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  • Bathing After Childbirth Introduction
  • Sitz & Herbal Baths For Sore Muscles & Perineums
  • Commerical Bath Products
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  • You may shower and shampoo anytime after delivery.

  • bathing after delivery is a refreshing way to regain your energy and sense of self In a homebirth setting this may be right after the delivery of the placenta and after any suturing, if needed, has been done. The mother, with physical support from her partner and/or midwife or birthing assistants to steady her feet while walking, is escorted to the bathroom to perform bathroom duties (urination & bowel movement, if needed) and have a nice warm shower and shampoo. If she is feeling faint or shaky and unsteady, have her sit on a water-proof stool, chair or shower bench that sits firmly in the shower or tub. She should not be left alone during this time but should have at least one person present with her to assist her, if needed, and offer support. Use mild bath soap and very gentle cleaning strokes or dabs to clean the perineal area to remove any blood or other bodily fluids. Take care that tissue damage does not occur and if any stitches were made, then these should be carefully avoided. The perineum may be sensitive and sore. Use plenty of warm water for rinsing. Dry by dabbing gently to remove excess moisture in the perineal area with a clean, fresh towel. She should not use any deodorant, talc or bath powders, especially in her perineal area, as this can interfere with healing. At this time it is nice that she is able to dress in a clean nightgown or loose robe with a clean perineal pad in place to absorb the lochia (bloody discharge). It is usually recommended that she uses a belt with her sanitary pad and avoid panty underwear for the first few days or so. Large incontinence pads or incontinence panties work well since they cover a larger area and helps to prevent bloody leakage. If using sanitary pads, she may have to wear more than one sanitary pad at a time for the few days since the flow is usually heavy at first and often blood clots (sometimes quite large) may be passed. She should return to a clean bed with fresh linen and fluffed pillows ready to relax, maybe have some nutritious soup or a light meal and enjoy her new baby with her partner and perhaps to obtain some much needed rest. Someone should remain with her for the first 24 to 48 hours (partner, friend, family member) to assist her and to observe how she is doing and report any unusual occurrences or symptoms to the midwife.

    Some midwives and health care providers recommend that a full tub bath be delayed from 24 to 48 hours up to a few weeks after delivery. Opinions are very diverse regarding bathing as compared to showering after birth. However, to be relatively safe, a shallow tub bath in about 4 inches of pleasantly warm (not hot) water (sitz bath depth) may be taken as soon as you are able to get in and out of the tub safely. Be sure to have someone there to assist the mother in getting in and out of the tub to prevent falls (she may get a little dizzy after soaking in the bath and then trying to get out, fainting my occur). The biggest thing is to make sure the tub has been scoured cleaned and rinsed thoroughly before the new mom is allowed to sit and bathe in it to prevent potential bacterial infections. If this is not possible, she may stand or sit on a waterproof chair in the tub and have someone pour warm water over her as she bathes.

    relaxing in a herbal bath


    These are herbal baths to help with sore muscles and perineums after the baby is born and all necessary postpartum tasks are finished. Both the mothers and the babies love it.


    2 cups Comfrey Leaf
    1 cup Shepherd's Purse
    1 cup Uva Ursi
    1 cup Garlic
    1 cup Sea Salt
    1/4 cup of Rosemary Powder

    Tie the herbs up in a knee high nylon stocking so as to not have to strain them after the infusion. Infuse the herbs for a while then pour that tea off. Then refill the pot and simmer them until the baby is born. Scrub the bathtub thoroughly, rinsing even more thoroughly. Candles for low light can be used so the baby will open its eyes and relax. The herbs are good for the mother's sore bottom and baby's skin. This herbal bath helps with swelling and aid clotting.


    1 cup Sea Salt
    1 large Clove of Fresh Garlic
    1 ounce of Uva Ursi
    1 to 2 ounces of Comfrey Leaf
    1/2 to 1 ounce of Shepherd's Purse

    Boil large pot of water. Add herbs, and simmer 30 minutes to an hour. Strain. Add sea salt and pureed garlic. Notes: Garlic and sea salt are antiseptic. Uva ursi aids healing for female organs. Comfrey leaf is soothing and is said to aid healing by causing the edges of wounds to grow together. Shepherd's purse prevents and controls heavy bleeding. Shepherd's purse can also be made into a tea and sipped while bathing to help with bleeding control.

    A tincture of Shepherd's Purse may be added to Red Raspberry leaf tea. Red Raspberry leaf tea is a female tonic and hormonal balancing tea as well as a uterine toner. An excellent tea for all women of all ages.


