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    Gold is an element, a mineral. For thousands of years, people have been adding gold to their diet in order to achieve a more balanced body, mind, and spirit. Some of the more commonly reported benefits associated with consuming gold are a decrease in stress, less anxiety, reduction of mild depression, higher I.Q., increase in willpower, and a sense of well-being.

    Gold is steeped in myths and legends spanning thousands of years of humankind's search for knowledge and immortality. It's use in ancient China as a medicine was handed down over 5000 years. The Egyptian Pharaohs were prescribed it together with Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra for it's health and beauty benefits. Ancient Greece and areas of the Middle East record the use of gold and silver up through the middle ages. And the alchemists of medieval England and Europe utilized it in their health administrations and their search for the Elixir of Life.

    The search for, and inquiry into, the myths and legends that surround that most invincible of precious metals gold, are in themselves legendry. Whether relating to the 'Golden Fleece' or the quest for the 'Holy Grail' or the 'Elixir of Life'. The mystery attatched to humankind's relationship with gold and it's mystical powers have stretched down through the ages and become entwined into it's power as depicted in the crown and the orb of State and Kingship. The wearer of such magical golden artifacts was said to be endowed with immortal health and wisdom. Well, maybe the deeper truth relating gold to greater health and vitality, beauty and virility and clarity of thought tempered by justice, contained in these allegorical legends, can be imparted to you.

    Chrysotherapy or Gold Therapy has been used for therapeutic applications as far back as the ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. The use of Chrysotherapy has been to reverse, inhibit or prevent the pathogenic progression in rheumatoid arthritis that damages cartilage, bone and other connective tissues by direct or indirect action of oxygen radicals and the inflammatory /immunological injury that follows. Gold provides an approach for gaining additional insights into the metabolic, biochemical, immunological, and inflammatory pathogenic mechanisms. Gold is used by modern medicine to support and maintain proper joint health.



    Colloidal gold is a dietary supplement which contains pure 24k gold electrically suspended in ultra pure water. It is used as a mineral supplement to augment the body's immune system. Colloidal Gold has strong unequaled effects on physical health and emotional health. Besides making you feel happier with yourself and those around you, it will relax you almost to the point of happy passivity. The interesting paradox is that at the same time of causing complete relaxation and calming of your entire neural system, it has the proven ability to increase your IQ up by 25 to 35 percent when 3.5 ml is taken sublingual each day for a month or two.

    Using colloidal gold to treat painful conditions of muscle and joints derived from rheumatoid arthritis, has been succesfully used over the past decades, and in its finely powdered form for millenia. (powdered gold is not recommended because of possible complications due to build-up within the body because of particle size). There are also benefits of using ultrafine colloidal gold to help in the treatment of Parkinsons Disease and many other brain degradation conditions; as well as treating children with A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder). Controlling the hearts natural rhythm is another benefit related to ultrafine colloidal gold.

    Key applications include Arthritis, Hypertension, Skin Conditions, Heart Rhythm, Depression, Inflammation, Circulation, Pain and Stress Relief, Nerve Complaints, IQ booster, glandular function and libido, and A.D.D. The healing possibilities regarding gold treatment include immunoregulatory activity, inhibition of infections (viral and bacterial), stabilization of collagen and inhibition or release of lysosomal enzyme activity. It will help create a balancing and harmonizing effect on regulating the rhythmic action and healing activity of the heart, improve blood circulation, rejuvenate sluggish organs (including the brain), assist the digestive system, as well as promoting renewed vitality and longevity.

    Gold (24k 0.999 Pure - 019/12 ppm) drug and chemical free is found effective when used internally, to boost. correct, balance and heal the body's neural system and open neural pathways, strengthen libido and gland function, regulate heart pumping rhythm and boost neural transmitters in the brain. Colloidal Gold has been found useful in cases of regulating and coordinating glandular and nervous systems because it helps to rejuvenate glands and stimulate nerves. It helps release pressure on neural pathways allowing nerve signals to function unimpeded and reach various organs and glands. Colloidal Gold can also help to regulate body temperature. Gold is a catalyst for endorphin-like hormones, as well as the antioxidant enzyme SOD.


    BODY: Gold is known to be a powerful, yet subtle, pain reliever. In 1927, a medical study in France proved that gold was valuable in supporting proper joint health, and since then it has been continually used by medical practitioners for this purpose. It has been reported that in the early 1900's, medical practitioners would sometimes implant a $5 gold coin under the skin at the site of pain, such as a knee joint. As a result, the pain would subside most of the time, or in many cases, go away completely. Gold was famous over 100 years ago for its role in maintaining heart health, improving blood circulation, and rejuvenating sluggish organs. Gold reportedly strengthens the libido. Hot flashes and chills are said to be helped by gold. Europeans have long been aware of the benefits of gold in the body, and have been purchasing gold coated pills and 'gold water' over the counter for over a century.

