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Amlaki, Amla, Indian Gooseberry

(Emblica Officinalis)

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    Amalaki, Amlaki, or Amla, an Ayurvedic medicinal herb, is also known as Emblica officinalis (formerly Phyllanthus emblica), amlaki, Phyllanthus, Phyllanthus niruri, Indian gooseberry, Chanca Piedra, Kidney Stone Tree and Quebra Pedra. In Ayurvedic medicine, Amalaki is considered to be one of the best herbs to use for rejuvenation. It is a major ingredient in Chywanprash, an Ayurvedic (a form of alternative medicine in use primarily in the Indian subcontinent) herbal jam best known for its ability to help reverse the aging process. Amalaki juice contains almost twenty times as much vitamin C as orange juice, making it the best natural source of the antioxidant vitamin. It is the richest natural source of Vitamin C. The amount of Vitamin C in Amalaki is four times more than there is in Oranges and eight time more than there is in Tomatoes. It is so rich that the Vitamin does NOT get destroyed whether you burn or dry it. This Vitamin C is naturally combined with bioflavanoids and other unique molecules which increases its potency at least 10 times over synthetic Vitamin C. It is well known how necessary Vitamin C is for our system, besides keeping the system clean of the various germs, it provides resistance power to the body. It is also an ingredient in Triphala, an Ayurvedic bowel tonic. Traditionally, it has been used in treating skin diseases, lung conditions, diabetes and ingestion.


    Triphala powder is made of a blend of equal parts Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica).

    Introduction: Triphala (which, in Hindi/Sanskrit, means literally "three fruits") is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and is said to balance the three constitutional elements of human life: the nervous system, the metabolic processes, and the bodyís structural integrity. Formulated by Ayurvedic practitioners thousands of years ago, it is considered the most effective and safest laxative. It is the three constituents of Triphala that make it such an effective herbal remedy. Amalaki is a great rejuvenator and a strong natural anti-oxidant and is also known to help boost the immune system. Reportedly having 20 times the vitamin C content of an orange, it is the highest known natural source of vitamin C. Haritaki, the Tibetan "king of medicine", is a classic heart-brain-longevity tonic, and is believed to be what is in the extended palm of Buddha. Bibhitaki is a rejuvenative believed to reduce liver and heart disease as well as to improve the voice, vision and promote hair growth. When combined to make Triphala, these constituents cleanse and detoxify without depleting the body's reserves. Because of its ability to combine nutritional, blood and liver detoxifying actions, it is one of the most valuable herbal preparations in the world.

    Parts Used: Powdered or cut and usually in the form of tea. May be used as a capsule or extract.

    Typical Preparations: Triphala has a strong taste. It is recommended to drink it with juice or to place honey on the tongue before swallowing. It is often possible to find Triphala in pill form however, the powdered form is much more effective and can be mixed thoroughly in a small amount of cold or warm water or simmered in water and drunk as a medicinal tea. When used as a digestive tonic or laxative, it is best taken in the evening, about two hours after eating, and at least 30 minutes before bedtime. No food should be eaten for one and a half hours after ingestion.

    Summary: Among the many uses for Triphala the most common is for the alleviation of constipation. It is also widely used to cleanse and tonify the gastro intestinal tract, detoxification of the whole body, nourishment and rejuvenation of the tissues, support for healthy digestion and absorption, improved blood circulation, antiviral, antibacterial, a natural antioxidant, as an aid to help correct diverticulitis/ diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Triphala is also used as eyewash for treatment of conjunctivitis and progressive myopia as well as the early stages of glaucoma and cataracts. Studies in recent years have suggested that it may even have potential as an anti-cancer treatment, reducing the incidence of tumors in animals and improving tolerance for radiation treatment.

    Precautions: Not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing and should not be used with cases of diarrhea and dysentery.

    Source: Mountain Rose Herbs

    amalaki fruit

    Amalaki / Amla has been regarded as a sacred tree in India and Hinduism. The tree was worshipped as "Mother Earth" and believed to nurture humankind because the fruits are very nourishing. The leaves, fruit and flowers are used in worship today in India. In Himachal Pradesh the tree is worshipped in Kartik as a propitious and chaste. Amalaki (Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, is the fruit of a small to medium-sized deciduous tree native to India. The berries are greenish yellow with a fibrous inner texture. Harvested in autumn by hand, they have a sour, bitter, and astringent taste. Straight out of a bunch, the round lemon sized fruit can taste potently sour, as such, it is often cooked in other dishes, pickled with spices and oil, prepared as a jam with ghee and honey, or steeped in a sugary syrup and then consumed after a meal.

