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  • hair analysis


    Hair Analysis is a simple diagnostic technique that is based on the idea that hair provides vital clues about nutritional imbalances elsewhere in the body. It is also used to detect environmental toxins. Hair analysis has been used to diagnose heavy metal poisoning (such as arsenic poisoning) as well as determining whether or not someone has been using certain drugs (such as cocaine) and the length of time the person as been exposed to these substances.

    Hair Analysis offers an accurate assessment of the concentration of minerals in the body - those that are toxic in any amount, those that are essential, and those that are needed in small amounts, but toxic in larger amounts. By allowing early detection of toxic substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum, hair analysis makes it possible to identify and treat toxicity before overt symptoms appear; and by showing levels of minerals such as calcium, it makes it possible to identify and treat a range of nutritional deficiencies well before health problems become serious.

    Before the technique of hair analysis was developed, medical practitioners who are interested in the concentration of trace elements in the body had to rely on urine and serum sampling. Unfortunately, these tests have been shown to be inaccurate. They simply do not reflect the concentration of minerals in cells and organs, but instead show the level of circulating minerals. The correlation between mineral concentrations in the internal organs of the body and concentrations in hair has been found to be much more reliable. In fact, hair analysis has been found to be such an accurate measure of substance exposure that it is often used to detect drug use.

    cutting the hair


    Only a small, 1-inch sample of hair is needed for analysis. A hair-weight card is used to determine the exact amount. The hair is usually taken from the nape of the neck and is cut with special shears that cut every fifth hair or so. Do not worry, the hair that has been removed will not be very noticeable. The sample is then placed in a special bag and sent to a lab for analysis. It is important to remember that hair that has been bleached or given a permanent over the last 3 months should not be analyzed, because of the chemicals used can distort the results.


    During the procedure, Hair Analysis begins with the removal of a small amount of hair, usually from the nape of the neck and is sent to a lab where it is analyzed by the latest computer technologies. Because harsh chemical treatment of the hair through coloring, bleaching, and permanent-waving can result in inaccuracies, a pubic hair specimen may be used instead. The hair sample is chemically washed and stripped of all substances found on it. A specific amount (by weight) of the resulting sample is then dissolved in a known volume of acid (a solvent). Finally, using a method of chemical analysis called atomic absorption photospectrometry (spectrophotometry or atom absorption), each mineral is isolated and measured on a parts-per-million (ppm) basis. Advocates assert that the most minute amounts of toxic pollutants or the smallest mineral fluctuations become evident.


    The hair sample is sent to a special laboratory. Analytical results and specific supplemental mineral recommendations are then returned to the diagnostician. Depending on the extent of the analysis, the fee will may be between $25 and $120 or more, depending upon the lab. Health insurance does not usually cover the cost.

    Extra Tip - If you use chemical dyes that interfere with the results or you do not have enough hair to provider a sample, you can have your fingernail clippings analyzed instead.

    chemical deposits in hair


    The analysis is meant to uncover signs of mineral imbalance during the previous three months. Hair can accumulate more than 30 minerals, trace minerals and toxins over a 3-month growth period. Proponents of hair analysis claim that even the tiniest amounts can be detected. A poor diet, stress or exposure to environmental toxins can all cause severe disruptions in the body's mineral balance. Hair analysis also provides a relatively permanent record of mineral concentrations, which can be analyzed by computer to determine the correlation between various elements in the hair. Based on the analysis, treatment of any identified problems, using nutritional and therapeutic measures such as chelation therapy and/or other programs, can then be recommended, designed and implemented to correct imbalances and detoxify the body before the condition becomes irreversible.

    MoonDragon's Health Therapy: Chelation Therapy

    Later, follow-up hair analyses can be compared with the initial results to learn the effectiveness of the treatment.


    The table below lists the minerals that can be measured through hair analysis. Next to each element is its symbol. In addition, the table shows the way in which each mineral interacts with other elements. In the case of lead, for instance, note that the presence of lead does not promote the action of any other mineral (second column). On the other hand, lead does inhibit the action of calcium, iron, and potassium (third column) - all important nutrients. Finally, the action of lead itself is inhibited by the presence of selenium and zinc (fourth column).

