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Agueweed, Indian Sage, Hempweed

(Eupatorium Perfoliatum)

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    Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) is also known as Agueweed, Crosswort, Eupatorium, Feverwort, Indian Sage, Sweating Plant, Thoroughwort, Tse-Ian, Vegetable Antimony, Wood Boneset, Hempweed, and Por Huesos.

    Native to Eastern and Central North America, boneset is a perennial daisy, growing 2 to 4 feet tall with a long, hairy stem topped with white flower heads of 10 to 20 blossoms from June to September.

    Ancient Grecians used Boneset for treating ulcers, dysentery, reptile bites, chronic fevers, and liver disease. Native American Indians used the leaves and flowers for treating colds, catarrh, influenza, rheumatism, fevers, dengue, malaria, and typhoid. In 1918, Boneset was used in treating the "Spanish Flu," and other flu epidemics of the 19th century. From 1820 to 1950, Boneset held official drug status in the U.S., but by the 1950s, physicians rarely prescribed it as a remedy. Recently, there has been revived interest in this herb among herbalists for use in reducing fevers. Gravelroot (E. purpureum), also known as Joe Pye Weed, is a related species that shares some of Bonesetís medicinal qualities; however, it is considered inferior to Boneset in its ability to reduce fever.

    boneset flowers


    Not really used to treat broken bones, Boneset is nonetheless an excellent remedy for colds and congestion.

    Boneset treats colds by raising body temperature to kill the colds virus, but it also treats fevers by inducing perspiration to lower body temperature. The polysaccharides in boneset activate T-cells to fight bacterial infections. Civil war troops were known to use it before the advent of aspirin for aches and fever. English folklore notes that the leaves can be burned to get rid of wasps and flies.

    Its common name derives from its historical use in treating a viral infection known as "break-bone fever." Break bone fever is now more commonly known as Dengue fever. According to Pliny the Elder, the Latin name Eupatorium is derived from Eupater, a 1st century B.C.E. king of Pontus, who was famous for his herbal skills, and is reported to be the first one to use a plant of this genus for liver complaints.

    Today, Boneset is used to promote sweating which reduces fever and is used in treating flu with aches and pains. This herb is an expectorant and can break up chest congestion. It is also used to stimulate appetite and reduce indigestion. This herb also stimulates the immune system which helps prevent viral and bacterial infections. Boneset has also been used for rheumatism, skin conditions, and intestinal worms.

    boneset leaves


    Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) is one such substance that fits the definition of a true natural herb: it is an above-ground perennial, the stem of which is not woody like that of a tree or shrub, but smooth and tender like that of grasses and flowers. Better known as boneset herb, local Algonquian-speaking Indians introduced eupatorium perfoliatum to early Puritan settlers, who used it to attempt to induce heavy sweating.

    Boneset contains sesquiterpene lactones, such as euperfolin, euperfolitin, and eufoliatin, as well as polysaccharides and flavonoids. The entire plant is medicinal, including leaf, stem and flower, but typically only the above-ground parts are collected. The herb is dried and chopped. Whole herb is used in capsules, teas, and tinctures. The tea is very bitter.

    While there have been no scientific studies made on the effectiveness of dried Boneset herb, those who choose to take this dried herb as a tea or infusion should not ingest more than 5 milligrams a maximum of three times daily.

    Boneset is most effective when taken on the first day of symptoms. Boneset comes in various forms and is an ingredient in many products. Generally, the leaves and flowers are used in the form of a hot tea for inducing sweating and relieving aches and pains. For use as an infusion, take 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. Drinking it when it is very hot will give the best effect. If treating fever accompanied by the flu, it is best to drink 1 cup every half hour. In using a tincture, take 2 to 4 ml, 3 times a day.


    Boneset is generally regarded as safe when taken in the recommended doses.

    Due to its strong actions, if you are on other medications, it is best to consult with your health care practitioner before using this herb for the treatment of your condition. Safety in young children under the age of 6, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease has not been established and is not known.


  • Boneset Herbal Products



    Not really used to treat broken bones, boneset is nonetheless an excellent remedy for colds and congestion. Boneset treats colds by raising body temperature to kill the colds virus, but it also treats fevers by inducing perspiration to lower body temperature. The polysaccharides in boneset activate T-cells to fight bacterial infections. English folklore notes that the leaves can be burned to get rid of wasps and flies. Civil war troops were known to use it before the advent of aspirin for aches and fever.


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