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Attention family and friends... We have moved! My daughter has moved in with me and is attending art school in Boston. We had to get a larger place. We are now located at 116 Boston Street, #1-L, Salem, MA, 01970. Phone numbers are still the same. We are buried in boxes and will be for a while.

My grandson Ricky is currently serving his country in the United States Air Force and is stationed in South Korea at this time.

FAMILY UPDATES - January 2012

We have settled in nicely in our new home. My daughter is still in Art School and doing very well. She is nervous about graduation and having to pay back all those student loans. Her divorce to Alex is final and she is a free woman, much to her joy!

My grandson Ricky got back from South Korea around March of 2011 and is now being deployed to Afghanistan in February 2012. He is currently completing special training in Indiana and will be leaving us for about 9 months while he serves his country overseas. We are hoping for his return again by the holiday season at the end of 2012. We will worry about him while he is gone and will light candles for his safe return to us.

FAMILY UPDATES - September 2015

My grandson Ricky is back in the middleeast for his third overseas deployment. He should be home by the holidays. He will be 25 years old this month. Time has gone by so fast. Wow.

FAMILY UPDATES - August 2018

Ricky has been stationed in Japan now for a few years and looks like he will be there for a few more or so. He extended his commitment to the Air Force. Rio is now working in an orthodontic lab as a wirer. She makes the wire torture devices that go into people's mouths to fix palates and teeth. She is enjoying her position and plans to be with them for an extended future. They are a growing business and seem to be stable. Me, I spend my days making handstitched quilts of various themes. Sewing is a great meditation method for me as I take each stitch, keeping me relaxed and busy at the same time.

All of our previous kitties we had when we moved into this place have all died now of old age-related health issues. We have four new feline friends, Angus McKItty (a stout young scottish lad with red and white hair & whiskers). Angus is a rescue kitty from a Quincy shelter and is the only male in our household. He loves his mommy Rio and thinks he is part parrot, wanting to always be packed around on her shoulder. The next one is Lilith (Lily for short). She is a calico that is an amazon in size and was also a rescue kitty from a nearby shelter. She rules the roost as queen of the clan. She is very large and very sweet. Her favorite hangout is in the bathroom window. Our next kitty showed up on our doorstep, literally, a year ago. She was starving, extremely pregnant and blind in one eye from some type of trauma. She is a long-haired tabby and is very loving and curious about people, but is not overly sociable with other cats. When she first arrived, she was so hungry she would consume several cans of catfood daily, inhaling them. Thus she earned the name of Kirby Hoover (from the vacuum cleaners), also known as Mama Cat. After she received vet care and tests to make sure she was healthy, she gave birth to 5 babies, 3 male tabbies, a female black and white, and a black female. They were all so cute we hated to part with any of them but having 8 cats in the house were too many for us to feed. We found good homes with people Rio knew for four of the kittens and we kept the little black one, which we named "Spooky Baby Girl" (a little Virgo with big, staring, extremely intense gaze that could see into you soul). I also refer to her as "scorpion girl" (because she would run around the house with her tail up and over the top of her back like a little scorpion ready to attack) and also "toodlebug" because she is do cute. I fell in love with her the minute I held her (she was only about an hour old at the time, a black lump of fur with big ears, fierce, spitting and hissing with her eyes still shut). She now has intense gold and green eyes with a very small white spot on her chest, just below her chin and very faint black tiger stripes that can be seen through her black fur. She is my little black tiger. Baby girl is my kitty, while the other three have bonded deeply with Rio. Mamma cat and my Baby Girl were spade and now are growing to be happy fat family members.

We also have a new member of the family, a brown and rose haired female tarantula. She is also a rescue pet obtained from someone who didn't want her anymore. We are still getting to know her since we have only had her about a week now. She enjoys her crickets and shares the living room space with Rio. We have not yet settled on a name for her.


Myself and my children when they were little kids.
(This was taken while living in Idaho):

Me with my 5 babies: 1984-85
A nice family portrait with my own babies: 1984 to 1985.
I'm the blonde mom (my young, blonde and slender phase)
Son, Ricky, age 14 (he was killed in a car accident 2 years later)
Daughter, Rio, age 12 (my midwifery helper since age 9)
Son, Robert, age 10 (my daredevil)
Son, Ryan, age 6 (my first homebirth baby)
Son, Randy, age 3 (my last homebirth, born on my 30th birthday)


My daughter, Rio, worked at Anaconda Tattoo (now closed) as a designing artist doing tattoos and piercings for a few years or so. During this time she was still married to my son-in-law. Since then, they have been divorced and he now lives somewhere in Arizona.

