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Stavesacre, Palmated Larkspur, Housewort

(Delphinium Staphisagria)

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    Delphinium Staphisagria is also commonly known as Staphysagria, Stavesacre, Palmated Larkspur, Licebane, Lousewort, and Housewort. Homeopathic preparations are known as Staphysagria or Staph. Stavesacre is a species of Larkspur, a stout, erect herb attaining 4 feet in height, indigenous to Asia Minor and southern Europe. It is cultivated in France and Italy, the supplies having before the War been drawn chiefly from Trieste and from the south of Italy. Stavesacre was well known to both the Greeks and Romans. Dioscorides mentions it, and Pliny describes its use as a parasiticide. It continued to be extensively employed throughout the Middle Ages.

    This Delphinium is an annual, with a hairy stem and hairy palmate leaves, composed of five to seven oblong lobes, which have frequently one or two acute indentures on their sides. The flowers form a loose spike at the upper part of the stalk, each on a short peduncle, and are of a pale-blue or purple color.

    CULTIVATION: The seeds of this species should be sown in April, where the plants are intended to remain and require no special treatment, growing in almost any soil or situation, but the plants are most luxuriant when given a deep, yellow loam, well enriched with rotted manure and fairly moist. They should be thinned to a distance of 2 feet apart.

    PARTS USED: The dried, ripe seeds. Shake the seeds out of the pods on trays and spread them out to dry in the sun. Then pack away in airtight boxes or tins. The dried, ripe seeds are brown when fresh, changing to a dull, earthy color on keeping. In shape they are irregularly quadrangular, one side being curved and larger than the others, and the surface of the seed is wrinkled and pitted. They average about 6 mm. (nearly 1/4 inch) long and rather less in width, ten weighing about 6 grains. The seed coat is nearly tasteless, but the endosperm is oily and has a bitter and acrid taste. The seeds have no marked color.

    The chief constituents of Stavesacre seeds are from 20 to 25-percent of alkaloidal matter, which consists chiefly of the bitter, acrid, crystalline, alkaloid Delphinine, an irritant poison, and a second crystalline alkaloid named Delphisine, and the amorphous alkaloid Delphinoidine. Less important are staphisagroine, of which traces only are present, and staphisagrine, which appears to be a mixture of the first three elements.

    There are many plants within the world of homeopathy and even within modern medicine that have some ancient roots. One such common plant is the staphysagria and it has had a multitude of uses over the years. In the past, it was used internally to cleanse the bowels or even induce vomiting. It was also applied as an ointment for stings or bites. However when it comes to homeopathy, the uses and applications are quite different.


    In the case of staphysagria as a homeopathic remedy, it is only the seeds of the plant that are utilized. Though the seeds are the source of remedy, the reality is, as in most other instances within homeopathy, there will be virtually no trace left of the actual substance when the final remedy is ready for use. Through the appropriate process, the seeds are crushed and diluted. This final compound is what will be used as a homeopathic remedy for a multitude of different ailments, and the results are phenomenal.

    Staphysagria homeopathic remedy may be appropriate for you if you have noticed that you have resentment building and have difficulty expressing anger or other emotions. Homeopathy is a science developed by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 to 1843). Extracts from plants, flowers, herbs and different parts of animals are made into tinctures and pellets. Widely use in Europe, homeopathy has been gaining ground in the U.S. the last 30 years. Staphysagria is also known as stavesacre or Delphinium staphysagria. It is palmated larkspur.

    To use this remedy you need to determine if you have complaints such as sties, cystititis, neuralgia (general physical weakness), inflammation of the eyelid or headaches that originate at the back of the head and move towards the eyes.

    Assess if you fit the profile of a person who would benefit from staphysagria. Be aware of your emotional state to see if staphysagria is appropriate for you. Suppressed anger is the hallmark of this remedy. People who may have been raised in environments where anger could not be expressed often as adults hold a great deal of unexpressed anger. A person who may have "low self-esteem but is also a very sweet person," may benefit from this remedy. This person may also have a history of emotional or physical attack or emotional abuse and once the remedy is taken, suppressed anger may finally be released.



