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    Medicinal bathing, also called thalassotherapy or hydrotherapy, was traditionally utilized as cosmetic, hygienic and medicinal treatment. The name itself may come from ancient Greek thalassa, - small sea, or from Thales, Greek philosopher (c.636 to 546 B.C.) who believed that the physical world is derived from a single underlying substance - water. Thalassotherapy was a popular healing and restorative treatment in the ancient Rome and Byzantium. Thermae (bath house) was a regular recreational facility in Roman cities and bath pavilion was an ordinary and well attended department in Constantinople hospitals. European tradition of medicinal bathing was apparently acquired in 11 through 16 centuries from the Middle East and developed thereafter with the contribution of local folk medicine.

    Aromatic and herbal baths are become more recognized and appreciated after being in low demand for the most of 20th century. Many, seems to be obscure therapeutic applications of herbal baths, find support in modern scientific research and clinical studies. For example, Golden Rod bath tea was traditionally used to help treat arthritis pains, muscle pains and rheumatism. The bath tea contains White Willow bark, which is a potent source of aspirin-like compounds according to modern studies. And the way of administration (topical) becomes more and more appreciated by the experts in drug delivery systems. Aromatherapy herbal baths reclaim its position of natural, safe and efficient method of treatment in the areas of skin care, anti-aging care, women's health, men's health, relaxation therapy and others.

    Traditional bath teas were well recognized treatments for skin problems, back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, spasms, insomnia and numerous other conditions. Herbal medicinal baths used to be prescribed by health care practitioner and taken in a course of therapy from several to several dozen treatments. Bath tea was brewed in a separate kettle and poured into the bath before or at the beginning of the treatment. Fresh herbs were used sometimes. More frequently we find references to the use of dried herbs. The amount of herbs used for medicinal bath usually was in the range of half a pound to several pounds and the duration of a procedure from about 20 to 40 minutes. Sometimes herbal baths were supplemented with herbal essences, added to the bath to promote the action and combine bath treatment with aromatherapy. Biologically active constituents of herbs released during the brewing into the water include saponins, phenols, polyphenols, alkaloids, peptides, and others. Some of these ingredients may exercise therapeutic effect by acting on the skin receptors, others by being absorbers through the skin and assimilated by the body, just like pharmaceuticals in the modern skin patches are slowly absorbed through the skin to induce desirable therapeutic action. We find references to the use of herbal baths for medicinal purposes in ancient times, as well as medieval and in 18th through 20th centuries. Medicinal herbal baths were employed by Egyptian, Roman, Indian, Chinese, Turkish and many other traditional medicinal schools.

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    by K. Ammer and P. Melnizky
    Ludwig Boltzmann Forschungsstelle fur Physikalische Diagnostik, Wien, Osterreich
    Published in: Forsch Komplementarmed 1999 Apr; volume 6(2): pages 80-85


    OBJECTIVE: We studied whether whirl baths with plain water or with water containing Pine Needle Oil or Valerian have a different influence on pain, disturbed sleep or tender point count.

    METHODS: A randomized, comparative and investigator-blinded study was performed. Out-patients with generalized fibromyalgia were randomized into three treatment groups.

    INTERVENTIONS: Therapy consisted of either whirl bath with plain water or with the addition of Pine Needle Oil or Valerian. The baths were carried out 10 times, three times a week.

    MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: General pain, change of pain intensity during the day, general well-being and occurrence of disturbed sleep were recorded before and after the therapy. The number of tender points was assessed by digital palpation, the pain threshold on the shinbone and the middle part of the deltoid muscle was measured by the dolorimeter of A. Fischer. The same instrument was used for recording pain threshold and pain tolerance of both trapezius muscles. The tissue compliance of these muscles was measured as well.

    RESULTS: 30 out of 39 patients included in the study were evaluated statistically. After treatment with Valerian bath (n = 12) well-being and sleep were significantly improved and also the tender point count decreased significantly. Pine oil added to the bath water (n = 7) resulted in a significant improvement of well-being, but unfortunately also in a significant decrease of pain threshold of the shinbone and the right deltoid muscle. Whirl bath in plain water (n = 11) reduced general and maximum pain intensity significantly.

