalwood Essential Oil in your bath, or mix the oil with a Neutral Base Oil (such as Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil or Sesame Seed Oil) and massage it into the lower belly or the base of the spine.

  • Drink plenty of liquids, especially Cranberry juice. Drink at least one 8 ounce glass of quality water every hour. This is extremely beneficial for urinary tract infections. Steam-distilled water is preferable to tap water. If steam-distilled water is not available, quality bottled water will do.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol during treatment. Also avoid carbonated beverages, chocolate, refined or processed foods, and simple sugars. Chemicals in foods, drugs, and impure water have an adverse effect on the bladder. Caffeine causes the muscles around the bladder neck to contract, an can produce painful bladder spasms. Avoiding sugar is important since sweets will feed bacteria and contribute to infections.

  • Include Celery, Parsley, and Watermelon in your diet. These foods act as natural diuretic and cleansers. Celery and parsley juice or extract can be purchased at a health food store or made fresh at home if you have a juicer. A blender can be used and the pulp strained out or kept in, depending on your preference.

  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Therapy: Juicing

  • Avoid citrus fruits; these produce alkaline urine that encourages bacterial growth. Increasing the acid content in urine inhibits the growth of bacteria. See Acidosis for list of acid-forming foods.

  • MoonDragon's Health Information: Acidosis

  • Perform a 1 to 3 day cleansing fast. Do not do this if you are pregnant.

  • MoonDragon's Health Therapy: Fasting

  • Take 2 teaspoonfuls of Acidophilus tablets or capsules with each meal. This is especially important if antibiotic therapy is required. Eat unsweetened, plain yogurt (homemade is best) with active acidophilus cultures.

  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Recipes: Homemade Yogurt

  • Avoid taking excess zinc and iron supplements until healed. Taking over 100 mg of zinc daily can depress the immune system. Bacterial require iron for growth. If a bacterial infection is present, the body stores iron in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow in order to prevent further growth of the bacteria.

  • Food allergies often cause symptoms that mimic bladder infections. Food allergy testing can determine which are causing the allergic reaction.

  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Allergies


    Urination may be painful, there may be no urge, or an urge with no urination after the birth of a baby. This may be due to some trauma and bruising from the delivery. Swelling and pain in your perineal area can also compromise your body's urination abilities. There may be psychological (fear) factors that could be keeping you away from the bathroom.

    It is important to urinate within 8 hours, less if you have been drinking fluids during your labor, to avoid infection. Infection can occur if your bladder gets overly full and the urine is not eliminated when it should be eliminated. If you are still having trouble urinating after a few days, you might have a urinary tract infection (UTI). If you feel pain when you are urinating even after your incisions and tears have begun to heal, if you feel the urge to urinate but only manage to evacuate small amounts, or you are running a fever, call your midwife or health care provider. Here are some helpful suggestions:
    • Squirting warm water over the perineum during urination may ease the discomfort. The warm water will soothe your perineal area and will dilute the urine so you do not feel the sting when you go. When finished urinating, gently pat the perineum dry. Be sure to pat from front to back.

    • Getting up and moving around can help. As soon as you can, take a walk (do not over do it). Gravity and movement help get your systems back to work.

    • Drink plenty of fluids. Fluids can kick in the urge to "go" and also prevents constipation.

    • Ask for privacy if you feel you have a "shy bladder" and you do not feel like the company when you are trying to perform. Ask your partner, doula, midwife or nurse to wait outside the bathroom.

    • Using a bed pan is not any fun, but postdelivery weakness could leave you needing one. Try sitting on the bedpan instead of lying on it. Do not be shy about asking your midwife or nurse to warm it up for you before you use it.

    • Run the tap water while you are trying. Listening to the sound of running water can really help you to let the bladder go with the flow.

    • Smelling Peppermint Essential Oil used as aromatherapy may help. (I learned this one while recovering from gallbladder surgery and the nurse brought it to me to use since I had postsurgical urine retention.)

    • Counter urinary incontinence and/or to gain control over your perineal muscles: You can get your vaginal canal back in shape and regain control over urination by doing Kegel exercises. Kegels work the muscles that you use to stop and start the flow of urine. While sitting, squeeze those muscles and count to ten. Release and repeat 20 times. Do five sets a day. A good time to do it is while feeding the baby.

