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(Golden Shower Tree, Indian Laburnum, Aragwadha)

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  • cassia fistula tree & flowers


    Cassia Fistula (Cassia Fistulia) is also known as Golden Shower Tree, Canafistula, Indian Laburnum, and Aragwadha. The botanical name of the herb is Cassia fistula and belongs to the family Fabacea. Other common names include Purging Cassia, Golden Shower Cassia, Amaltas, Cana Fistula, Chaturungal, Swarnapatrika, Tinnevelly Senna, Karnaikar, Rajvriksha etc. In Tamil, it is called as Konrai. Other names include Konai, Shrakkonnai, Irjviruttam.

    The herb, Cassia fistula is having great medicinal uses and its bark, fruits and leaves have been used since ancient times. It has been referred to as "Aragvadha" or "disease killer". Cassia Fistula has been used widely in folk remedies and Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. It has aperient, astringent, laxative, purgative, and vermifuge properties. The Indians used the plant to soothe and heal burns, cancer, constipation, convulsions, delirium, diarrhea, dysuria, epilepsy, gravel, hematuria, pimples, and glandular tumors.

    cassia fistula flowers

    Cassia fistula is native to South Asia. It has been found widely in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc. This tree is the national tree of Thailand and its flower is its national flower. It is also the state flower of Kerala in India.

    cassia fistula fruit & bark

    Cassia Fistula is a tropical ornamental tree with a trunk consisting of hard reddish wood that grows up to 40 feet tall. The wood is hard and heavy; it is used for cabinet, inlay work, etc. It has showy racemes, up to 2 feet long, with bright, yellow, fragrant flowers. These flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies. The fruits are dark-brown cylindrical pods, also 2 feet long, which also hold the flattish, brown seeds (up to 100 in one pod). These seeds are in cells, each containing a single seed.

    cassia fistula flowers and pods


    Today Cassia fistula is still used in folk medicines to treat tumors of the abdomen, glands, liver, stomach and throat, and other cancers. It is also used for skin diseases, leprosy, syphilis, malaria, rheumatism, ulcers, abdominal pain, constipation, fever, and heart disease. The leaves are used to treat inflammations chest complaints, eye ailments, flu, heart and liver ailments, and rheumatism. The juice is used to relieve ringworm and blisters caused by poison ivy. The pulp is used to combat anthrax, blood poisoning, backwater fever, dysentery, and malaria.


  • Stomach & Intestinal Disorders: Cassia Fistula is very effective in treating constipation. Cassia fistula is very effective in treating ulcers. The herb is very effective in treating piles. The pulp of the tree can be soaked in water for about an hour or so and consumed at bedtime. It also kills the intestinal worms.
  • Common Cold & Cough: The roots of the herb have great curative effects against common cold. Some people inhale the smoke of the roots. This cures the mucous that is found along the respiratory tract. The pod of the tree is powdered and mixed with honey and consumed. This is very effective in curing cough.
  • Fever: When infected with fever, a tonic is prepared from the roots of Cassia Fistula.
  • Skin Problems: The herb is very effective in treating skin disorders like irritation, swelling, etc. The herb is very great in curing fungal infections of the skin. Some of them are athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch, etc.
  • Immunity Booster: The bark and fruits of the tree have great antioxidant properties and hence boost the immunity system of the body.
  • Blood Purification: The bark of the tree and fruits help in purification of the blood.


  • Wounds: Cassia Fistula is great in treating wounds. The specialty of the herb is that it promotes tissue regeneration. In many countries, the juice extracted from the juice of the leaves or a paste of the leaves is used for dressing the infected skin areas.
  • Blood Sugar: The roots of Cassia fistula have the property to reduce blood sugar by about 30 percent.
  • Purgative: In some countries like Philippines, a decoction is prepared from the leaves and fruit pulp of the tree. This serves as a great purgative.
  • Firewood: In many countries, people are use this tree as a firewood.
  • Ornamental Tree: The tree has been grown in many countries as a ornamental tree.

  • cassia fistula pulp


    Cassia fistula is an ingredient in many products. For best results, read and follow product label directions.

    Preparation of Cassia Fistula Emulsion (CFE)

    The dried fruits of Cassia Fistula are cut into pieces and after isolating the seeds, they were soaked in sterile water. Then use a filter to separate the aqueous solution of Cassia Fistula from the other parts. The solution is concentrated with heat and under reduced pressure and during concentration sugar and sweet almond oil is added to produce a heterogeneous emulsion. Every 1 ml of this emulsion contained 0.1 gram of dried pulp of fruits of cassia fistula.

    Dosage For Children: 0.1 g/kg body weight daily of CFE. The dosage may need to be adjusted, depending on personal responses to dosage. It is recommend to the patients to start 0.08 to 0.1 g/ kg/day, based on dried pulp of fruits of Cassia Fistula. Adjust dosage 0.05 g/kg according to needs. In the case of diarrhea, the dose is reduced by 25%, and if the body does not respond well to the initial dosage, increase the dosage 25% until it does respond.

    In Physicians’ Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines for cassia fistula, the daily dose of 4 to 8 gram of fruit pulp is recommended. In TIM Using up to 20 grams per day is permitted.

    cassia fistula tree & flowers


    There are no known safety issues or interactions associated with Cassia fistula when taken in the recommended doses.

    If you are taking any medications or other supplements, it is best to seek the advise of a qualified healthcare practitioner before using Cassia fistula. Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known.

    Additional Information

  • This herb is considered safe for consumption by children. It is often used for treating constipation.
  • This herb can be used by pregnant women, unlike most of the other herbs. The only catch is that the External pod should not be consumed.

  • Precautions: The herb needs to be taken in small quantities. Consuming excess of the medicine results in stomach pain and vomiting


    Cassia fistula, also known as Indian Laburnum and Aragwadha has been traditionally used as a mild purgative, to support healthy veins and to promote burns and wound cleansing.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: VeinCare, For Healthy Legs & Vein Support, Himalaya, 60 VCaps
    VeinCare is an all-natural formula that provides herbal and mineral components essential for maintaining healthy veins. It helps balance the metabolic process involved in maintaining the vascular system's integrity for optimum comfort and appearance. The formulation represents a careful blend of several medicinal plants that help maintain normal tone of venous walls for healthy legs and anal comfort. Often used by those with varicose veins or hemorrhoids. The Oleoresin portion of Guggul and Berberine Hydrochloride work synergistically in balancing the factors supporting vein structure. Key ingredients include Guggul (Commiphora mukul), Tree Turmeric (Berberis aristata), Triphala, Neem (Melia azadirachta), Indian Laburnum (Cassia fistulia), and Orchid Tree (Bauhinia variegata).


    Kalyx: Cassia Fistulia Powder, Kalyx, 1 kg (2.2 lbs): EB


    Amazon: Cassia Fistula (Fistulia) Herbal Products
    Amazon: Cassia Fisula Plants & Garden Seed Products

  • Nutrition Basics: Cassia Fistulia Herbal Information

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