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As if you were born into a world of tears, you always tend to look at the darker things in life.
Inside you crave attention yet push away society, and you are a hopeless romantic.
Drawn to things like the occult and mysteries, you spend your time daydreaming.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
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You are taffy!! You are a clever and kind person, but you tend to hold grudges.
You are not big on dishing out forgiveness.

Which kind of candy are you?
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You are a Motherly little Girlfriend

Motherly - You are the motherly type.
You love to take care of the one you love, and generally you can be a bit overprotective and possessive, but you know, that is not always such a bad thing.
At least you will be a good mom in the future.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether I am off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost in a good book, or giggling with my best friend, I live in a world apart, one full of adventure and wonder and other stuff adults do not understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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Gay Bear

Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Dark Angel

What Kind Of Angel R You? ( Anime Pics )
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You represent... hope.

You represent... hope.
You are quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless romantic.
You enjoy being creative and do not mind being alone at times.
You have goals, and know what you want in life... even if they are a little far fetched.

What feeling do you represent?
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Black Heart

Your Heart is Black.

What Color is Your Heart?
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You are a Bitch.

What swear word are you?
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Exotic Dancer

You are Exotic Dancer Barbie.
You have some moves, and will do anything for a few bucks.
Take it off girl, but keep it PG-13 please.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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Game Boy - Born to Play

You are like a tomboy without the love of sports.
Reality sucks, but as long as you have your electronics you feel you can cope.
Time goes unnoticed when you are locked in your room hooked up to your Nintendo, rocking to your favorite collection of guitar-driven albums.
Your virtues: Intelligence, sense-of-humor, individuality.
What kind of girl are you?
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Your: Happy eyes!

Happy eyes!
Your cheerfull, bright and always want to try something new.
Your inquisitive and quite lovable. You have many friends and will succeed in life.

What type of eyes do you have?
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The ULTIMATE Personality Test
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What's your sexual appeal?
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Black Velvet

You are a black velvet!
Smooth and dark, you are potent and bitchy yet seductive and irresistible.

What Drink Are You?
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You are Spearmint.
You are quick-witted and sharp.
You pay close attention to details and you can tell what your friends are feeling.
You are always the first to understand a joke and you are valued for your insight and advice.
However, you sometimes isolate yourself from other people, afraid to share your own feelings.
Most Compatible With: Cinnamon

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
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Become A Vampire.
You'd bite their neck and drain their blood!
Why? Because you are a Vampire like me!
Whats that? You are not a vampire?
Well here is your chance.

How would you Murder?
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You are a dark goddess!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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Which Of The Greek Gods Are You?
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goth color is black

Your Goth color is BLACK!
You are the basic goth color.
All goths know and love you.
You are content, and work well with just about every color.

What Goth Color Are You?
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You are an enzyme.
You are powerful, dark, variable, and can change many things at your whim...even when they're not supposed to be changed.
Bad you. You can be dangerous or wonderful; it is your choice.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
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You are Form 4, Gargoyle: The Fallen.

"And The Gargoyle mended his wings from the blood of the fallen so he could rise up from imprisonment.
With great speed and resourcefulness, Gargoyle made the world his for the taking."

Some examples of the Gargoyle Form are Daedalus
(Greek) and Mary Magdalene (Christian).
The Gargoyle is associated with the concept of success, the number 4, and the element of wood.
His sign is the new moon.

As a member of Form 4, you are a creative and resourceful individual.
You are always thinking of possible solutions to problems you face and you generally choose one that is right.
Much of your success comes from your ability to look at things a little differently than everyone else.
Gargoyles are the best friends to have because they do not always take things for face value.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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The Morrigu

The Morrigu (or Morrigan) was a Celtic War Goddess who delighted in setting men at war.
She fought in battles herself, and at times hovered like a crow over the warring men.
She was represented as fully armed, carrying two spears in her hand, and wherever there was war, she was there.
Her battle cry is said to be louder than that of a thousand men.
You are spiteful, cruel, and dark. But those who befiend you are on your good side for life.

