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  • Pulsatilla Description & Use Indications
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    Pulsatilla is made from the Windflower. The flower grows in clusters, indicative of how a Pulsatilla types are happiest around others. A Pulsatilla child is timid at first and seems happiest hanging on mother's skirts. Pulsatilla types are basically gentle and can be persuaded to cooperate and change viewpoints easily, like the winds changing the direction of the Windflower. Pulsatilla children and mothers are usually blond, blue eyed, sympathetic, easily brought to tears (the romatic Pulsatilla teen watching a movie many times with tears, the Pulsatilla mom crying over a child's gift of wilted flowers).

    Pulsatilla covers many female complaints, such as varicose veins, cystitis, edema, overweight, menstrual difficulties, depression (better with sympathy and attention.

    Pulsatilla covers many childhood complaints and should be in every family home. Indications include earache (stopped feeling), cough (gagging, bringing up yellow mucous), colds with heavy yellow discharge.

    ulsatilla is indicated for a one who desires company and sympathy. Weeping, feeling sorry for herself; craves fresh air, wants the window open; thirstless; aversion to warm food; tongue coated white or yellow. Pulsatilla is a common remedy for breech birth. A treatment of giving multiple doses of Pulsatilla 30c once a day (no more than 6 doses) or a 200c only once will often turn the baby. The woman, if needing Pulsatilla, may also show evidence of the common Pulsatilla mentals–desire for sympathy and company and a craving for fresh air; also, a tendency toward weeping and crying openly. The remedy Pulsatilla stimulates the muscles of the womb (Schmukler, 2003). The Pulsatilla person is gentle and yielding and better for sympathy; dry mouth but without thirst. Pulsatilla weeps easily in company. Pulsatilla evokes sympathy and is gentle with changeable moods. She will crave fresh air and does not like a stuffy warm room. Pulsatilla has no thirst.



    Rapid change in mood
    Sensitive & tearful
    Extremes of pleasure & pain
    Craves sympathy & attention


    Nose runs in open air
    Nose stuffy indoors and at night
    "Ripe" cold
    Thick, creamy, yellow nasal discharge
    Sticky discharge from eyes
    Fever, but no thirst


    Especially on upper lid


    Gagging, choking, in paroxysms
    Cough dry in evening, loose in morning
    Brings up thick yellow mucus
    Feels as if weight on chest; must sit up for relie


    Feels as if ears are stopped
    Severe throbbing pain, worse at night
    External ear swollen & red
    Thick, yellow, bland discharge






    Averse to fat food
    Averse to warm food and drink
    Dry mouth without thirst
    Bitter taste
    Painful stomach about an hour after eating
    Weight like a stone in stomach
    Must loosen clothing


    To dry up mother's milk when no longer needed


    Delayed onset of menses
    Intermittent flow
    Flow scanty, painful
    Flow thick, dark, clotted
    Bearing down sensation
    Very emotional
    Nausea, vomiting


    From hot, stuffy atmosphere


    From recurrent thoughts
    Wide awake in evening

    Better from:

    Open air, Cold applications, Motion

    Worse from:

    Warmth, Overheating, Toward evening
    Lying on left side, Lying on painless side


    Take 10 question self-quiz for quick insight on if Pulsatilla suits you.
      1. Do you like sympathy and consideration for your problems?
      2. Do you get colds with thick yellow-green discharge, loss of smell?
      3. Do you like the windows open with fresh cold air?
      4. An hour after eating do you feel a painful weight in your stomach?
      5. Do you dislike warm food, warm drinks, fatty foods?
      6. Do you (or those around you) notice a rapid change in your moods or beliefs?
      7. Are you thirstless?
      8. Do you cry at movies?
      9. Are your symptoms worse in the evening, night, with overheating?
      10. Are your symptoms better from cold air, slow gentle motion?


    Your "YES" answers on the survey indicate symptoms that can be helped with Pulsatilla.


  • Pulsatilla is a remedy that is called a polycrest, meaning it can be used for various problems and effects various systems in the body.
  • Pulsatilla is a common homeopathic remedy for seasonal, constitutional, and chronic health concerns.
  • Pulsatilla types can be fair color in hair and skin and eyes. They like sympathy and show emotion more readily than other people.
  • Pulsatilla is from the Windflower. Like the Windflower blowing in the breeze, Pulsatilla people have changeable symptoms, both physically and emotionally.
  • Pulsatilla is one of the most frequently indicated remedies for infant and childhood health concerns.
  • Colic of infants. Stomach pain, gas. Drawing pain, legs pulled up. Restlessness of infants. Cracked, dry skin.
  • Pulsatilla matches the ill child who is extra clingy and whiny. This child has the changeable symptoms, physically and emotionally. May be happy one minute and very sad the next minute.
  • Pulsatilla is indicated for earaches with red swollen external ears. Nose and ears feel stopped up, colds where there is a loss of smell.
  • Earaches following colds.
  • Pulsatilla is a common sinus remedy.
  • Pulsatilla is indicated for sinus complaints with excess mucous, often yellow or yellow-green mucous that is worse in the morning.
  • Generally symptoms are worse at night and in a warm room.
  • For women, Pulsatilla is indicated for PMS, late periods, cramps, aching pain.
  • Pulsatilla in helpful for colds, coughs, indigestion, and moodiness.
  • Pulsatilla types are often fair color in hair and skin and eyes.
  • They like sympathy and express their emotions easily, they weep openly at sad movies.
  • Pulsatilla types like to have a window open for fresh air.
  • Better with: sympathy, fresh air.
  • Worse with: in a warm room, at night.
  • Additional Indications: Rosacea with rash like blotches. Restless Leg Syndrome. Stomach pain, gas. Drawing pain in legs. Sleep problems, restless, sleepiness, chilliness. Nose and ears feel stopped up. Cracked, dry lips.


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  • Nutrition Basics: Pulsatilla Herbal Information
  • Nutrition Basics: Pulsatilla Homeopathic Information

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