    • >
    • Acupuncture for urinary retention may be considered.
      • Mrs. Lin, a 29-year-old teacher, vaginally delivered a normal baby on August 18, 2005. Five hours after delivery she was unable to urinate voluntarily, accompanied by the distension and dullness of the lower abdomen, which lasted for 18 hours. A day later she suffered from anuria, which may have been caused by the prolonged birthing process. The physical examination did not show any organic lesion. The top of the distended urinary bladder reached the level of one finger below the umbilicus. The intolerable sufferings could not be relieved by the administration of drugs. The patient did not want to be treated with urethral catheterization. As the patient was a little familiar to traditional Chinese medicine, she was willing to accept an acupuncture treatment.

        Method: The patient took a lateral recumbent position. Zi Wu Dao Jiu needling was applied to the Huiyang (BL 35) acupoint. After the needling sensation was obtained, the reinforcing technique was performed by quickly and forcibly thrusting, as well as slowly and gently lifting the needle when it was thrusted downward by three steps to a deeper level together with a counter-clockwise twisting manipulation of the needle. As for the reducing maneuver, the needle was lifted upward by quickly and forcibly raising it, as well as slowly and gently thrusting, together with clockwise twisting manipulation of the needle to induce a needling sensation toward the perineal region. The needle should not be inserted too deep or it may influence the inferior gluteal artery and vein. The needle was then retained in the acupoint. Twenty minutes later, she felt a sense of urination and 800 ml of urine was spontaneously discharged. Forty-five minutes later, her pain was relieved. A follow-up visit after six months showed no sign of a relapse.

      For full article by Acupuncture Today see: Treating Urinary Retention with Acupuncture: A Case Report

    • Catherization with a Foley catheter is a last resort but may be necessary in some instances.

    A full bladder can interfere with the midwife checking your postpartum uterine tone and can become quite painful. You should have urinated by the time she is ready to leave after the birth. After 24 hours, there is an increase in urination as the excess body fluids from the pregnancy are excreted. If this does not occur, there may be a bladder infection. If so, antibiotic treatment will need to be started.


  • If you have had a a UTI that required antibiotic treatment.
  • If you or a family member has symptoms of a urinary tract infection, bladder infection (cystitis).
  • If symptoms do not disappear following the first 2 days of treatment.
  • If symptoms worsen with home therapy or do not improve within 24 hours.
  • If at any time any of the following apply:
    • Chills and/or Fever over 101°F or 39°C.
    • Lower back or flank pain, just below the rib cage.
    • Blood or pus appears in the urine.
    • Discomfort and other symptoms do not improve in 1 week.
    • Unusual vaginal discharge.
    • Nausea or vomiting.
    • You are pregnant.
    • You have diabetes mellitus.
    • You have any heart or lung problems.
    • You have a history of kidney stones, kidney infections or urologic surgery.
    • Your last UTI was within the past 8 weeks.
    • You have had more than three UTIs in the last year.
    • You have gone through menopause.

  • If you have not had a follow-up urine test to be sure the infection is eradicated.
  • If new, unexplained symptoms develop. Drugs used in treatment may produce side effects.
  • If symptoms recur after treatment.


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    Information for help with bladder infection and cystitis, a condition that occurs when bacteria (usually E. coli that is normally found in the colon) enters the bladder. Products for urinary tract infection, urinary detox and urinary support. If you are pregnant, consult with your midwife before taking any herb, supplement or therapy.

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    Batherapy Mineral Bath Salts helps relief tension and fatigue. Ingredients include Epsom Salt and Siberian Fir Oil. Therapeutic properties of epsom salt to soothe and ease away tension. Siberian Fir Oil to energize and dispel the feeling of tiredness. Creates a rejuvenating spa bath experience. Softens skin and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Queen Helene brand has been a leader in quality and beauty products for professional and personal use since 1930. Our products are inspired by nature's finest ingredients because they are safer, and often more effective, than harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. We are proud to have created a full line of affordable and effective body care products that are still passed on from generation to generation.