    As an herb, or additive, Amalaki shines, and its uses for Ayurvedic purposes has transcended into modern times. Today, you can find it available in many local drugstores, supermarkets and online pharmacies (see our Merchant Products further down on this page). One of its primary uses is as an antioxidant, detoxifying and rejuvenating the digestive system and GI tract, aiding digestion and elimination. It has also been shown to help treat gastric ulcers by reducing excessive stomach acid production while stimulating stomach mucus production, which can be helpful in coating and protecting the stomach lining, thus limiting the onset and development of future ulcers. A human pilot study demonstrated a reduction of blood cholesterol levels in both normal and hypercholesterolemic men with treatment. It also promoted the spontaneous repair and regeneration process of the pancreas occurring after an acute attack. Indian Gooseberry seems to work by reducing total cholesterol levels, including the fatty acids called triglycerides, without affecting the "good cholesterol" called high-density lipoprotein (HDL). In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, Amalaki is considered the most powerful rejuvenating medicine. In Sanskrit, Amalaki means "the sustainer." Of all the rasayanas - ayurvedic formulations revered for their positive influence on the physiology - Amalaki is considered one of the most potent, nourishing and best among rejuvenative herbs. Amalaki balances all three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), especially Pitta. It contains five of the six tastes, which is a very rare and valuable property because it indicates how this one herb balances all the laws of nature operating in the mind and body.

    In Hinduism, the Amalaki tree is considered sacred to the goddess Lakshmi. A much-beloved staple of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Amalaki is considered a cooling pitta herb. The high tannin content also makes amla an excellent fixative for dyes, leading to its frequent incorporation into inks.

    dried amalaki fruit



    Tests on men using Amalaki supplements in their diet for one month showed lower serum cholesterol levels; however, the results are not conclusive, but further studies are in progress. Besides being a wonderful rejuvenator, Amalaki is used in treating heartburn, liver and pancreatic problems. Because of its well-know rejuvenative and revitalizing properties, Amalaki is a powerful Rasayana (longevity enhancer) all by itself. It is often used by itself in the Maharishi Ayurveda health system. As a Rasayana, Amalaki helps to culture the full potential of the mind and body. When combined with other herbs, it helps relieve chronic constipation and is useful in treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In addition to being the most concentrated source of Vitamin C in the Plant Kingdom, the Vitamin C in Amalaki fruit is precisely bonded with tannins (see definition link at end of paragraph) that protect it from degradation from heat and light. Amalaki has been proven to help/assist in quite a few different ways. Here is a list of things Amalaki can medicinally do:
    • Proven anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-HIV.
    • Raises protein level in the body.
    • Decreases obesity.
    • Assists the immune system.
    • Because of its strong toning ability, it assists in general debility and systemic rejuvenation.
    • Improves assimilation of iron for healthy blood.
    • Nourishes the eyes, heart, and digestion.
    • Effective for balancing stomach acids.
    • Revitalizes organs of the body in malnutrition syndrome.
    • Reduces blood glucose in diabetes.
    • To stop gum bleeding.
    • Improves eye sight.
    • Helps with painful urination.
    • To rebuild blood, bones, cells and tissue.
    • Improves hemoglobin level.
    • Promotes spermatogenesis.
    • Reduces serum cholesterol.

    There are health practitioners that state Amalaki is capable of curing many ailments alone if taken in the correct doses. These ailments include itching on the body, high blood pressure, premature ejaculation, darkness before the eyes, chronic headache, constipation, acidity, migraine, restlessness and there is more. Amalaki is an amazing plant.

    amalaki smoothie


    1 teaspoon Amalaki powder
    2 cups Milk
    1/2 cup Orange juice
    8 ounces Vanilla Yogurt
    1 Banana, sliced
    1 cup Strawberries
    1 cup Crushed Ice

    Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Makes 4 servings.

    amalaki fruit



    In traditional Indian medicine the dried or fresh fruit is used, although in some scholls of Ayurvedic medicine, parts of the entire tree are included in preparations, including the fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark and flowers. Amalaki comes in various forms and is an ingredient in many products. It is usually taken as capsules or as a powder.

