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    A healthy colon reflects a person's overall state of good health. Cleansing the colon by removing trapped wastes and toxins is a very ancient idea once applied by the Egyptians and practiced in natural medicine today. It is believed that when the bowel is not functioning well - often as a result of constipation - wastes and toxins build up; they are absorbed from the intestine by the bloodstream and passed on to all the cells of the body.

    Constipation and improper bowel function are likely the result of unhealthy bacteria in the colon. Such an imbalance can lead to a host of problems, from headaches and moodiness, to hormonal imbalances, a lack of energy, cancer, the suppression of immune function and heart disease. So, a balance of intestinal flora and efficient bowel function are considered essential for health and well-being - and colon cleansing may help you achieve it.

    herbal teas


    The most basic method of cleansing the bowel consists of eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting exercise.

    Other methods include medical enemas, which thoroughly cleanses the lower intestines (bowel) and frees them of toxins and may assist in the relief of constipation problems, and may used along with a fasting diet.

    Another more intensive therapy is Colonic Irrigation and is used as an additional method of colon cleansing, but it must be administered by a colonic professional.

    yogurt with active acidophilus cultures


    A good diet is essential to a healthy bowel. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and whole fruits that do not contain pesticides. Fiber is important to the bowel and is obtained from vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products. Yogurt and Acidophilus supplements can aid in maintaining a healthy bacterial balance. Avoid fried foods and fatty diets, highly refined sugars and heavily processed foods, such as white flour. If you eat meat products, limit them in your diet. A heavy meat diet puts extra stress on your digestive system and colon and may be associated with an increased risk of colon cancer and other colon related disorders.

    If you decide to fast, it should be done under the supervision and care of a health care provider the first time you try it, to prevent any complications. The same goes for enemas: Once you have been shown how to use them, you can do them at home.


    Bowel cleansing frees the digestive system of wastes and toxins, especially those built up by chronic constipation. This allows the intestinal lining to regenerate and maintain a balance of beneficial flora. A cleansed intestine no longer responds sluggishly, but once again utilizes and absorbs nutrients from foods as it should. With improved delivery of these nutrients to cells, metabolism becomes more efficient, thereby providing the body with renewed energy.

    MoonDragon's Health & Wellness Therapy: Colon Cleanse
    MoonDragon's Womens Health Information: Constipation


    There are many opinions about how long a fast should last for bowel cleansing to take place. Some like fasting one day a week; others prefer a 3-Day Fast at the end of each season or after the winter holidays. Many believe a 10-Day Fast is best, especially for chronic ailments. The only fast to exclude all food is the 1-Day Water & Lemon Juice Fast. Other fasts allow vegetable juices and steamed vegetables; some rely on fruits. During a fast, curtain your activities. Also drink purified, distilled or quality bottled water only. The following diet is for a 10-Day Cleansing:


    Eat melon only. Eat as much as you like until you are satisfied. You can eat any type of melon; honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon work well.


    Eat only oranges, pink grapefruits, plums or pineapples. Choose only one type of fruit, and eat it until you feel your hunger is satisfied.


    Have a large (12-ounce) glass of freshly pressed carrot juice.


    Eat only 1 type of fruit - bananas, apples, pears, grapes - until satisfied.

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    A Little Lore - In the 18th century, bowel cleansing was used for mental patients; some of them seemed to respond to the therapy.

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    Over time, toxic waste can accumulate in the colon and liver, and then circulate throughout the body via the bloodstream. A clean and healthy colon and liver, then, are essential for the health of all the organs and tissues of the body. The enema may be effective for constipation, flatulence, stomach pain, headaches, allergies, skin disease, rheumatic illnesses, metabolic disorders, restless sleep and depression.

    There are two types of enemas - the retention enema and the cleansing enema. The primary action of the retention enema, which is held in the body for about fifteen minutes, is to help rid the liver of impurities. The cleansing enema, which is retained for only a few minutes, is used to flush out the colon.

    Note: Always check with your health care provider before doing an enema.


    You may cringe initially at the idea, but an enema is one of the easiest techniques of bowel cleansing, and it does not have to be uncomfortable.
    • Use distilled water, which you can usually find at supermarkets.

    • Add 1 tablespoon of Salt to 1 quart of water in an enema bag. You can add the juice of a Lemon per quart of water for relief from colitis. If you are severely constipated, use lukewarm water; expect a little cramping as the bowels begin to move. Otherwise, use water close to body temperature.

    • Place enema solution in an enema bag.

      Do not use petroleum jelly to lubricate the tip of the enema bag. Instead, use Vitamin E Oil (buy it in oil form or pierce the end of a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the liquid onto the tip). The liquid will both ease the insertion and have a healing effect on the anus and the lining of the colon, if these areas are inflamed. Aloe Vera may also be used for this purpose.

      knee-chest position
      Knee-Chest Position

    • If self-administrating, bend over, and insert the liquid; lie on your left side, holding the liquid in. The best position to assume when receiving the enema is "head down and rear up". After the liquid has been inserted, roll onto your back, and finally roll over and lie on your left side. As you are doing this, gently massage your abdomen to help loosen any fecal matter in the colon. Start on your lower right side and gradually move your fingers up toward the bottom of the rib cage, then across your abdomen and down the left side in the direction of the colon.

    • child's position
      Child's Position

      For a child, place the child on his or her left side. Be very gentle inserting the tip and never force it inside the anus. This could damage the colon and could be very dangerous. Do not give an enema to a child under 2 years of age.

      Note: that 2 quarts is a lot of liquid. If you experience any pain during insertion, stop the flow of the enema bag and remaining in the same position, take deep breaths until the pain subsides. The resume the enema flow. If you expel the liquid before all of it has been inserted, simply begin the process over again. If pain persists, discontinue the enema procedure.

    • Hold the solution in your body for 3 to 4 minutes before allowing the fluid to be expelled. After 2 or 3 such sessions, you will find it easier to insert and hold the liquid. Hold the solution as long as you can before expelling. Evacuate the bowel when you feel it is time to move it.

    If your colon is chronically sluggish, try using an enema 3 times for 1 week, once a week for the next 2 weeks and then once a month. Once your colon is operating efficiently, you can limit your enemas to once every 6 months for maintenance.

    When using any enema, keep in mind that they should never be used if there is rectal bleeding. In such a case, contact your health care provider immediately.

    If you experience tension or spasms in the bowel while using an enema, try using warmer water (99°F is a good temperature) to help relax the bowel. If the bowel is weak or flaccid, try using colder water (75°F to 80°F) to help strengthen it.

    After using any enema, be sure to wash and sterilize the tip of the enema bag.

    MoonDragon's Instruction Information: How To Administer A Medical Enema


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  • Note: Always check with your health care provider before doing an enema.


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