    CONCLUSIONS: Our cautious conclusion of this study is - with respect to the small number of treated patients - that different effects of whirl baths with or without medicinal bath oils can be detected in fibromyalgia patients. Plain water baths modify the pain intensity, medicinal baths improve well-being and sleep.

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    Aromatic and herbal baths are among the most enjoyable methods of therapy and recreation. They combine benefits of aromatherapy and advantages of direct application of herbal nutrients to the skin. Aromatherapy bath oils have been used for restorative purposes to help improve bodily functions and combat pathological conditions. Bath oils and bath teas are indispensable as rejuvenating and restorative skin care. They promote healthy young skin, help improve conditions of scalp and hair and are effective in the treatment and prophylactics of various skin and scalp conditions including acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scalp itching, dandruff. Besides aromatherapy and skin care herbal baths were traditionally used to help reverse exhaustion, resist cold and flu, relieve muscular aches, spasms and pains, treat rheumatism and arthritis. Aromatic herbal baths are effective against stress, anxiety and insomnia, they help combat fatigue and apathy.

    Relaxing bath oil has two main modes of action - skin care and relaxation. It increases the bioavailability of herbal nutrients and optimizes the conditions for their assimilation by the skin. The skin is treated, cleansed and healed with the essential oils, moisturized and lubricated with the combination of vegetable oils and herbal extracts. Herbal oils and extracts help nourish and revitalize the skin.

    The aromatherapy's relaxing effect helps wash away stress, dilute anxiety and dissolve tension. Take the bath before bedtime to help improve sleep quality. Regular bath applications help combat irritation, reduce excessive mood swings, restlessness and reverse negative effects of chronic stress. Use any or all of these essential oils, making a blend in a carrier oil.


    8 ounces Sweet Almond Oil
    20 drops Vitamin E Oil
    5 to 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
    5 to 10 drops Chamomile Essential Oil
    5 to 10 drops Jasmine Essential Oil
    5 to 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
    5 to 10 drops Orange Essential Oil

    Blend essential oils with carrier oil and Vitamin e. Adjust essential oil amounts to your personal preferences and needs. Put blend in a sprayer bottle. For a bath soak, use 3 to 5 sprays for a full size bath. Soak 15 to 20 minutes. Refresh the bath after 10 minutes with another 2 to 4 sprays. Alternatively, for enhanced aromatherapy effect, spray every 1 to 2 minutes up to a total oof 8 to 10 sprays. This can also be used for a foot bath or hand bath.

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  • Herbal baths, aromatherapy, herbal beverages, relaxing massage and meditative music work together to combat fatigue and improve health conditions. Aromatherapy bath is one of the most enjoyable treatments. Aromatic Bath Salts can be added to help with soreness of muscles and joints. It combines skin care action, general health beneficial mood improving effects. The skin is cleansed and healed with the essential oils and nourished, moisturized and lubricated with combination of vegetable oils and herbal extracts. Warm water promotes the assimilation of essential nutrients. Aromatic bath positively affects one's mood and general well-being. To enjoy just spray bath oils into the tub.

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    Bath teas, also called tub teas, are developed from traditional recipes of medicinal herbal baths and are composed of raw herbs. No flavors, no odors, no artificial additives. Teas are provided in convenient cotton sachets and may be used for body baths, hip bath, foot baths, herbal wraps, hair rinses and as an herbal pillows. For best effect brew the bath tea shortly before use. Traditionally 1 to 2 pounds of herbs were used for therapeutic bath teas, 0.5 to 1 pound for restorative and 0.25 to 0.5 pound for supportive recreation bath teas. Herbal rinses and wraps were usually made of 0.25 to 0.5 pound of herbs. Herbs can be placed inside a natural cotton or muslin "tea bag" or tied up inside gauze squares and added to the bath to save messy cleanups later.

    Bath additives can be added to support the healthy beneficial action of aromatic herbal baths.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar: For oily skin use 2 cups for the bath, for mature skin use 1 cup for the bath.

    • Honey: For dry skin and normal skin use 1 tablespoon for the baths, for mature skin 1 to 2 tablespoons for the bath. Dissolve in hot water before adding to the bathtub.

    • Whole Milk: For normal, dry, sensitive skin use 1 to 2 quarts for the baths. Do not use non-fat or low fat milk. Make sure it is whole milk.

