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Date: Thursday, February 06 @ 10:06:16 EST
Topic: Slice of Life

Okay, how many of you actually feed our children 'Whole-Wheat' and 'organic' waffles, or do not allow our children to watch television? The answer is probably none (except those weirdos with extremely well behaved kids and perfect Brady Bunch style lives).

Wake up and smell the burning pop tarts in the microwave! Real parents are nothing like the 'perfact' moms in Today's Parent. We do not have time to spend cooking a perfectly nutritious meal, we do not care if Shrek is considered inappropriate, and we certainly do not have those luxury mini-vans with no food stains and lost toys.

The image of a 'perfect mom' is something that we all strive to be. Before we had kids we swore that they would never be exposed to violent video games or toy guns. We made oaths that we would cook only nutritious foods. we vowed to do art projects with our children instead of letting them watch mind numbing cartoons.

That all changed when we had kids. Now, as you are heating up some KD for dinner and scrubbing silly putty out of the carpet while you children pretend to shoot each other with sticks, you realize this is as close to a 'perfect parent' image your going to get.

All those parents who banned candy from the mouths of their children are probably made up. Who hasn't given in to a Mars bar caused temper tantrum at a grocery store? How many of you wish you hadn't vowed to do so many art projects after scrubbing crayon off the walls and picking tape off the couch? Those are the real parents.

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