    For chronic conditions, use 1 to 2 grams per day; for acute uses, 6 to 8 grams per day.

    Constituents include ascorbic acid, tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids, kaemferol, ellagic acid, gallic acid. For best results, read and follow product label directions. If you have any questions, Please ask your health care practitioner for assistance.



    Amalaki is generally regarded as safe when taken in the recommended doses; however, for those with a tendency to have loose bowels, caution should be used as this herb has laxative qualities. Many herbal jams have high concentrations of sugar and clarified butter, therefore, those with diabetes and high cholesterol should use those products with caution. Amalaki without the jamís sugar and butter is otherwise helpful in treating cholesterol. As always, if you have any questions, please talk to your health care practitioner. There are no known precautions with this herb.


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    Amalaki is an Ayurvedic effective against allergies, anemia, cold and flu, constipation, diabetes, digestive disorders and liver problems. As one of the three ingredients in triphala, Amalaki is a potent rejuvenative that nourishes the tissues and gently removes toxins. It is generally taken in place of triphala by those with excess heat in the digestive tract. Amalaki is said to support proper function of the liver, spleen, heart and lungs. It has also been used to purify the blood, support vision, strengthen the bones and teeth, and support hair and nail growth. It improves the digestive fire without aggravating pitta, maintains a healthy blood sugar level and is a rich natural source of antioxidants. Amalaki is said remove excess pitta from the system.

    Amalaki Fruit Powder (Emblica Officinalis / Phyllanthus emblica) is a traditional rejuvenative used to cleanse and nourish the bodily tissues. Balancing for all doshas, especially Pitta. Emblica officinalis is a deciduous tree with exfoliating bark. Its fruit contains the highest amount of vitamin C in natural form and cytokine-like substances identified as zeatin, z.riboside, z.nucleotide. Its fruit is acrid, cooling, refrigerant, diuretic, laxative and used in the preparation of hair dyes. A fixed oil extracted from the fruits is reported to have the property of promoting hair growth. The dried fruit is useful in hemorrhage, diarrhea and dysentery. It has anabolic, antibacterial, expectorant, cardiotonic, antipyretic, ant oxidative, antiviral, anti-emetic and resistance building properties and used in the treatment of leucorrhea and arteriosclerosis. It is antibacterial and its astringent properties prevent infection and help in the healing of ulcers. It is used as a laxative to relieve constipation in piles.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Amla C, Natural Antioxidant, Himalaya, 60 Caplets
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: LaxaCare (HerboLax), Nature's Balanced Bowel Regulator Formula, Himalaya, 60 Caps
    LaxaCare (known internationally as HerboLax or VegeLax) is all-natural, gentle bowel support for occasional constipation caused by improper diet, low fluid consumption, stress, and other factors affecting the digestive system's efficiency. LaxaCare helps prevent the discomfort associated with occasional constipation without any associated loss of fluids or electrolytes. LaxaCare is a combination of aloes with a number of other non-irritating natural ingredients. Its main component is Indian Jalap (Ipomoea turpethum), a very good natural purgative used in many combinations, with properties enhanced by several other botanicals such as Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). LaxaCare is the ideal natural formula for the relief of occasional constipation.
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Amalaki, Detoxification & Rejuvenation For Pitta, Banyan, 500 mg, 90 Tabs
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Amalaki, Vitamin C & Antioxidant Boost, Organic India, 90 VCaps
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Amalaki, Detoxification & Rejuvenation, Banyan Botanicals, 500 mg, 90 Tabs
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Amalaki, Vadik Herbs, 100 Count
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Bhumy Amalaki, Organic Herbs, Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps


    HerbsPro: Tru-C Biocomplex With Amla Berry Extract, Now Foods, 60 VCaps (69057)


    Kalyx: Amalaki Fruit Powder, Wildcrafted (Emblica officinalis), Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Bhumy Amalaki Herb Powder, Wildcrafted (Phyllanthus niruri; Chanca Piedra), Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Amla Powder (Amalaki), Kalyx Bulk Products, 1 kg (2.2 lbs): EB
    Kalyx: ProBerry-Amla, Nutricology, 265 grams (9.27 oz): N
    Kalyx: Amalaki Fruit Powder (Emblica officinalis), Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps: B
    Kalyx: Bhumy Amalaki Herb Powder (Phyllanthus niruri; Chanca Piedra), Vadik Herbs, 100 vegicaps: B