    • Tip: The presence of soap and shampoo may diminish the effect of essential oils and herbal extracts, preventing them from thoroughly penetrating and stimulating the skin. Therefore, a cleansing shower or soap bath may be suggested before aromatic herbal bath.


    The Cleopatra Bath Blend is a beauty bath employed to help maintain and rejuvenate the skin. May be used in combination with any aromatic herbal bath oil. Cleopatra was devoted to a beauty care ever since childhood. According to a legend, she used to take three different herbal baths every day. This composition was one of her routinely used bath treatments and may be easily made at home. Ingredients: whole milk (fat free milk is not good), honey, olive or almond oil.

    1/2 gallon Whole Milk
    6 to 8 ounces Honey
    2 tablespoons Bath Oil of Choice

    Bring milk to near boiling (do not let boil). Warm up honey and dissolve it in hot milk. Add bath or herbal oil and shake well. Pour into the bath filled with warm water. Take the bath for 20 to 30 minutes or until feeling relaxed and comfortable. This bath may be used in combination with any aromatic herbal bath or bath oil. Especially helpful for mature and dry skin.

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    ALLERGIES & SENSITIVITIES: Some people are hypersensitive or allergic to particular herbs, plants or vegetables. In general, you will find much more people with the allergy to apples or tomatoes, than with the allergy to a certain herb. Most common cases include an allergy to strawberries, tomatoes, wheat. All ingredients of bath teas and bath oils are listed on the package, on the web page and in the catalog/product information. If one is hypersensitive to certain herbs (such as a ragweed allergy may prevent you from wanting to use Chamomile), or suspects that some herbs present in the bath formula may cause allergy we recommend to start the bath treatments with the low dose, and, before taking the bath, stir the water for a while with hand. If you experience skin itching or rushing, when taking the bath, stop bathing and take the shower. Be especially cautious not to fall asleep in the bathtub using bath tea or oil. If you have a reaction to a blend of herbs, try taking a bath with only one herb at a time. This will help to find and eliminate the herb that is causing a problem. Eliminate it completely from the blend or find another substitute that will accomplish the same goal. People who have problems with regular baths, like people with serious heart conditions, very high or very low blood pressure, should consult health care professional before taking herbal baths. A foot bath, herbal wrap or a hip bath may be a good alternative for those individuals that may have heart conditions or high blood pressure problems.

    AFTER BATH CLEANUP: Herbal bath teas and aromatic bath oils were tested with several types of bathtubs and no stains were detected when the bathtub was rinsed after the bath. Do not leave bath tea in the bathtub after you are done. The extracted herbal ingredients tend to precipitate when water cools down. Rinse the bath tub with regular bath or /shower cleaner.

    SUCCESSFUL HERBAL BATH EXTRACTIONS: Extraction quality depends mostly of the qualities of the water, such as softness, acidity, content of certain minerals etc. If water quality is not favorable for the extraction, one may need to increase brewing time, increase the volume of the pot or used additional pot. To check the quality of the extraction, have another pot with near boiling water. Take the bath sachet from the first pot when ready (with caution), place it in the second pot and let boil for another 20 minutes. Compare the water color between pots. If color in the second pot is significantly lighter than in the first one, the extraction is good and you probably do not need the second pot. However if water color intensity in two pots is similar, you may want to increase the volume of the pot, increase the boiling time, use spring or distilled water or just use the second pot for the additional extraction.

    HERBAL BATHS & SKIN AILMENTS: Herbal baths have been used for many years to help improve skin conditions such as dry eczema and dermatitis. Traditionally the tea would have to be used continuously for 2 to 4 weeks in combination with diet adjustments and herbal oils. Traditional sources recommend avoiding meat, spices, eggs, excessive alcohol during the treatment, eat plenty of fruits, mushrooms and vegetables, include in the diet real butter, olive oil, freshly made carrot juice and orange/lemon juice. There are different types of eczema, some are effectively treated by pharmaceutical drugs, some respond better to herbal remedies. Consult with health care professional and try to find if eczema is related to allergic reaction on food ingredients or environmental factors. In that case, while bath teas will promote the healing, only the removal of allergens or desensitization will help completely cure the disease.