What Celtic Goddess are You?
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cuddle and a kiss

Cuddle and a kiss on the forehead.
You like to be close to your special someone and feel warm, comfortable, and needed.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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You are aloof, depressed and seasoned.
You would make a good psychologist, executioner, black widow, arsenic poisoner, heretic queen or commentator.
You are too witty for your own good.
Have to get up early in the morny morn to fool you, as you spot lies a mile away.
And WOE TO THOSE who dare attempt such a stupid move.
You are Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, when she cuts Michael's head off.
You are Anne Robinson, the host of The Weakest Link!

Quiz created by Polly Snodgrass.

Nightmare Before Christmas.jpg

Nightmare Before Christmas!

What movie Do you Belong in?
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Your Cloak is Black.
The Darkness has consumed you.

What Color is your Vampire Cloak?
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Fire Faerie

You are The Fire Faerie.
You have a spice in life.
Your friends think you are funny and very out-going.
You love to laugh, and have a good sense of humor.
You are not afraid to take a chance, and to go for the gold.

What Faerie Are You?
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fire demon goddess

You Are of darkness.
You Hate light, but love it in snug places such as corners and love looking at a moonless sky.

Are You Of Light, Water, Darkness, Or Fire?
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You are the element darkness.
This means you are impatient, stern, impulsive, or misunderstood, in some way.
Like darkness, you are more prominent at night, and prefer to avoid bright, loud people or places.
In the same way, you are negative, foreboding, and greatly affect those around you.
You can be emotional and sensitive, much to your dismay, as you will find.
It is good that you are trying your best, but you have got to have a more positive attitude once in a while.
As said in the TV show "Teen Titans": "What's the matter? Afraid of the dark?"

What Element Are You (Remake)


You are the Skool, the guardian of the Alphas.
You also command great respect, though not as much as the Freki or the Alphas.
You are quite proud to serve your leaders, and will willingly die for them.

What rank are you in a werewolf pack?
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You are completly insane.
You might want get some help with that before you blow up the earth...

Are you normal?
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french fries

What Kind of Junk Food Are You?
French Fries
You are a salty person with a tart sarcasm that most people think of as a scream. Cool down on it sometimes, though.
Some people can find it annoying after a while.
You are usually in a big group of friends instead of just one or two.

What Kind of Junk Food Are You?
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You are an Etch-a-Sketch!!
You are the creative, artsy type who does not need to actually utilize a single muscle group in order to have fun.
Does not matter though, you are still cool.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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mysterious kiss

You have a mysterious kiss.
Your partner never knows what you are going to come up with next;
This creates great excitement and arousal never knowing what to expect.
And it is sure to end in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
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Bronze Dragon

You are a bronze dragon!
You are the biggest of the males, and generally you are the only one who gets to mate with the queen.
You are an excellent leader.
Your human partner is likely to be a Wingleader or even Weyrleader, the person in charge of the entire Weyr, and you are the mate of the senior queen.
You are respected by the lower colors, and if you are the Weyrleader's dragon you are always obeyed, unless the queen contradicts you.
Since queens are relatively uncommon, you are widely considered by humans the best dragon to be paired with.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
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evil fairy

You are an evil fairy, full of power, you tend to use that power to destruct.
But I know that you can help our world be a better place, with your strong will! please use your power wisely.

The Fairy QuizThe Ultimate Fairy Quiz - For girls, but if you are a guy you can take it too!
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You are the Leader of the pack.
You are in charge of everyone and LOVE to play with the pups.

What member of the wolf pack are you?
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You are Frodo.

What Lord of the Rings Hobbit Are You?
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meriadoc brandybuck

You are Meridoc Brandybuck - And his insatiable bloodlust.

You may look sweet and innocent on the outside, but deep down you are a coldblooded killer.
You manage to hide your appetite for destruction and mayhem until you are out of the woods with your trusted confidante Pippin and a bunch of trees, but then you start the warmongering full-force.
Patience, little hobbit. You will get to get in on the violence eventually.