    MIND: One of the most fascinating effects of consuming colloidal gold is a potential increase in mental acuity and intelligence. Controlled laboratory studies have shown that consuming high doses of Colloidal Gold daily increases the I.Q. an average of 20 percent after only four weeks. Willpower is also said to increase, and for this reason gold was once commonly used in the USA to treat dipsomania (uncontrollable craving for alcohol). An increase of willpower from gold has reportedly helped many people overcome drug addiction and obesity, too. Doctors Nilo Cairo and A. Brinckmann wrote a best selling work entitled "Materia Medica," (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19th Edition, 1965) in which Colloidal Gold was listed as the number one remedy against obesity.

    SPIRIT: Colloidal Gold has long been used as a metaphysical tool to help people achieve deep states of meditation, higher levels of consciousness, and spiritual purification. Gold seems to relieve stress, elevate mood, relax the body, and have a calming effect on the nerves. The gold-based homeopathic remedy, aurum metallicum, is used to treat people in a suicidal state. Colloidal Gold has been successfully used to help reduce anxiety and mild depression.


    Gold has long been taken internally and applied topically to maintain and support optimal health and wellness. The Chinese have used gold leaf to enrich their food, and even today in China, the belief in the restorative properties of gold remain intact in rural villages where people cook their rice with a gold coin to replenish the gold in their bodies. The ancient Egyptians knew of the health-giving powers of gold over 5,000 years ago, but the alchemists of the 16th century were the first in modern times to prepare a purple liquid of Colloidal Gold. The alchemists used Colloidal Gold internally and topically to "comfort sore limbs." They believed that gold represented the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body would enliven and rejuvenate the life force energy. In fact, the alchemists believed gold had an unequaled balancing and harmonizing effect on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Fortunately, the ancient knowledge of gold's health giving and spiritual properties is now being rediscovered.


    Colloidal gold is a fantastic find. It has been around for many years, and is proven beneficial to enhance your health and quality of life.

    Gold is excellent for focus, memory and mental well-being. it is said to remove both emotional blocks as well as mental challenges. It treats addictions of all types. this precious metal can also treat mild to severe psychiatric disorders when broken down into the colloidal mineral supplement forms that are readily available. it harmonizes and balances both the mind and the body, while increasing energy and libido. Though the benefits to the will and mind are noted, it also helps things in the body like; arthritis, nerve damage (neuropathy),poor eyesight, obesity, puncture wounds, skin ulcers, restless leg syndrome, hyperactivity and much more.


    Colloidal gold should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach 20 minutes before eating. The generally recommended adult dosage is one tablespoon (15 ml) daily but optimum dosage must be determined for each individual. Most adults will find their optimum dosage will be between 1 and 4 tablespoons. To find the right dosage for you, start with two tablespoons daily for one week, and then double to 4 tablespoons for one week. Then cut back one tablespoon at a time and try the new dosage for one week to find what dosage suits your individual requirements. For best results, follow product label instructions. Dosage will vary from product to product.

    For children start with a dosage of one teaspoon (5 ml) for each 70 pounds of body weight and determine the optimum dosage by doubling the dosage after one week. For best results, follow product label instructions. Dosage will vary from product to product.

    Source Naturals Colloidal Gold Liquid (10 ppm) Dosage:
      Adults: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily. This product is not intended for continuous use.
      Children: Take one-half the adult usage. Best taken alone on an empty stomach.

    Individual requirements will vary so actual dosage must be determined by trial and error. A large dosage is not harmful. A 500 mL bottle will provide a three month's supply when used at a dosage of one teaspoon per day or a one month supply when used at a dosage of one tablespoon per day. It will provide a two week supply when used at a dosage of two tablespoons per day.


    One of the best things about Colloidal Gold is its safety. It is completely non-toxic and does not interact with medications. There is no risk of overdose and no unwanted side effects have ever been reported.

    Some people feel positive effects right away; other people notice the effects increasing over time. For some, Colloidal Gold has dramatically improved their quality of life. Others have simply notice an improvement in mood. It is 100% safe, even in large quantities, but most people prefer to take one teaspoon to one tablespoon, one to three times daily.


    You should not use this product if you are allergic to gold! Allergic reactions to gold, while not unheard of, are uncommon. Someone having an allergic reaction to gold would not be able to handle a metallic gold object such as gold jewelry without causing an allergic reaction. Those who are uncertain if they are allergic to gold should apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction results. If you do not see a reaction within 30 minutes you can be fairly certain that you are not allergic to gold.


  • Gold Supplement Products


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    Ultra Colloidal Gold is produced through a unique electrical process that creates the necessary homogeneity, minute particle size and stability of the gold particles. No animal proteins are used. Suitable for vegetarians and hypoallergenic, Contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy or wheat. Contains no sugar, starch, salt or artificial color, flavor or fragrance. Suggested dose for adults is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily. This product is not intended for continuous use. Best taken alone on an empty stomach. Children: Take one half the adult usage. Best taken alone on an empty stomach, or take as recommended by your health care professional. Warnings: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.


    HerbsPro: Ultra Colloidal Gold Liquid, 10 ppm, Source Naturals, 1 fl. oz. (6704)
    HerbsPro: Ultra Colloidal Gold Liquid, 10 ppm, Source Naturals, 2 fl. oz. (6705)
    HerbsPro: Ultra Colloidal Gold Liquid, 10 ppm, Source Naturals, 4 fl. oz. (6706)


    Amazon: Colloidal Gold Supplement Products

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