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    Mountain Rose Herbs: Organic Body Care Recipes, By Stephanie Tourles, Softcover, 378 Pages, 2007
    Discover the joy and fun of crafting your own personalized body care products using herbs and other natural ingredients that nourish, pamper, cleanse, and protect the skin and all of this can be done without using irritating or harmful chemicals. In just minutes, you can whip up dozens of organic treatments that will make your face radiant, your skin glow, your hair shine, and your hands and nails beautiful. From head to toe, you will find the perfect treatment for every part of our body, whether you are looking for a relaxing bath blend, a stimulating facial mask, a natural bug repellent, a refreshing mouthwash, or a sensual body cream. A complete manual with over 175 formulas and recipes.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Cotton Muslin Bags, Herbal & Body Care Bags
    Simple and unbleached 100% cotton muslin bags with a drawstring. Very useful for brewing large pots of tea, infusing bath herbs, for poultices, food preparation, and a variety of other uses. Two sizes to choose from: small or large. Small Dimensions: 2-3/4 x 4-inch, Large Dimensions: 4 x 6-inch.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Aches & Pains Massage Oil, 4 oz. Bottle with Flip Top
    A great all around massage oil formulated for healing sore muscles and joints. Our Aches and Pains massage oil is deeply penetrating and soothing for all of the aches and pains that our bodies endure.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Arnica & St. John's Massage Oil, 4 oz. Bottle with Flip Top
    An excellent muscle massage oil based on our extremely popular and incredibly effective Injur Heal Oil. Suitable for use on bruises, strains, general aches and after strenuous exercise. A wonderful way to treat your worn and tired body, and is best reserved for times of severe need. 4 oz bottle with flip cap.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Autumn Moon Massage (& Bath) Oil, 4 oz. Bottle With Flip Top
    Exotic, aromatic and incredibly indulging! The Moon Massage line was created for "general purpose" use that can be applied for fun or therapy. Excellent for therapeutic massage, as a fine body oil, or add a few drops to your bath for a deeply penetrating and aromatic experience. Combines sweet Lavender essential oil with spicy Cinnamon and warm Vetiver to create an exceptional massage oil that adds just the right degree of warmth. Contains organic Olive oil, organic Sweet Almond oil, Rose petals, organic Lavender flowers, organic Chamomile flowers, organic Calendula flowers, Vitamin E oil, and a blend of pure essential oils in a 4 ounce bottle with flip top.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Goddess Dreams Massage (& Bath) Oil, 4 oz. Bottle With Flip Top
    An utterly divine, opulent, and erotic massage oil crafted specifically for sensual massage and during romantic occasions. This sweet and fragrant massage oil is blended with the finest botanical ingredients and pure essential oils, and is sure to fill your senses with rapture. 4 oz bottle with flip cap.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Rose Moon Massage (& Bath) Oil, 4 oz. Bottle With Flip Top
    Exotic, aromatic and incredibly indulging! The Moon Massage line was created for "general purpose" use that can be applied for fun or therapy. Excellent for therapeutic massage, as a fine body oil, or add a few drops to your bath for a deeply penetrating, aromatic experience. Blends a generous amount of true Rose Attar essential oil with a hint of Geranium. Truly romantic! Contains organic Olive oil, organic Sweet Almond oil, Rose petals, organic Lavender flowers, organic Calendula flowers, organic Chamomile flowers, Vitamin E oil, and a blend of pure essential oils in a 4 ounce bottle with filp top.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Baby Massage Oil, Wild Carrot Herbals, Herbal Baby Products, 4 oz. Spray Pump
    Adults aren't the only ones who enjoy massagesăbabies love them too! This golden oil with a light fragrance is perfect for massaging extra moisture into baby's skin, especially right after a bath. Helps keep sensitive skin soft without irritation. Contains cold pressed sweet apricot oil, Organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil infused with organic chamomile flowers, non-GMO tocopherol vitamin E oil, and pure lavender angustifolia essential oil in a 4 ounce bottle with spray pump.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Baby's Bath Herbs, Mountain Rose, Herbal Baby Products, 3 oz. or 1 lb.
    This herbal bath blend has a sweet floral aroma that is calming for both infants and parents. Adding herbs to your little one’s bathwater is a gentle way to absorb the healing properties of these soothing botanicals. Choose from 2 sizes.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Relaxing Bath Herbs, Mountain Rose, Natural Bath & Bathing Products
