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Why God/dess Made Pets

This was sent to me in an email by a friend... I thought it was cute.

They can be helpful

They can be helpful.

They protect our children

They protect our children.

They look out for the smaller ones

They look out for the smaller ones.

They show us how to relax

They show us how to relax.

They converse with each other

They "converse" with each other.

They help you when you're down

They help you when you're down.

They are great at decorating for the holidays

They are great at decorating for the Holidays.

They have great expectations

They have "great" expectations.

They are Patriotic

They are Patriotic.

They are happy to test the water

They are happy to "test" the water.

They love their teddies

They love their "teddies".

They know who's boss

They know who's "BOSS".

And they know we need a good laugh

AND - They know when we need a good LAUGH!

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