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Date: Saturday, November 30 @ 11:56:55 EST
Topic: Daddy Dearest

You know you're ready to be a dad when...

You Know You're Ready to Be a Dad When... You Know You're a New Dad When...
1. You smile at any little kid that will look at you. 1. Little kids smile and make funny faces at you.
2. The thought of assembling nursery furniture and toys gets you excited. 2. The thought of having to assemble anything gives you a headache.
3. You take ultrasound pictures to the office to show all your coworkers. 3. You take birth photos to the office to show your coworkers.
4. You've installed the car seat — eight months before your wife is due. 4. You discover you've installed the car seat wrong, but lost the directions eight months ago.
5. You invite strangers to touch your pregnant wife's stomach. 5. You're sick and tired of strangers poking at your baby.
6. You can't resist buying that rubber ducky. 6. You have nightmares featuring squeaking toys.
7. You start looking at baby outfits and saying, "Ooooh, that's cute!" 7. You look at your baby's outfit and say, "Ooooh, is that poop?"
8. You begin feeling sorry for friends who don't have children. 8. Friends who don't have children feel sorry for you.
9. Your single friends start avoiding you. 9. Your single friends continue to avoid you.
10. Your wife begins referring to you as "Daddy." 10. Your baby says, "Da-da," and it's the most wonderful thing you've ever heard.

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