    Fragrant baths have been enjoyed for centuries for their healing and purifying properties, not to mention how splendid it is to bathe in fresh, and fragrant herbs and flowers! If you ever wanted to pamper yourself with a true bathing delight, then you must try our certified organic Bath Herbs.Our line of bath herbs comes packaged in an attractive kraft bag with a re-usable drawstring muslin bag which, once filled with the herbs, is used to infuse botanical aromas and herbal sensations to your bathing water. Contains organic Chamomile flowers, organic Lavender flowers, organic Comfrey leaf, Rose Petals, organic Hops flowers, Passionflower and a blend of true essential oils. Choose from 3 ounce or 1 pound sizes.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Sea Salt, Coarse or Fine, Food & Cosmetic Use
    Our high quality sea salt is great for both food and cosmetic use. Available in both coarse and fine grinds, this all natural, solar evaporated sea salt makes the perfect scrub, bath salt, or addition to your custom formulated bath blends. Our sea salt is gathered from the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast of North America. Choose from 3 different sizes.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Epsom Salt, Therapeutic Bath Salt Ingredient
    Epsom salt is an excellent product, often overlooked for its therapeutic benefits, and is principally used in bath salts to sooth, relax, and relieve sore muscles. It can be used as a stand alone salt for soaking, or may be blended with essential oils and botanicals for a truly splendid bathing experience. Choose from 3 different sizes.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Pink Rose Salt, Food & Cosmetic Use
    Pink Rose Salt is one of the purest salts available today. These 2 to 3-inch whole chunks of delectable rock salt are beautifully formed crystals which range in color from lustrous pink to orange, indicating the presence of trace elements and iron. Pink Rose Salt was deposited 2000 meters above sea level in the Bolivian Andes more than 3 million years ago and has been preserved untouched underneath a layer of ancient lava ever since. The lava protected the salt from pollution and preserved the minerals, resulting in this beautiful and beneficial salt. For culinary purposes, grate directly onto dishes or dissolve the salt into soups and hot dishes. The Salt grater sold by Mountain Rose Herbs is the perfect companion for these large salt crystals, producing a delicate, flaky powder that not only looks gorgeous, but also tastes divine!.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Acure Body Wash, 8 oz. Tube
    These lather rich liquid body washes from Acure Organics are formulated to provide deep moisture with each wash. Choose from an ultra-hydrating coconut pumpkin body wash or an unscented sensitive skin formula. Sensitive Skin: This deep moisturizing blend is made with Acure’s signature ingredients uniquinone and argan stem cells to replenish lost moisture and elasticity without irritating the skin. Ultra-Hydrating: This conditioning body wash has a rich coconut aroma and blends organic argan and pumpkin oils to create an omega filled treat for your skin.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Bar Soap, Oregon Soap Company, 3.75 oz. Bar
    Finally a practical, economical and organic soap made from good folks who have an unwavering commitment to the protection of our natural world by planting 1 tree for every 10 bars sold. The right blend of vegetable oils makes for a long lasting bar soap, which is contrary to the short lives of other natural soaps due to the quick disintegration. These luscious soaps are made with 100% certified organic vegetable oils and are scented with pure plant derived essential oils. Contains organic saponified oils of Palm, Coconut, and Olive oils, and a blend of essential oils. (some bars contain organic Oatmeal and organic Bran). Each bar is 3.75 oz. Choose From: Honey & Oatmeal, Tea Tree & Calendula, French Green Clay & Geranium.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Cleansing Body Bar Soap, Moon Valley Organics, 4 oz. Bar
    These Cleansing Body Bars from Moon Valley Organics are specially formulated to nourish, soothe, and soften. Developed with intention, each certified organic body bar is made with organic herbs that are sustainably grown on Moon Valleys own farm. What they cannot grow or produce is sourced from like-minded organic suppliers. Choose from 3 amazing 4 ounce bars. Lavender Calendula, Mint & Sea Minerals, or Oatmeal Sage.
    Mountain Rose Herbs: Foaming Hand Soap, Oregon Soap Company, Natural Bath & Bathing Products
    These moisture-rich foaming hand soaps are made with 100% certified organic vegetable oils and are scented with pure plant derived essential oils. The foaming pump dispenses lavish suds that leave hands clean and soft. At over 325 pumps per bottle, these soaps are super economical. Even better, Oregon Soap Company is committed to planting one tree or native plant for every 5 gallons of soap sold! Contains saponified organic Coconut, organic Sunflower and/or Safflower, and organic Castor Oil, essential oils, Citric Acid (pH balancer), Rosemary extract (antioxidant). Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth in a 8.3 ounce bottle with foaming pump top.