Which Lord of the Rings Character & Personality Problem Are You?


You are unique and different and can be cold at times.
You love freedom and enjoy living life on the edge.

What halloween icon are you?
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albus dumbledore

Dumbledore - You are totally awesome. Voldemort is scared of you!

What Harry Potter character are you like?
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gryffindor crest

Gryffindor- You are brave and very amiable. Everyone wants to be more like you, you lucky dog!

What Harry Potter house do you belong to?
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Health & Wellness Index


Allspice Leaf Oil
Angelica Oil
Anise Oil
Baobab Oil
Basil Oil
Bay Laurel Oil
Bay Oil
Benzoin Oil
Bergamot Oil
Black Pepper Oil
Chamomile (German) Oil
Cajuput Oil
Calamus Oil
Camphor (White) Oil
Caraway Oil
Cardamom Oil
Carrot Seed Oil
Catnip Oil
Cedarwood Oil
Chamomile Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Citronella Oil
Clary-Sage Oil
Clove Oil
Coriander Oil
Cypress Oil
Dill Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Fennel Oil
Fir Needle Oil
Frankincense Oil
Geranium Oil
German Chamomile Oil
Ginger Oil
Grapefruit Oil
Helichrysum Oil
Hyssop Oil
Iris-Root Oil
Jasmine Oil
Juniper Oil
Labdanum Oil
Lavender Oil
Lemon-Balm Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Lemon Oil
Lime Oil
Longleaf-Pine Oil
Mandarin Oil
Marjoram Oil
Mimosa Oil
Myrrh Oil
Myrtle Oil
Neroli Oil
Niaouli Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Orange Oil
Oregano Oil
Palmarosa Oil
Patchouli Oil
Peppermint Oil
Peru-Balsam Oil
Petitgrain Oil
Pine-Long LeafOil
Pine-Needle Oil
Pine-Swiss Oil
Rosemary Oil
Rose Oil
Rosewood Oil
Sage Oil
Sandalwood Oil
Savory Oil
Spearmint Oil
Spikenard Oil
Swiss-Pine Oil
Tangerine Oil
Tea-Tree Oil
Thyme Oil
Vanilla Oil
Verbena Oil
Vetiver Oil
Violet Oil
White-Camphor Oil
Yarrow Oil
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Healing Baths For Colds
Herbal Cleansers
Using Essential Oils


Almond, Sweet Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil
Argan Oil
Arnica Oil
Avocado Oil
Baobab Oil
Black Cumin Oil
Black Currant Oil
Black Seed Oil
Borage Seed Oil
Calendula Oil
Camelina Oil
Castor Oil
Coconut Oil
Comfrey Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil
Kukui Nut Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Mullein Oil
Neem Oil
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Plantain Oil
Plum Kernel Oil
Poke Root Oil
Pomegranate Seed Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Rosehip Seed Oil
Safflower Oil
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sesame Seed Oil
Shea Nut Oil
Soybean Oil
St. Johns Wort Oil
Sunflower Oil
Tamanu Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Wheat Germ Oil


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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Specialty Supplements
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Vitamins Index
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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: The Micronutrients: Vitamins & Minerals
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Avoid Overcooking Your Foods
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Phytochemicals
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Increase Your Consumption of Raw Produce
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Limit Your Use of Salt
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Use Proper Cooking Utensils
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Choosing The Best Water & Types of Water


  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Analysis Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Diet Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Recipe Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Therapy: Preparing Produce for Juicing
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Additives Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Safety Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Articles
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Back Pain
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Labor & Birth
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Blending Chart
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Essential Oil Details
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Miscarriage
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Post Partum
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Childbearing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Problems in Pregnancy & Birthing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #1
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #2
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Tips
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Uses
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Information Overview
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Touch & Movement Therapies Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy: Touch & Movement: Aromatherapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Therapy: Touch & Movement - Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Therapeutic Massage
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  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Hydrotherapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Pain Control Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Relaxation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Steam Inhalation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy - Herbal Oils Index

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