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MoonDragon's Conception Information
The Conception Kit™
(by Conceivex, Inc.)

For Informational Use Only.
For more detailed information, contact your health care provider
about options that may be available for your specific situation.



Read and follow instructions in Conception Kit™ prior to use.

Practice Conception Cap will not protect against HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).

To avoid HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). Do not share the Practice Conception Cap.

Remove the Practice Conception Cap after 4 to 6 hours. Failure to remove the Practice Conception Cap could result in blocked menstrual flow or infection.

To avoid choking hazard, keep Practice Conception Cap out of reach of children.

To avoid cervical irritation or infection, do not share or reuse the Practice Conception Cap. Infection may endanger future fertility.

Practice Conception Cap is not intended for contraceptive use. Safety and effectiveness of the Conception Kit's Cervical Conception Cap for contraception have not been established.

In the following situations you should consult your health care professional:
  • If you experience any discomfort or pain while the Practice Conception Cap is in place.
  • If, at a time other than menstruation, upon removal there is blood on the Practice Conception Cap.
  • If you are unable to remove the Practice Conception Cap.

Washing Practice Conception Cap with soap and water can prevent pregnancy and is for a one time practice session only.

Do not reuse the Practice Conception Cap.

The Practice Conception Cap is the identical device as the Conception Cap.

The Conception Cap
Manufacturer: Conceivex, Inc.
Saranac, MI 48881
C 0495
MediMark Europe

MediMark Europe
Sarl 11
Rue Emile Zola
BP 2332
Grenoble Cedex 2

This Practice Conception Cap is provided for you to practice with prior to using the actual three Conception Caps intended for aiding in conception. Use the Practice Conception Cap prior to detecting your LH surge.

The Practice Conception Cap should be used once prior to your LH surge. Practicing insertion on different days could cause a hostile environment within Practice Conception Cap which could lead to infection and could impede pregnancy. The Practice Conception Cap is not intended to be the Conception Cap used for conception.

To use the Conception Cap correctly, you will need to be familiar with your cervix. Knowing where your cervix is located is extremely important for successful placement of the Practice Conception Cap and the three Conception Caps intended for aiding conception. Prior to the LH surge, when you will use the other Conception Caps, it is time to take a self-guided exploration of your female anatomy.

To avoid infection, wash your hands before finding your cervix. Rinse your hands thoroughly of all soap. Soap kills sperm.

You do not want to introduce germs into the vaginal cavity. That is why washing your hands prior to exploration is a good idea. Rinse your hands thoroughly; you also do not want to introduce traces of soap into your vagina that could be left on your hands, since soap is spermicidal which kills sperm!

It may be helpful to use a mirror when you begin looking for your cervix.


1. Separate the lips of your vagina and insert two fingers. Your vaginal wall will surround your fingers. The vagina is on an upward angle so, as you reach up inside your vagina, you will find that your fingers are at an upward angle. If you are having trouble reaching all the way to the back of the vagina where the cervix is, try bringing your knees to your chest.

2. As your fingers reach the back of your vagina, you will notice a dip on the vagina's back wall - the wall closest to the buttocks. What you are feeling is the area where the semen normally pools after intercourse. Just before the end of the vagina are the cervix and the cervical os. The cervix will feel like a closed tulip or the tip of your nose. If you have given birth, your cervix may feel like a smile.

3. Now that you have found your cervix, it is important to know that the cervix changes position at different times of your menstrual cycle or with sexual excitement. Once you know what your cervix feels like, you will be able to locate it when you use the Practice Conception Cap.

4. If you found your cervix by bring your knees to your chest, now try finding the cervix while standing up. Standing up is the ideal position to be in while placing the Conception Cap or Practice Conception Cap on the cervix.


Now it is time to use your Practice Conception Cap. It is ok to practice several times during the same day until you feel comfortable that you have mastered placement of the Practice Conception Cap on your cervix.

1. The woman wearing the Conception Cap on her cervix should be the one that inserts the Conception Cap in the vagina and places it on her own cervix.

the conception cap pinch the cap together

2. Pinch the cap together. If your thumb and index fingers are too short (this is what is pictured in the Instructions for Use Manual, section 15) then use your middle finger and index finger to pinch the Conception Cap together, insert the Conception Cap into your vagina and place it on your cervix.

3. The best way to insert the Practice Conception Cap is to stand up. Place one foot at hip level on a dresser or sink with your leg bent. The other leg should be straight. Pivot your body slightly to one side. This will give you the best opening to reach your cervix.

finding the cervix, leg raised inserting the cap placing the cap on the cervix

4. You may remove the Practice Conception Cap and reinsert it as many times as you feel are necessary to master Conception Cap placement during your practice session. If properly placed going about your normal activities will not interfere with the position of the Conception Cap on the cervix. Movement is not an issue.

5. Make sure to practice standing up. Do not lay down to insert the Practice Conception Cap or a Conception Cap filled with semen. Trying to place a Cap on the cervix while in a prone position gives you a greater risk of spilling the semen. Always stand up to insert the Practice Conception Cap or Conception Cap.

6. When you place the Practice Conception Cap or a Conception Cap on, you should not have to put your entire cervix inside the Cap. Just make sure the Cap is on your cervix, your cervix will relax into the semen pool shortly after placing it on. The Practice Conception Cap and Conception Cap should not be uncomfortable.

7. Remove the Practice Conception Cap with your index finger, reach up, grab the loop and pull. The Practice Conception Cap and Conception Caps will have a slight pull to get off. The Caps were designed to be a tight fit. You want a tight snug fit with the Conception Cap to make sure all the semen stays inside the Cap.

removing the cap

8. Once you have mastered placement with your Practice Conception Cap, make sure to put it in the tray and throw it away.

Most women have found the placing of a the Conception Cap on the cervix easy to do after practicing with the Practice practice Conception Cap. However, for women that had difficulty the first month, if pregnancy did not occur, the majority said the second month was much easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any questions or concerns. Conceivex is here to help you on your quest to conceive.

For questions regarding use, please call 616-642-6917 or visit the Conception Kit website at

Registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

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