    Starwest Botanicals: Herbal Bath Mix, 1 lb.
    Herbal Bath Mix contains organic rock salt, organic orange peel, pink rose boutons, organic lavender, organic chamomile, organic rosemary, organic red raspberry, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic lemon grass, organic sage, organic bay leaf and organic cloves. An aromatic blend of herbs.
    Starwest Botanicals: Herbal Bath Blend Bags, 24 Pack
    Made with an organic blend of rock salt, organic orange peel, premium pink rose boutons, organic lavender flowers select, organic chamomile flowers, organic rosemary, organic red raspberry leaf, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic lemongrass, organic sage, organic bay leaf and organic cloves. Relax with one of our aromatic Herbal Bath bags.
    Starwest Botanicals: Seaweed Bath Blend, Organic, 24 Pack
    Organic kelp granules, organic dulse leaf granules, organic bladderwrack, organic nori-laver and organic laminaria granules.


    HerbsPro: Natural Bath Oil, Grahams Natural Alternatives, For Itchy Dry Skin, 4.05 oz.
    HerbsPro: Skin Eternal Bath Oil, Source Naturals, 4 fl. oz.
    HerbsPro: Citrus Bath & Massage Oil, Source Naurals, 4 fl oz.
    HerbsPro: Energize Bath & Massage Oil, Aura Cacia, 4 fl. oz.
    Experience the luxury of Aura Cacia's aromatherapy body oils. The pure essential oils of natural botanicals offer a variety of benefits-enhancing and balancing your mind, body and spirit. This unique blend of moisturizing vegetable oils, will give you softer feeling skin and soothe your soul. Indulge yourself and discover the benefits of Aura Cacia aromatherapy.
    HerbsPro: Euphoria Bath & Massage Oil, Aura Cacia, 4 fl. oz.
    Euphoria, Massage Oil by Aura Cacia Products. Euphoria Massage Oil contains a blend of Ylang Ylang, Cananga, Sandalwood, Ginger, Amyris and Jasmine Absolute to enliven the senses as it softens skin and tense muscles.
    HerbsPro: Heartsong Bath & Massage Oil, Aura Cacia, 4 fl. oz.
    HeartSong Massage Oil contains a blend of sensuous rose, balancing geranium, peaceful rosewood and calming lavender.
    HerbsPro: Soothing Heat Bath & Massage Oil, Aura Cacia, 4 fl. oz.
    Deep heat Massage oil contains balsam fir needle, lemon, eucalyptus, juniper berry and myrtle which brings soothing heat to achy muscles. Aromatherapy. Moisturizing 100% pure essential oils. Bathe in the beauty of nature! Soothe your body and senses. Soothe your body and senses with this blend of penetrating Juniper Berry, purifying Eucalyptus, strengthening Fir Needle, uplifting Lemon and calming Myrtle.
    HerbsPro: Tranquility Bath & Massage Oil, Aura Cacia, 4 fl. oz.
    Experience the luxury of Aura Cacia's aromatherapy body oils. The pure essential oils of natural botanicals offer a variety of benefits-enhancing and balancing your mind, body and spirit. This unique blend of moisturizing vegetable oils, will give you softer feeling skin and soothe your soul. Indulge yourself and discover the benefits of Aura Cacia aromatherapy.
    HerbsPro: Lavender Bath & Body Oil, Soothing Touch, 8 oz
    HerbsPro: Bath & Body Oil, Soothing Touch, 8 oz
    Bath, Body & Massage Oil. Natural Herbal Formula.
    HerbsPro: Sandalwood Bath & Body Oil, Soothing Touch, 8 oz
    HerbsPro: Cedar Sage Bath & Body Massage Oil, Soothing Touch, 8 oz
    HerbsPro: Rest & Relax Bath & Body Oil, Stress Relieving, Soothing Touch, 8 oz
    HerbsPro: Hydration Plus Bath & Body Oil, Valley Green Naturals, 8 oz.
    The antioxidizing properties of Rice Bran Oil combine with the moisture and fragrances of Lavender, Sweet Almond and Argan Oils to create this heavenly blend of bath and body oil.
    HerbsPro: Natural Bath Oil, Grahams Natural Alternatives, 8.45 oz
    For the Relief of Itchy Dry Skin, Gentle Mild Formula Suitable for the Whole Family. Natural Ingredients. Nature as its Best.
    HerbsPro: Eucalyptus Spruce Bath & Body Massage Oil, Soothing Touch, 8 oz
    HerbsPro: Bath Salt Be Well, EO Products, 22 oz.
    Enjoy the soothing and calming ritual of a hot bath. EO Eucalyptus & Arnica Bath Salts gently nurture and replenish with mineral rich ocean salts blended with organic Essential Oils. Therapeutic Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Arnica extracts nurture the body as they soothe and support tired muscles with key active ingredients. As the pores of the skin slowly open, our salts work to gently replenish needed nutrients. The EO®Bath Salts blend restores inner balance while softening and hydrating skin. Be Well in both mind and body in your own personal home spa sanctuary. Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Arnica Extract relieve muscle tension for a purifying soak. Himalayan Pink Salt, an exotic fossilized marine salt formed more than 250 million years ago contains 84 rich elements and minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. These luminescent Pink Crystals are renowned for their detoxification properties as well as their ability to stimulate the circulation and promote relaxation. California Sun Dried Sea Salts rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium add valuable trace mineral to the bath, softening the water naturally and gently cleanse the skin. Certified Organic by the CCOF.
    HerbsPro: Hinoki & Ginger Bath Salts, Organic, EO Products, 22 oz.
    HerbsPro: French Lavender Bath Salt, EO Proucts, 22 oz.
    French Lavender Essential Oil, California Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals. Love Life. Live Clean.. Relax Your Body & Mind . USDA Organic.