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    Diuretic formulas remove unwanted fluid from the body by increasing urination. Herbs often found in natural diuretic formulas include Uva Ursi to treat infections of the lower urinary tract and vaginitis. Uva Ursi is also used with good results for cystitis, dysuria, pyelitis and lithuria. Nettle is used as a diuretic, astringent and blood builder, and to treat anemia (due to its high iron content). Nettle has been applied to cuts to stop bleeding or taken in tea to reduce excessive menstrual flow, as well as to treat nosebleeds and hemorrhoids. Nettle has been used to stimulate blood circulation and as a spring tonic for chronic skin ailments. Dandelion is used as an appetite stimulant, digestive aid, and for liver and gallbladder function. Dandelion is used as a diuretic to stimulate the excretion of urine. Juniper is a diuretic and as a treatment in various conditions of the kidneys and bladder. Juniper Berries are also recommended for their carminative action in cases of indigestion and flatulence. Marshmallow has a soothing effect on inflamed and irritated tissues of the alimentary canal, and urinary and respiratory organs. Marshmallow Root eases the passage of kidney stones and is used in combination with other diuretic herbs for kidney treatments which assist in the release of gravel and stones. It works very well for urinary problems. Horsetail is used as a diuretic for the treatment of edema (swelling/fluid retention). Horsetail is also occasionally used for osteoporosis, nephrolithiasis, urinary tract inflammation, and wound healing (topical). Ginger's diuretic properties help increase the flow of urine. It protects the liver and is beneficial for hemorrhoids. Suggested dosage for extract-tinctures: 30 to 60 drops in water or juice 2 to 3 times daily or as needed.


    HerbsPro: Diuretic Formula, Homeopathic, Liddell Laboratories, 1 oz. (108758)
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    The gentle diuretic helps relieve bloat and puffiness, water weight gain, related discomforts, lose excess body water. Caffeine free, Hour after hour relief of water bloat and related menstrual discomforts.
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    KB-11 Herbal Diuretic contains a blend of herbs to help rid excess fluid from the body, which may relieve water retention, bloating, and swelling. A natural water pill that helps reduce bloat and excess body fluid.


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  • Nutrition Basics: Kidney Formula Supplement Information


    D-Mannose is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in some plants, including cranberries. Although small amounts of D-Mannose are metabolized by the human body, much of it is rapidly excreted in the urine. In the bladder, D-Mannose can adhere to bacterial lectins preventing them from sticking to the lining of the bladder. Bacteria can then be flushed away during urination, thereby precluding the formation of colonies within the urinary tract. Because insubstantial amounts of D-Mannose are used by the body, it does not interfere with blood sugar In the bladder,


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    Prevention is always the best medicine. D-Mannose can help eliminate stray E. coli before it multiplies and overwhelms the urinary tract. The organic cranberry extract in our formula gives extra support to the immune system and can help prevent urinary tract infections before they occur.
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    Supports urinary tract health by preventing bacterial adherence to the UT lining. D-Mannose helps to flush undesirable particles from the urinary tract. Includes 30 mg of antioxidant-rich vitamin C to promoe immune health with 1000 mg of D-Mannose for every 2 vegetarian capsules.
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  • Nutrition Basics: Kidney & Bladder Formula Information


    Fluid Retention Wellness Oil - The oils in this formula are designed to accelerate the body's fluid drainage system.


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  • Nutrition Basics: Kidney & Bladder Formula Information



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  • Nutrition Basics: Kidney & Bladder Formula Information


    Kidney Formula Supports Proper Function of the Kidneys & Adrenals by Banyan Botanicals. Kidney Formula (Banyan) is a rejuvenating tonic for the kidneys and adrenals. It promotes healthy urinary flow and composition, assisting in the natural cleansing of the blood. This energizing combination of herbs aids in the dissolution and elimination of urinary stones, as well as decreasing the risk factors involved in their formation. Kidney Formula works to cool and soothe the entire urinary system, including membranes inflamed from urinary tract infections. Stress and toxins from food and the environment can be debilitating to the kidneys and adrenals over time, causing low energy and increased fatigue. Kidney Formula cleanses and nourishes these organs, infusing strength and improving resilience to such challenges. Other brands of Kidney Formulas have also been listed.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Kidney Formula, Kidney & Adrenal Function Support, Banyan Botanicals, 500 mg, 90 Tabs