    2 hands full of Comfrey Leaf
    1 handful Sea Salt tied into a clean stocking.

    Simmer in water, throw stocking and tea into the well-cleaned tub.

    A dropper of St Johns Wort Oil and Arnica-Infused Oil can be added to the water to aid with soreness. St. Johns Wort Oil seems to help pain in labor when rubbed on back or tummy!


    2 cups Comfrey Leaf and Root
    1 cup Shepherd's Purse
    1 cup Uva Ursi
    1/4 cup Rosemary
    1 cup Sea Salt
    1 cup Lavender Flowers
    1/4 cup Myrrh

    This is mixture is nice if garlic odor is bothersome. These organic herbs can be sewn into 100 percent natural, undyed, unbleached muslin or cotton gauze-like fabric in advance of the birth. This is a huge time and mess saver. They can be tied with a nice ribbon and a tag with instructions on how and when to use them along with the ingredients, if given as a maternity gift to the expectant mother. This is an inexpensive baby shower gift and makes a great bath.

    The entire bag would be simmered in hot water for about 30 minutes. Pour the tea into the tub. It smells mildly lovely because of the lavender. It can be used again the next day, except it would have to steep longer.

    MoonDragon's Health Therapy: Herbal Bath Recipes Index
    MoonDragon's Health Therapy: Sitz Baths




    Olbas Therapeutic Herbal Bath has a therapeutic fragrant bath oil soothes & relaxes. It tingles and invigorates all the body senses. It is marvelous after a hard day of work or sport. It is excellent as a footbath for tired, aching feet. Blended using pure essential oils and chlorophyll, Olbas Bath Oil acts as a natural deodorant. Use in the tub or whirlpool for a bubble bath or in the shower to stimulate the senses. Provides a truly exceptional experience!

    Tub Use: Add 2 to 4 tablespoonfuls to tub of hot water. If foam is desired, add to running water.

    Shampoo or Shower: Use as a shampoo or as a liquid soap on wash cloth, sponge or brush (avoid contact with eyes).

    Foot or Sponge Bath: Add 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls to each gallon of hot water.

    Whirlpool Bath: to begin, add 1 teaspoonful. Then add sparingly to adjust for size of tub, foam and degree of stimulation desired.

    Olbas Herbal Bath ingredients include blended essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Wintergreen, Juniper, and Clove, combined into a natural base of Chlorophyll and mild foaming Soap. Does NOT contain SLS or SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates).


    HerbsPro: Olbas Herbal Bath, 4 oz. (62710)
    HerbsPro: Olbas Herbal Bath, 8 oz. (62711)


    Amazon: Therapeutic Herbal Bath, Olbas, 8 fl. oz.

    Amazon: Therapeutic Herbal Bath, Olbas, 8 fl. oz. (2 Pack)

    Amazon: Therapeutic Herbal Bath, Olbas, 8 fl. oz. (4 Pack)

    Soothing and relaxing to aching and painful muscles. High quality ingredients. Acts as a natural deodorant while it tingles, stimulates and invigorates. Excellent as a bath for tired, aching feet. For external use only. Use only as directed. Excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause irritation to skin and urinary tract.


    Olbas Oil has long been a household name that families reach for at the first sign of a cold. It can be dropped onto a handkerchief or into water for inhalation during the day, at night a drop on a tissue tucked inside a pillowcase can help you to breathe easily so that you get a good night's sleep. Applied to the skin, Olbas Oil produces a feeling of warmth and a local anaesthetic action, which makes it particularly effective in relieving muscular discomfort and arthritis pain. Olbas Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, and continues to be a European and worldwide favorite. The natural essential oils in Olbas Oil are extracted from six medicinal herbs, the basis of healing in cultures around the world for centuries. This synergistic combination of six essential oils provides amazing relief on multiple levels.

    Inhalation: Inhaling through a tissue sprinkled with Olbas Oil restores free breathing and provides fast relief when suffering from a cold, flu, or allergies. Or, add 10-20 drops of Olbas to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head, and breathe the vapors deeply for about 5 minutes. For nighttime relief, sprinkle 10 drops on your pillow... keeps nasal passages clear all night long. The natural essential oils are non-greasy and will not stain most natural fabrics.

    Massage: Apply Olbas Oil generously and gently massage the body. Can be used for a full massage or spot massage at pressure points for quick effect. Provides FAST relief as it penetrates deeply to soothe aches and pains from simple backache, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle strains, bruises, sprains and tired sore feet.