    Vermifuge and vermin-destroying. Stavesacre seeds are extremely poisonous and are only used as a parasiticide to kill pediculi, chiefly in the form of the official ointment, the expressed oil, the powdered seeds, or an acid aqueous extract containing the alkaloids.

    These seeds are so violently emetic and cathartic that they are rarely given internally, though the powdered seeds have been given as a purge for dropsy, in very small quantities at first and increased till the effect is produced. The dose at first should not exceed 2 or 3 grains, given in powder or decoction, but the administration of the drug must always be accompanied by great caution, as staphisagrine paralyses the motor nerves like curare.

    The seeds are used as an external application to some cutaneous eruptions, the decoction, applied with a linen rag, being effectual in curing the itch. It is made by boiling the seeds in water.

    Delphinine has also been employed similarly to aconite, both internally and externally, for neuralgia. It resembles aconite in causing slowness of pulse and respiration, paralysis of the spinal cord and death from asphyxia. By depressing the action of the spinal cord it arrests the convulsions caused by strychnine. For safety purposes, use only homeopathic preparations of this herb for internal use.


  • FIRST AID: Staphysagria 30C and 6C is used as a first aid to aid in the promotion of surgical wound healing, cuts, scrapes, and scars.

  • JOINT PAIN: This is often the type of joint pain that shows up as bruised, sore, immobile, or weakened limbs. A neurological pain such as that which presents itself in the right shoulder, for example, may be commonly associated with this type of condition. However this pain presents itself, turning to staphysagria as a homeopathic remedy may be quite helpful.

  • SKIN CONDITIONS: There are a variety of different skin conditions that one may suffer from, but in this instance they are pretty distinct in their appearance. The skin is easily infected and tends to be very slow to heal. It generally looks unhealthy and may be accompanied by scars or frequent cuts. These are all common conditions for which somebody would look to staphysagria as a homeopathic remedy.

  • HEADACHES: This particular type of headache is where the individual feels as though a heavy object is sitting on top of their head. The headache may be accompanied by a numbing sensation, and there is often dizziness that increases when the individual lies down.

  • INSOMNIA: In this instance, the individual may have great difficulty falling to sleep. They may feel that as tired as they are, they just cannot fall asleep. When this type of chronic insomnia is present, staphysagria may work wonders as a homeopathic remedy to help the individual fall into a deep type of sleep that is necessary for the body to function properly.

  • TOOTHACHES: This is a rather extreme type of toothache that may very well be caused by decay or excessive plaque that has formed in the mouth. With this toothache, and the related symptoms, the individual may feel as though the pain is worse when it is touched. If these symptoms sound familiar, then staphysagria may be recommended as a homeopathic remedy.

  • STAPHYSAGRIA HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY PROFILE: Though they may seem mild on the surface, these people tend to have deeply rooted emotions. They harbor rage for a variety of reasons, though the outside world may not see that surface often. They tend to be very sensitive to insults and any type of rude behavior. They have a deep fear of losing control and therefore try to maintain it at all times. They may wreak of rotten eggs, as this smell may filter out from their stools and even sweat.


    Purchase staphysagria as an alcohol-based homeopathic tincture or as sweetened pellets. Read the directions for each: Drops are taken under the tongue without water. It is best to not drink water or other liquids half an hour before or after taking a homeopathic remedy. Pellets should be allowed to dissolve under the tongue.

    Staphysagria promotes healing of surgical wounds. Homeopathic Staphysagria 30C promotes healing after a cesarean section or any surgical procedure when taken several times daily. This will support full recovery. When painful symptoms ease, discontinue use.

    Recommended dosage for adults & children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a health practitioner.


    Avoid caffeine and mint products such as toothpaste and chewing gum as these items will block the effects of any homeopathic remedy. Consult with a licensed homeopath or your health care provider if you feel you have so much anger that it interferes with your ability to function at home or at work.



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