    Amazon: Bath Oil Products
    Amazon: Bath Herbal Tea Products

    These merchants have hundreds of bath products not listed here. TakeHerb alone has over 1500 bath products available. I have tried to include the some of the more common ones here. If are looking for a specific product, click on one of the merchant links and do a product search.

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    Spearmint Oil
    Spikenard Oil
    Swiss-Pine Oil
    Tangerine Oil
    Tea-Tree Oil
    Thyme Oil
    Vanilla Oil
    Verbena Oil
    Vetiver Oil
    Violet Oil
    White-Camphor Oil
    Yarrow Oil
    Ylang-Ylang Oil
    Healing Baths For Colds
    Herbal Cleansers
    Using Essential Oils


    Almond, Sweet Oil
    Apricot Kernel Oil
    Argan Oil
    Arnica Oil
    Avocado Oil
    Baobab Oil
    Black Cumin Oil
    Black Currant Oil
    Black Seed Oil
    Borage Seed Oil
    Calendula Oil
    Camelina Oil
    Castor Oil
    Coconut Oil
    Comfrey Oil
    Evening Primrose Oil
    Flaxseed Oil
    Grapeseed Oil
    Hazelnut Oil
    Hemp Seed Oil
    Jojoba Oil
    Kukui Nut Oil
    Macadamia Nut Oil
    Meadowfoam Seed Oil
    Mullein Oil
    Neem Oil
    Olive Oil
    Palm Oil
    Plantain Oil
    Plum Kernel Oil
    Poke Root Oil
    Pomegranate Seed Oil
    Pumpkin Seed Oil
    Rosehip Seed Oil
    Safflower Oil
    Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Sesame Seed Oil
    Shea Nut Oil
    Soybean Oil
    St. Johns Wort Oil
    Sunflower Oil
    Tamanu Oil
    Vitamin E Oil
    Wheat Germ Oil


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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Limit Your Use of Salt
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Use Proper Cooking Utensils
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Choosing The Best Water & Types of Water


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  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Analysis Index
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  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Post Partum
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Childbearing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Problems in Pregnancy & Birthing
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  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Relaxation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Steam Inhalation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy - Herbal Oils Index

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