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    HerbsPro: Kidney Cleanse, Synergistic Blend For Healthy Kidney Function, Health Plus, 90 Caps (15453)
    HerbsPro: Natural Glandular Beef Kidney, Nutricology Allergy Research Group, 100 Caps (89406)
    HerbsPro: Bladder Irritation, Hylands, 100 Tabs (15748)
    HerbsPro: Kidney Bladder Blend Formula, Natures Way, 310 mg, 100 Caps (17959)
    HerbsPro: Bladder Formula, Dr. Christophers Formulas, 475 mg, 100 VCaps (109464)
    HerbsPro: Kidney Formula, Urinary System Support, Dr. Christophers Formulas, 1000 mg, 100 VCaps (39801)
    HerbsPro: Kidney Flush, Ion Labs, 120 Tabs (15937)
    HerbsPro: Cranberry Bladder Defence, Planetary Herbals, 120 Tabs (20698)
    HerbsPro: Kidney Fortifier Herbal Tea, TCM Blend, Health King, 20 Tea Bags (51181)


    Amazon: Kidney Support Supplement Products
    Amazon: Kidney Formula Supplement Products
    Amazon: Kidney Bladder Supplement Products
    Amazon: Kidney Formula, Certified Organic, Banyan Botanicals, 90 Tabs
    Kidney Formula is a rejuvenating tonic for the kidneys and adrenals. It supports healthy urinary flow and composition, assisting in the natural cleansing of the blood. This energizing combination of herbs supports a healthy, unobstructed urinary tract and works to cool and soothe the entire urinary system. Kidney Formula cleanses and nourishes these organs, infusing strength and improving resilience to such challenges.
    Amazon: Kidney-Bladder Formula, Nature's Way, 100 Caps
    Amazon: Kidney-Bladder Formula, Natures Way, 100 Caps (Pack of 2) Kidney Bladder is a time tested herbal formula with herbs historically popular for kidney and bladder complaints. Herbs like Uva Ursi and Juniper berry.
    Amazon: Kidney Formula, Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas, 475 mg, 100 Caps
    A synergistic blend of herbs for the urinary system. Supports kidney and bladder health.

  • Nutrition Basics: Kidney Formula Supplement Information



    HerbsPro: Lemongrass Hand Soap, pH Neutral, Organic, Earth Friendly, 17 fl. oz. (Case of 6)
    Biodegradable, made from plants, non-drying formula cleans and softens hands, pH neutral.
    HerbsPro: Lavender Hand Soap, pH Neutral, Organic, Earth Friendly, 17 fl. oz. (Case of 6)
    Biodegradable, made from plants, non-drying formula cleans and softens hands, pH neutral.
    HerbsPro: Lemongrass Hand Soap Refill, pH Neutral, Organic, Earth Friendly, 32 fl. oz.
    Biodegradable, made from plants, non-drying formula cleans and softens hands, pH neutral.


    Amazon: pH Neutral Soap Health Care Products
    Amazon: pH Neutral Bath Soap Beauty & Personal Care Products
    Amazon: Neutral Bar Soap, Hypoallergenic, Jabon Neutro Grisi, 6 Pack
    Grisi Neutral Soap deeply cleans and softens the skin without irritating. Has a fragrance free formula. Recommended for skin that is usually allergic to other soaps and for sensitive skin.
    Amazon: Gentle Cleansing Bar, pH Neutral, For Dry Sensitive Skin, Cetaphil, 4.5 oz (Pack of 2)
    A gentle, non-alkaline, non-soap, gentle cleasing bar is designed for dry, sensitive skin, and moisturizes as it cleans. Optimal choice for people with skin conditions, non-soap neutral pH formulations leave no irritating residue and are non-comedogenic. Free of harsh detergents that might dry or irritate your skin. Ideal for all-over body cleansing.
    Amazon: Gentle Skin Liquid Cleanser, For All Skin Types, Cetaphil, 20 oz. (Bonus Size)
    Originally formulated for dermatologists; gentle on your skin and sensitive to your skin's needs, making it excellent for daily facial cleansing. The optimal choice for patients with skin conditions; non-soap, neutral pH formulations leave no irritating residue and are non-comedogenic. Clinically proven to be four times less irritating than Dove bar, and contains the humectant propylene glycol, which helps enhance hydration of the stratum corneum. Cetaphil is manufactured by Galderma Laboratories, a major benefactor of the Dermatology Foundation, helping to fund critical dermatology research. 20-ounce squeeze bottle of gentle skin cleanser.
    Amazon: Foam Bath With Gentle Witch Hazel, pH Neutral, Yves Rocher, 300 ml
    Cleanses and softens Clean your body in one easy step! Even the children will love this foam bath, which dispenses a deliciously fresh and soft liquid soap. Respectful of the skin, it leaves it soft and subtly scented with notes of fresh citrus fruits. Hypoallergenic. With a neutral pH and a cleansing base of botanical origin, it is formulated to be respectful of the skin. Enriched in Witch Hazel Extract for its soothing benefits. Its delicious fragrance combines the freshness of citrus fruits, sweet and gentle jasmine and woody notes. Easily refillable family size.
    Amazon: Dove Men Plus Care Body & Face Wash, Sensitive Skin, Dove, 18 oz. (Pack of 2)
    For men with sensitive skin, unscented and dye free. Dermatologist choice. Hypoallergenic. Micromoisture activates when lathering.
    Amazon: Denizia Olive Oil Cleansing Bar Soap, Long Lasting, Fragrance Free, pH Neutral, MicrodermaMItt, 1 Bar
    This 100-percent fragrance free olive oil soap is made in Turkey and produced from olive oil through traditional methods and has a neutral pH level. Each long lasting bar helps skin retain moisture, keeping it incredibly soft as it nourishes and cleans your skin naturally. Great for Face and Body, and Hair. Everyone can use, including children and infants. Helps prevent redness and cracks due to constant washing and dryness. Helps relieve dry skin due to eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Helps maintain soft and health skin. Nourishes dry skin. Great for acne and blemished skin due to natural antibacterial properties.

