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(Lycopus Virginicus, Lycopus Europaeus, Lycopus Lucidus)

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    Bugleweed (Lycopus virginicus, Lycopus europaeus, Lycopus lucidus turcz) is also known as Sweet Bugle, Water Bugle, Virginia Water Horehound, Gypsywort, Gypsyweed, Gipsyweed, Green Wolf's Foot, and Wolfstrapp.

    Bugleweed is part of the mint family. For hundreds of years, Both Bugleweed and its European counterpart is Gypsywort (L. europaeus), contain black juice that has been used for fabric dyes. Bugleweed is a perennial plant growing up to twelve inches tall. Its creeping runners produce rosettes of leaves, the whole plant forms a carpet like mat. Bugleweeds usually have shining oval shaped leaves that are close to the look of spinach leaves. Bugleweed blooms in spring and the flowers are blue, pink or white.

    Not to be confused with Carpet bugle or Common bugle (Ajuga virginicus), Bugleweed is a marshland native to Europe and naturalized to the United States in the 17th century by colonists who grew it for its medicinal qualities. It bears clusters of white, bugle-like flowers where stems connect to leaves. It is of the lamiaceae family, but is often referred to as the "odorless mint". The botanical name Lycopus refers to the resemblance of the cut leaf to a wolf’s paw, which also explains the plethora of common names in many languages referring to wolves.

    bugleweed stem


    Medicinally, both species were used for treating high fevers and fevers associated with malaria.

    Bugleweed was used as a sedative and astringent, and as a treatment for coughs, internal bleeding and urinary incontinence. The medicinal qualities of Bugleweed are in the leaves and flowers. This plant has diuretic, peripheral vasoconstrictor, astringent, nervine, and anti-tussive properties.

    Today, Bugleweed is used for treating mild hyperthyroidism (i.e. Grave’s disease) symptoms such as rapid pulse, weight loss, sensitivity to heat, excessive sweating, fatigue, enlarged thyroid and bulging eyes. It can also be used for nervousness, insomnia, and for treating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This herb has also been used to help improve circulation. The European version works well in treating palpitations, anxiety, and for reducing fevers.


    Constituents: Organic acids, lithospermic acid.
    Parts Used: Dried leaves and flowers.
    Typical Preparations: Teas, and less frequently, tinctures and encapsulations.

    Bugleweed comes in various forms and is an ingredient in many products.

    Germany’s Commission E recommends taking 1 to 2 grams of the whole herb per day. A standard dosage of tincture should be limited to 1 to 2 ml three times a day.

    Bugleweed is often combined with Lemon Balm to treat mildly overactive thyroid function. Bugleweed can also be safely used with Skullcap or Valerian. Each patient has his/her own individual optimal level of thyroid hormone. Only rough estimations of dosage are possible for thyroid disorders, in which age and weight must be considered. Please consult your health care provider for help.


    Exceeding recommended doses of Bugleweed might cause a potentially harmful decrease in thyroid function.

    However, long-term use of Bugleweed is considered safe for people with hyperthyroidism. Do not use bugleweed as a substitute for medical care for hyperthyroidism and high doses may enlarge the thyroid. Its use while pregnant is not recommended. Thyroid disease should only be treated under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

    Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known. Administration of Bugleweed preparations interferes with the administration of diagnostic procedures using radioactive isotopes.


  • Bugleweed Herbal Products



    Bugleweed is a mild narcotic similar to digitalis and it is used for treating mild hyperthyroidism (i.e. Grave's disease) symptoms such as rapid pulse, weight loss, sensitivity to heat, excessive sweating, fatigue, enlarged thyroid and bulging eyes. It is also used for coughs and bleeding from the lungs and for circulation. Bugleweed is used for coughs and bleeding from the lungs, for thyroid enlargement and for circulation. It increases the appetite and relieves pain. Bugleweed is helpful for congestive heart failure, edema and heart weakness. Taking bugleweed and avoiding sea foods and other foods that contain iodine is very helpful to people with overactive thyroid problems. Therapeutic actions are antidandruff, antithyroid, astringent, bitter, cardiac, diuretic, emmenagogue, hemostatic, hypoglycemic, narcotic, sedative and tonic.


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