    Sports & Exercise: Apply Olbas Oil to muscle areas before jogging, bicycling, or workouts to help relax tight muscles. Apply after sports or exercise and massage gently to help reduce soreness and soothe overworked muscles. Bumps and bruises can be relieved by massaging a few drops on the affected area. Apply to sprains immediately and repeat 3 to 4 times daily.

    Home & Work: Apply Olbas Oil to aching muscles in the arms, legs or back after a hard day on the job or working around the house. Apply to hands, fingers or feet to soothe and relieve aches and pains in the joints caused by arthritis, rheumatism or neuralgia. Massage a drop or two on temples and forehead to help relieve headaches. (Be careful to keep away from eyes.)

    Family Use & Travel: Take some with you whenever you travel - great for those bumps, bruises and insect bites that inevitably come along. Massage on tired, sore feet and legs after prolonged periods of walking, standing or sports activity.

    Ingredients include Essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Wintergreen, Juniper, and Clove.


    HerbsPro: Olbas Oil, 10 ml (0.32 fl. oz.) (62713)
    HerbsPro: Olbas Oil, 28 ml (0.95 fl. oz.) (111908)
    HerbsPro: Olbas Oil, 50 ml (1.65 fl. oz.) (62715)


    Amazon: Olbas Bath Oil, 250 mL


    Rose Geranium & Citrus Bath Salts are used for for balancing and renewing. It contains pure essential oil blend that soothes the body, eases tension and stimulates the senses. Epsom salts draws toxins from the body, reducing swelling and relaxes the muscles. Sea salt is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. It adds valuable trace minerals to the bath, softening the water naturally and gently cleansing the skin. These products are inspired by the Japanese ritual of bathing which emphasizes purification, relaxation, and mindful soaking, a valued part of daily life. The essential oils used in the bath enhances the hot water experience, inspiring you to create your own bathing ritual. Bring the ritual of bathing into your daily life. Add 2 to 3 ounces (or tablespoons) of BathSalts to running water in your own soaking tub. For the most fragrant results, close your bathroom door before adding Salts to your bath. The bath salts contain Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Organic Palmarosa (Cymbopogon Martini) Oil, Organic Orange (Citrus Aurantium) Oil, and Organic Geranium (Geranium Maculatum) Oil.


    HerbsPro: Bath Salts, Organic Rose Geranium & Citrus, 21.5 oz. (70869)


    Rose Bath Salts steep in the powerful aromatic essences designed to liberate emotion and excite the pleasures of love that are sure to transport you to an open heart with a new appetite for passion.


    HerbsPro: Renew Rose & Chamomile Bath Salts, EO Products, 22 oz.
    HerbsPro: Rose Petal Bath Salts, One With Nature, 32 oz.


    Amazon: Rose Bath Salt Products


    Therapeutic Bath Crystals by Burt's Bees - indulging in a warm bath of salt crystals and essential oils after a workout helps release lactic acid which builds up during physical activity causing muscle aches. The penetrating action of essential oils of Lemon and Eucalyptus helps stimulate the elimination of waste products and relieves soreness and pain, whether from physical activity or everyday life stresses. 100 percent natural. Add several tablespoons to hot running water. Let the tub fill and allow salts to dissolve. When the bath reaches a comfortable temperature, step in and soak for 15 minutes or more. It contains Sea Salt, Lemon Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Rosemary Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil. Not recommended for hot tubs. Other therapeutic bath salts have also been included here for a greater selection of products.


    HerbsPro: Itch Witch Crystal Comfort Bath Salts, Well In Hand, 16 oz. (69921)
    HerbsPro: Dead Sea Salts Therapeutic Mineral Bath, Earth Therapeutics, 32 oz. (61501)
    HerbsPro: Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts, Fragrance Free, One With Nature, 32 oz. (86746)


    Amazon: Therapeutic Bath Crystals Products
    Amazon: Dead Sea Salt Products
    Amazon: Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Products


    Rooibos Gift Pack Kit by African Red Tea, has 4 items:
    • Rooibos Body Lotion - Great for every type of skin.
    • Rooibos Face Cream - With large amount of Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Zinc for healthy smooth skin.
    • Rooibos Bath Salt - Dead Sea Salts with Rooibos. Luxuriate in the bathtab.
    • Cleansing Beauty Bar, 5 oz. - African Red Tea Cleansing & Beauty Bar is very rich, long lasting, and has excellent lathering ability.