My Daughter, Rio with my Son-in-law Alex and my grandson Ricky. (Celebrating their 11th Handfasting Anniversary May 1, 2007)

Rio and Alex
My Daughter,Rio, and Son-In-Law, Alex.
Rio's Wedding
My daughter's Wedding (Handfasting) on the Salem Commons, Massachusetts.
Rio's Wedding
Cutting the cake with the sword.
Rio's Wedding
Another view of "the cutting of the cake".
Rio's Wedding
My daughter Rio. A beautiful bride.
Rio's Wedding
A Bride's Portrait.

Ricky Dupris - age 11 years (september 2002)
My grandson Ricky, Age 11 years.
Ricky in 2004
Ricky in 2004

Rio & Alex getting ready to go clubbing in Cambridge, Massachusetts 2005.

Applying eyeliner Applying eyeliner ready to party ready to party rio and alex rio and alex rio and alex

Rio and her horse Gypsy.

Gypsy 2004
horse stable girl horse stable girls 2004
Rio and Gypsy 2004 Rio and Gypsy 2004
Rio and Gypsy 2004 Rio and Gypsy 2004

My daughter has been re-decorating her home in "Goth". She and I have the same tastes in decor and I love what she has done so far (other members of my family will most likely hate it, but that is too bad, she and her husband Alex and I all like the gothic-spooky look. These pictures were taken at Thanksgiving, 2006.

Goth Decor in Living Room Goth Decor in Living Room Goth Decor in Front Hallway Goth Decor in Front Hallway with Rio Goth Decor Front Hall Stairway Goth Decor in Front Hall with cat in corner Goth Decor in Family Room Goth Decor in Family Room going into Bathroom, also known as the Autopsy Room Goth Decor in Family Room Goth Decor in Bathroom Goth Decor in Bathroom with Hot Tub

My Grandson Ricky, Age 16 Thanksgiving 2006

Granson Ricky, being the typical teenager - ignore the finger sign Granson Ricky, being nice and willing to pose for Grandma

My Daughter Rio and Son-in-law Alex recently purchased their new (used) family car. It needs some work and restoration, but it will come in handy for body removal when it's my time to leave this world. They will be able to pick up my body in it for family plot burial. I am looking forward to seeing how they are going to fix it up. I have always wanted a car like this. So Cool.

Hearse, exterior side view Hearse, exterior rear view Hearse, interior casket area view Hearse, interior driver seat view

And people wonder why we call ourselves the "black sheep of the family". We are just a Gothic, Witchy, Pagan part of the family. (cackles) We just are not into fuzzy bunnies and pink flowers, that's all. To each their own.


Robert and his family
My son Robert and his wife and family.

grandson Mike and granddaugher Tori
My grandson Mike and my granddaughter Tori.

My son Robert
My son Robert. He was my daredevil when he was growing up. A very loving son.

I am a great-grandma. Here are photos of my new great-granddaughter, Mckenzie, with my son Robert's family... Congratulations Robert, you will love being a grandpa!

Mckenzie with her Uncle Mikey (my grandson Mike):

Finally awake I'm in LOVE I think someone's a little tired just sitting around Uncle Mikey and poops

My Daughter-in-law (the new grandma) and Mckenzie:

grandma and mckenzie grandma and mckenzie grandma and mckenzie


Mckenzie Mckenzie


sons ryan and randy
My Sons Randy and Ryan

Son Ryan's wedding
My son Ryan's Wedding with Randy (left), Ryan (holding Tori) and wife Val (now ex-wife).

Granddaughter Tori Granddaughter Tori
Granddaughter Tori, age 2 Granddaughter Tori
My Granddaughter Tori

Son Ryan, wife Val and grandson Jonas
My son Ryan, Wife Val, and grandson Jonas.

Grandson, Jonas, at the time of his birth
My grandson Jonas. Picture taken at the time of his birth.

Grandson Jonah Grandson Jonah
My grandson Jonas.