  • Nutrition Basics: Castile Soap &and Other Soaps Information


    The name "Castile" originally referred to the highly-prized vegetable based soap produced in Castile, Spain. For centuries this soap was considered "the soap of royalty" because of its luxurious lather and gentleness to the skin. Today, "Castile" refers to any vegetable based soap. Glycerin soaps are soaps that contain glycerin, a component of fat or oil. The soap is recognizably different from other soaps because it is translucent. The clarity of the soap is due to the particular alignment of the soap molecules in this type of soap, which can be induced through the addition of alcohol and sugar. This is usually done for homemade glycerin soaps which are not remeltable. The process for making glycerin soaps was well known as of 1857 in the Western world. In modern industrial soap making, the glycerin is then usually separated from the soap to be resold and used in a wide variety of areas such as for personal care products, pharmaceuticals, chemical intermediates, and food processing. We have included here a selection of bar soaps, liquid soaps and shower gels & body washes from our various vendors.


    Mountain Rose Herbs: Castille Liquid Soap, Certified Organic Bulk Miscellaneous Products
    A truly luxuriant, extra mild and gentle liquid soap made from certified organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals, additives, colorants, sudsing agents or other ingredients, just pure derivatives from plant sources. Great for the face, body, as an all purpose wash, and it makes a wonderful base ingredient for your own soaps and shampoos. Enjoy the cleaning power of pure liquid castille soap that suds beautifully, without leaving a residue. The 8 ounce bottle comes in retail package with pump top and all other sizes are packaged in bulk plastic bottles. Contains: water, organic Coconut oil, organic Sunflower oil, organic Castor oil, potassium hydroxide (none remains after saponification), citric acid, and Rosemary extract. Choose from 4 different sizes.