    HerbsPro: Rooibos Face Cream, African Red Tea Imports, 2 oz. (83282)
    HerbsPro: Shea Butter & Rooibos Natural Moisturizing Cream, African Red Tea Imports, 4 oz. (108845)
    HerbsPro: Rooibos Beauty Bar Soap, African Red Tea Imports, 5 oz. (82004)
    HerbsPro: Rooibos Shampoo, African Red Tea Imports, 6 oz. (83281)
    HerbsPro: Rooibos Body Lotion, African Red Tea Imports, 6 oz. (83283)
    HerbsPro: Rooibos Red Tea, Unfermented Loose Leaves, African Red Tea Imports, 1 lb. (94926)
    HerbsPro: Rooibos Red Tea, Loose Leaves, African Red Tea Imports, 1 lb. (94925)
    HerbsPro: Rooibos Tea, Cut & Sifted, Starwest Botanicals, 1 lb. (71364)


    Amazon: Rooibos Bath Products


    Just as life began in the sea, the sea is also the natural source of the minerals and organic nutrients that are vital to life and health. In some bath salt brands, organic essential oils are combined with epsom and California sun dried sea salts for a deeply soothing and naturally detoxifying soak. Epsom Salt is often included in bath salt blends as it draws toxins from the body, reduces swelling and relaxes the muscles. California sun dried sea salt is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium; it adds valuable trace minerals to the bath, softening the water naturally and gently cleansing the skin. Some brands use Dead Sea salt in their blend. The healing power of the Dead Sea is legendary. This is due to it having the highest mineral content of any body of water in the world. For centuries, spas around the world have used such marine-derived ingredients to promote well being and to relieve a variety of ailments. These mineral bath soaks contains 100% pure, concentrated Dead Sea Salts which are ultra-rich in the essential minerals and trace elements that help to draw out impurities, soothe skin irritation, relax tense muscles and joints, and relieve aching back. Some blends combine natural essential oils to soothe, relax and invigorate, plus other ones are natural, unscented variety so you can enjoy just the Dead Sea salt action or add your own choice of fragrance. While some brands of bath therapy salts use coarse grade sea salts that may be unsuitable for water pumps found in hot tubs or whirlpools, other brands use a very fine grade of Dead Sea Salt that is safe for use in hot tubs and whirlpool baths (read package labels carefully for proper use instructions).

    As a bath: Add the required amount recommended into warm bath water. Allow salts to dissolve 2 to 3 minutes. Relax in bath 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with fresh water. As a foot soak or Elbow, wrist, or hand soak: Add entire contents of package to warm water in a non-metallic container or soak tub for a concentrated localized treatment. Soak 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off with fresh water. Caution: If you are under medical supervision or treatment, consult your health care practitioner before use. Higher concentrations may be used if recommended by your health care provider. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.


    HerbsPro: Aromatic Bath Salts, Bhaktiveda, 8.8 oz. (88607)
    HerbsPro: Crystal Comfort Bath Salts, Cold & Flu, Well In Hand, 16 oz. (69920)
    HerbsPro: Crystal Comfort Bath Salts, Unscented, Well In Hand, 16 oz. (69922)
    HerbsPro: Crystal Comfort Bath Salts, Muscle Recovery, Well In Hand, 16 oz. (69928)
    HerbsPro: Crystal Comfort Bath Salts, Hot Flash Chiller, Well In Hand, 16 oz. (69930)
    HerbsPro: Bath Salts, Organic Hinoki Ginger, EO Products, 22 oz. (70872)
    HerbsPro: Bath Salts, Organic Rose Geranium & Citrus, EO Products, 22 oz. (70869)
    HerbsPro: Bath Salts, Renew Rose & Chamomile, EO Products, 22 oz. (86253)
    HerbsPro: Himalayan Bath Salts, Lavender, Aloha Bay, 24 oz. (72764)
    HerbsPro: Himalayan Bath Salts, Queen, Aloha Bay, 24 oz. (77184)
    HerbsPro: Dead Sea Bath Salts, Eucalyptus, Ancient Secrets, 2 lbs. (33870)
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    HerbsPro: Dead Sea Bath Salts, Unscented, Ancient Secrets, 2 lbs. (33874)
    HerbsPro: Therapeutics Dead Sea Salts Mineral Bath, Earth Therapeutics, 32 oz. (61501)
    HerbsPro: Lavender & Tangerine Bath Salts, One With Nature, 32 oz. (86394)
    HerbsPro: Eucalyptus Bath Salts, One With Nature, 32 oz. (86397)
    HerbsPro: Vanilla & Shea Butter Bath Salts, One With Nature, 32 oz. (86395)
    HerbsPro: Himalayan Bath Salts & Scrubs, Unscented, Aloha Bay, 35 oz. (109735)


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    Bath products for postpartum women (mothers of newborn babies) to help recover from childbirth, bring on relaxation and relieve sore muscles and tension.



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