    OF THE

      Aluminum (Al)

      Arsenic (As)

      Beryllium (Be)

      Cadmium (Cd)


      Co, I






      Calcium (Ca)

      Chlorine (Cl)*

      Chromium (Cr)

      Cobalt (Co)

      Fe, Mg, P

      As, F

      Cu, F, Li, Mn, Zn


      Fe, I

      Cr, Pb, S

      Copper (Cu)

      Fluorine (F)

      Iodine (I)

      Iron (Fe)

      Fe, Mo, Zn

      As, Co, G

      Ca, Cu, K, Mn, P



      Ag, Ca, Cd, Mn, S

      Al, Ca

      Co, Mg, Pb, Zn

      Lead (Pb)

      Lithium (Li)

      Magnesium (Mg)

      Manganese (Mn)

      Ca, K, P

      Cu, Fe, K, P

      Ca, Fe, K




      Se, Zn




      Mercury (Hg)*

      Molybdenum (Mo)

      Nickel (Ni)*

      Nitrogen (N)

      Cu, S




      Phosphorus (P)

      Potassium (K)

      Selenium (Se)

      Silver (Ag)

      Al, Be, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn

      Fe, Mg, Mn, Na


      Cd, Pb


      Cu, Mo


      As, S

      Sodium (Na)

      Sulfur (S)

      Zinc (Zn)



      Cu, P

      Ca, Cu, Se

      Cd, Fe, Pb, S

      Li, P



    * Mineral interactions have not been documented.

    Your health care professional should be able to help you obtain an analysis of your hair. Do be sure that the laboratory you are dealing with is a reputable one. Questions you might ask about the lab include:
    • Does the laboratory conform to the standards set by the American Society of Elemental Testing Laboratories, or the Hair Analysis Standardization Board?

    • How long has this laboratory been in business?

    • How old is the equipment being used?

    • How experienced is the staff?


    Some health care practitioners believe that an excess or deficiency of minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc or magnesium, is a common cause of migraines, immune deficiency, broken nails, poor wound healing or other symptoms.

    Proponents of hair analysis consider it a safe and reliable method for detecting nutritional and environmental causes of these and other disorders.

    Hair analysis is especially popular among practitioners of Environmental Medicine who believe that exposure to harmful poisons in the environment may cause some cases of chronic fatigue, allergies, immune deficiency, migraines and other types of headaches, skin disorders, depression, chronic nausea and other ailments. Environmental toxins that are commonly studied in hair analysis include aluminum, antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, and silver. Specific natural and dietary therapies are often offered based on the results.

    Traditional medical professionals rely mainly on blood and urine tests to determine short-term variations in mineral levels. Though hair analysis is sometimes used to detect certain heavy metals, such as lead, most mainstream health care providers do not regard the therapy as reliable.

    Hair structure



    A hair shaft is made up of lifeless protein material arranged around a central core. This outer protein layer is sheathed in delicate cuticle cells, which are arranged like shingles or tiles. The cuticle in turn is covered by a layer of fatty and protein substances that protect the hair. Hair grows about 1/2 inch a month. Some 100 new hairs are added daily; most hairs grow for 3-6 years before falling out.


    The hair root anchors each shaft of hair to the scalp. The root is nourished by a network of delicate blood vessels, which deliver vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the outer layers of the hair shaft. These same vessels also deposit in the hair any toxins or drugs present in the body. Hair analysis takes advantage of this process to assess the body's mineral and toxin levels over a period of several months.

    hair shaft


    Eating foods rich in the following vitamins and minerals can help the hair (and body) stay healthy.

  • VITAMIN A: Beef, Liver, Carrots, Yams & Sweet Potatoes, Milk, Pumpkin and Eggs.

  • B-COMPLEX VITAMINS: Brewer's Yeast, Fish, Whole Grains, Turkey and Chicken Breast, Clams, Nuts and Yogurt.

  • FOLIC ACID: Chicken Liver, Oatmeal, Beans, Asparagus and Avocados.

  • ZINC: Oysters, crab, beef, poultry, pork, nuts, Wheat Germ and Bran.


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