Grandson Ricky and Granddaughter Tori
My grandson Ricky and Granddaughter Tori (Taken while visiting in New Hampshire).

Granddaughter Tori Granddaughter Tori
My granddaughter Tori.

Grandson Jonas and Granddaughter Tori
My grandson Jonas and Granddaughter Tori.

Grandson Jonas Grandson Jonas Grandson Jonas
My grandson Jonas.


Brother Les and his wedding
My brother Les and his wedding. I am in the back. November 2003.
My daughter Rio (left), grandson Ricky, my mother and my brother Les.

Brother Les wedding pic
A picture of me day before the wedding visiting with new family members.


Sister Rebecca and her son Justin's wedding
My sister Rebecca's daughter (my niece) Jade, my Sister Rebecca, my sister Penelope's Son (name unknown since I and my sister Penelope seem to be on non-verbal terms for some reason (that she only seems to be aware of) for the last 20 some years), Rebecca's son (my nephew) Justin, my sister Penelope other son, and my sister Penelope.

Sister Rebecca and her son Justin's wedding
My sister Rebecca, My nephew Justin and his new bride, and my new brother-in-law.



Note: As of 2017, these boys are no longer with us. They have all passed on due to old age to the Summerlands to wait for our arrival. We miss them all terribly.

My cat Myles My cat Myles
My cat Myles. Myles is my older cat. He's getting a bit arthritic now and doesn't jump up on things like he used to. His great ambition in life is to become a fur rug. He is an indoor cat that really doesn't like going outside much. If he does, he is always back in within a few minutes. Myles loves his belly rubbed and scratched and will flop over on his back just to get it done. His fur is very soft like rabbit's fur. My daughter calls him the "Loch Ness Cat" since he is seldom seen by my household visitors. He only comes out after they leave. He is very shy and skittish around other people besides myself. He was a rescue cat and has been a great companion for about 13 years now. We are estimating his age to be about 15 years old as of 2006. (Myles lived to be 25 years old).

I wish the pictures of Myles were better...
I had a hard time getting him to stay still to pose. He is camera shy as well as people shy.

Myles sleeping on chair - May 2007 Myles peeking his eyes open - May 2007

May 2007, I was finally able to get Myles in a picture or two. #1: Myles Sleeping on Recliner, #2: Myles peeking his eyes open.

September 2015, Myles is still going strong. He will be 25 years old soon. He has just been to the vet and other than some minor tooth problems, he is in good health.

My cat Damien

My other cat Damien. Damien was another rescue kitty. I got him from someone I know and he was nothing more than a black tuft of flea-infested fur that loved to climb the walls. First thing that happened was he got a few baths to get rid of the fleas. He was not a happy camper, to say the least. He was "hades on four paws"... hence the name Damien from the "Omen". He was my little "demon spawn". He was so active I thought I might have an ADHD cat. However, Damien has grown in the last 3 years from that fur tuft to a very pretty cat that he is today. Late winter 2006 (Jan-Feb) I almost lost him. He was hit by a car in the face. Broke his jaw right under his nose. With a bit of surgery and wire and a little help from the Cat Goddess, Bast (Bastet or Basthet), who helped me find a way to pay for his surgery, his life was saved. He healed very well. It was a special time of bonding between Damien and I when I had to take care of him after the surgery, syringe feeding him and giving him Reiki treatments for the first several days. He was so miserable during that time. He was a very expensive family member, but he was worth it and now is lovingly referred to as my "boo-boo kitty". He was also "fixed" as part of the surgery package and has mellowed out a great deal since then and doesn't wander as far as he used to do. He still likes to go outside, but he definitely has learned not to tackle any more cars and try to stop them with his face.

September 2015, we lost Damiers a few years ago and he was cremated. He developed an enlarged heart and had a blood clot (embolism) causing paralysis and we had to let him go. He is missed terribly. He now sits on the mantle with our other cats, Goldie (an orange tabbie we had 6 months before he dropped dead from a heart attack) and Loki, my daughters grey tabbie that suddenly died of an unknown illness. We are getting quite a collection of cat crematory boxes on the mantle. We just adopted another yellow and white young fellow named Angus. He is still settling in and will be a playmate for Nibbies, my daughters other grey tabby cat of 17 years (Loki's litter brother) (Nibbies died in 2017). Angus has tuffs of wild hair from around his face and ears and is quite the climber and seems to have a facination with sinks and tubs.