    HerbsPro: Unscented Facial Cleansing Bar Soap, Phisoderm, 3.3 oz. (2 Bars) (99967)
    HerbsPro: Hypoallergenic Unscented Bar Soap, A La Maison, 3.5 oz. (4 Bars) (107491)
    HerbsPro: Olive Oil Castile Bar Soap, For Sensitive Skin, Conti, 4 oz. Bar (97465)
    HerbsPro: Castile Bar Soap, Original, Kirks Natural Products, 4 oz. (76439)
    HerbsPro: Castile Bar Soap, Fragrance Free, Kirks Natural Products, 4 oz. (76648)
    HerbsPro: Castile Bar Soap, Original Coco, Kirks Natural Products, 4 oz. Bar, Pack of 3 (76438)
    HerbsPro: Castile Bar Soap, Aura Glow, Gentle Enough For Babies, Heritage Products, 4 oz. (50923)
    HerbsPro: Unscented Emu Bar Soap, Thunder Ridge, 4 oz. (86953)
    HerbsPro: Unscented Glycerine Soap, Clearly Natural, 4 oz. (24919)
    HerbsPro: Unscented Bar Soap, Organic, Farmers Market, 5.5 oz. (92703)
    HerbsPro: Colloidal Silver Foaming Unscented Soap, Heritage Products, 8 fl. oz. (106116)
    HerbsPro: Unscented Bodywash Organics, Desert Essence, 8 oz. (75562)
    HerbsPro: Unscented Liquid Glycerine Soap, Clearly Natural, With Pump, 12 fl. oz. (75932)
    HerbsPro: Liquid Hand Soap, Unscented, Pure & Basic, 12.5 fl. oz. (72177)
    HerbsPro: Liquid Castile Soap With Pump, Kirks Natural Products, 16 fl. oz. (76440)
    HerbsPro: Antibacterial Soap, Unscented, Rainbow Research, 16 fl. oz. (64285)
    HerbsPro: Liquid Glycerine Hand Soap Refill, Unscented, Clearly Natural, 32 fl. oz. (93554)
    HerbsPro: Everyone Soap, Unscented, EO Products, 32 fl. oz. (111915)
    HerbsPro: Unscented Liquid Hand Soap, EO Products, 128 fl. oz. (82466)
    HerbsPro: Bubble Bath For Kids, Unscented, Rainbow Research, 12 fl. oz. (64293)
    Rainbow Bubble Bath for Kids was formulated using the most gentle ingredients available. They added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisturize the skin. The bubbles are rich and long lasting, providing fun in the bathtub, hot tub, or whirlpool. Great for Sensitive Skin with no fragrance or masking agents used.
    HerbsPro: Bubble Bath, Extra Mild Unscented, Little Twig, 17 fl. oz. (76942)
    All babies love bubbles. This unscented, super-mild blend of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba is perfect for little ones with extra sensitive skin. Made with organic Ingredients. Great for newborns. Pediatrician tested, paraben free, sulfate free. Nut, soy and wheat free. Non-irritating with no artificial colors. pH balanced for sensitive skin.


    Kalyx: Body Wash, Unscented, Desert Essence, 8 fl oz: HF
    Desert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Body Wash is enriched with natural, botanical ingredients. This cleanser purifies while nourishing the skin. Organic Jojoba Oil: An ingredient that works to leave the skin feeling moisturized and revitalized. Grapefruit Seed Extract: Gently deep cleans pores and refreshes skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Help improve oil balance of the skin and gently exfoliate to reveal the next layer of fresher, younger skin.
    Kalyx: Baby Wash Extra Mild Unscented, Little Twig, 8.5 fl oz: HF
    Nurture baby from head to toe! Extra mild botanical extracts combine with gentle conditioners for silky skin and downy soft hair. Our unscented blend of Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Vitamin E is ideal for babies with extra sensitive skin.
    Kalyx: Bath & Body Wash, Colloidal Oatmeal, Unscented, Rainbow Research, 12 fl. oz.: HF
    Rainbow Colloidal Oatmeal Bath & Body Wash provides soothing relief to itchy, dry and irritated skin. Colloidal Oatmeal is made from finely ground oats which are boiled and the colloidal material is extracted and milled to a fine powder. Rainbow Oatmeal Body Wash is a great way to cleanse and soften the skin naturally. Safe for Babies, Children & Adults. Totally Unscented & Fragrance Free.
    Kalyx: Body Wash, Fragrance Free, Jason Natural Products, 16 fl. oz.: HF
    For the Bath - Foamy and luxurious, rich natural oils, emollients and humectants are combined to make your bathing experience a new pleasure. Use this beautifully fragranced, precious bubbling potion for your bath. Soothing Rosewater, relaxing Chamomile, rich natural oils of Sunflower, Apricot and Vitamin E are concentrated into a formula of unequaled quality.
    Kalyx: Baby (Body) Wash, Extra Mild, Unscented, Little Twig, 17 fl. oz.: K
    Nurture baby from head to toe! Extra mild botanical extracts combine with gentle conditioners for silky skin and downy soft ha


    Amazon: Unscented Soap Products

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    Grapeseed Oil
    Hazelnut Oil
    Hemp Seed Oil
    Jojoba Oil
    Kukui Nut Oil
    Macadamia Nut Oil
    Meadowfoam Seed Oil
    Mullein Oil
    Neem Oil
    Olive Oil
    Palm Oil
    Plantain Oil
    Plum Kernel Oil
    Poke Root Oil
    Pomegranate Seed Oil
    Pumpkin Seed Oil
    Rosehip Seed Oil
    Safflower Oil
    Sea Buckthorn Oil
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