Me today, self portrait
Me today, my self portrait (2002).

myself with clown nose
I am wearing my clown nose (I pack this in my birth bag).
I am a Patch Adams fan of the Gesundeit Institute).

Corienne's clown nose
My friend Corienne, "clowning around".
We worked together as night bartenders at the Polish Falcons
She was also my co-conspirator in "body removals" at the end of the night.

Tom and me as clowns
My friend Tom (he's like my adopted little brother)
and myself "clowning around".

An Appreciation Award presented to me by Salem's Witch City VFW Post 1524.
An Appreciation Award presented to me November 4, 2006 by Salem's Witch City Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1524 for the work I have done with their website, signs & posters for the club and for donating time and work in helping support the vets past and present. This was very nice of them to do this. Thank you all.

Veteran Webpages I host and maintain on

Witch City VFW Post 1524, Salem, MA
Polish Legion of American Veterans Post #55, Salem, MA
C.W. Davis VFW Post 2358, Danvers, MA

My Thanksgiving gift from my daughter, a tattoo artist
My Thanksgiving Gift from my daughter, Rio, a tattoo artist. This was put on my left wrist as a bracelet tattoo. It came out nice.

My daughter has been working hard at designing some very unique designs for her clients and has completed apprenticeship a few years ago. Not only does it allow her a way to earn a living, but she has the opportunity to use her creative and artistic abilities. The tattoo shop in Marlborough, NH closed so she is now attending New England Art Institute in Boston working on a degree in Graphic Arts. Her skills she obtained as a tattooist will be valuable in her future career. She has not given up the fine art of tattooing, just expanding her knowledge and skills.

Rio had apprenticed and worked as a tattooist, before its closure, at Anaconda Tattoo & Piercing in Marlborough, NH, 03455

Book Of Shadows Blessing

Often a Book of Shadows begins with a book blessing.
This poem is adapted from Silver Ravenwolf's "To Stir a Magick Cauldron"
reminds us of who we are and why we keep this book.

My Book of Shadows is also a place where I keep
My memories, such as family and friends.

I will serve the Great Goddess
And give reverence to the Great God
I am a Pagan Witch
A stone in the ancient circle
Standing firmly

Balanced on the earth
Yet open to the winds of heaven
And enduring through time
May the old gods witness my words
Blessed be.

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Web Site Blessing

May the powers of The One,
The source of all creation;
May the Goddess, The Lady of the Moon;
And the God, Horned Hunter of the Sun;
May the Rulers of the Elemental Realms, Earth, Air, Fire and Water;
May the powers of the Stars above and the Earth below,
Bless this web site, and this time, and I who am with You.
I ask for you to protect these pages,
And that no harm to those who visit here.
So mote it be.

Honoring The Great Cat Goddess Bast
(For Sterling, Damien, Loki, Goldie, Nibbies, Myles, all passed away and to our new boy, Angus and our girls Lilith, Kirby and Spooky Baby Girl.) The Cat Goddess Bast (Bastet, Basthet)

Beloved Bast, mistress of happiness and bounty, twin of the Sun God, slay the evil that afflicts our minds as you slew the serpent Apep. With your graceful stealth anticipate the moves of all who perpetrate cruelties and stay their hands against the children of light. Grant us the joy of song and dance, and ever watch over us in the lonely places in which we must walk. Watch over our household feline friends and companions. Protect them from harm and care for those whom have returned to you under your watchful gaze.

I wish to take a moment to honor this great ancient Egyptian Goddess for her help and guidance in helping me to save Damien's life after he was struck by a car in 2006. With her help, I was able to find financing for his surgery and recovery. She now cares for him, although he still comes to visit occasionally. She also cares for Sterling, Loki, Goldie, Nibbies and Myles. All of our boys that have gone to her. We miss them all terribly.

I Light a green candle (Bast's sacred color) in her honor and will always be loving to my cats, her cherished animal.

O Ra, exalted Lion-king, thou art the great cat, the avenger of Gods and the judge of words... The seventy-five praises of Ra. (c. 1700 BC)

So mote it be.

Blessed Be.

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