    Amazon: Amalaki Herbal Products

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    Bibhitaki Fruit Powder (Terminalia Bellerica / T. Bellirica) is a traditional rejuvenative used to cleanse and nourish the bodily tissues. Useful for all doshas, especially kapha.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Healthy Kapha With Bibhitaki, Banyan Botanicals, 500 mg, 90 Tabs


    Kalyx: Bibitaki Fruit Powder Wildcrafted (Terminalia belerica), Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Bibitaki Fruit Powder (Terminalia belerica), Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps: B


    Amazon: Bibhitaki Herbal Products

  • Nutrition Basics: Bibhitaki Herbal Information


    Haritaki Fruit Powder (Terminalia Chebula) is a traditional rejuvenative used to cleanse and nourish the bodily tissues. Balancing for all doshas, especially Vata. As a natural laxative and purgative, Haritaki removes undigested food and accumulated toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. It strengthens and nourishes the tissues and supports proper function of the colon, lungs, liver and spleen. Historical Ayurvedic uses suggest to be used in cough conditions. Its fruits have laxative, stomachic, tonic and alternative properties. It acts as a gentle laxative and helps in smooth evacuation.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), Vadik Herbs, Organic, 100 VCaps
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), Banyan Botanicals, 500 mg, 90 Tabs


    Kalyx: Haritaki Fruit Powder (Terminalia chebula), Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps: B
    Kalyx: Agasyta Haritaki, Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps: B
    Kalyx: Terminalia Chebula Fruit (Haritaki; He Zi) Granules, Plum Flower, 100 grams (3.5 oz): V (Special Order)
    Kalyx: Terminalia Chebula Fruit (Haritaki; He Zi) 5:1 Extract Powder, Plum Flower, 100 grams: V (Special Order)
    Kalyx: Haritaki Fruit Powder, Wildcrafted (Terminalia chebula), Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Agastya Haritaki Compound, Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Terminalia Chebula Fruit (Haritaki; He Zi) Whole: Plum Flower, 500 grams (1.17 lb): V (Special Order)
    Kalyx: Terminalia Chebula Fruit (Haritaki; He Zi) Powdered: Plum Flower, 500 grams (1.17 lb): V (Special Order)


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  • Nutrition Basics: Haritaki Herbal Information


    Triphala is recommended and used more than any other Ayurvedic herbal formulation. Popular for its unique ability to gently cleanse and detoxify the system while simultaneously replenishing and nourishing it, this traditional formula supports the proper functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and genitourinary systems. Triphala Guggulu effectively decongests the channels of the body and scrapes away toxins held within the tissues. It is particularly useful for weight management as it enkindles the digestive fire, promotes healthy metabolism and releases excess kapha from the system. Used preventatively, Triphala Guggulu minimizes the accumulation of toxins in the GI tract, blood and joints by supporting proper digestion and elimination. Triphala Guggulu contains triphala, pippali and guggulu. Used by Ayurvedic practitioners to support weight management and to remove toxins from the GI tract and tissues. Triphala contains certified organically grown amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki, this formula cleanses the entire GI tract, supporting digestion and gently maintaining regularity. Considered in Ayurveda to be a general panacea for all doshas, it is also used to support weight management, improve the complexion and strengthen the urinary tract.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Powder, Traditional Ayurvedic Formula, Planetary Herbals, 16 oz.
    Used as a household staple throughout India, Triphala is a balanced blend of three Indian herbal fruits: harada, amla, and behada. This formula is unique in that the astringent qualities of the fruits serve to tonify the colon, thereby promoting internal cleansing naturally. Stir 1 level teaspoon of powdered Triphala into a cup (8 ounce) of hot water. Wait until powder settles and then drink the liquid. The same powder can be used a second time. Drink two times daily, and then discard the sediment. For best results, use between meals.
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Digestive Support, Himalaya, Certified Organic, 60 Caplets
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Detoxification & Digestion, Ayurceutics, 60 VCaps
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala, Digestion & Colon Cleanser, Organic India, 90 VCaps
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Trifala Guggulu Blend, Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps
    Traditional Indian blend of commiphora mukul, terminalia belerica, terminalia chebula, emblica officinalis.
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala, Vadik Herbs, Organically Grown, 100 VCaps
    Triphala, as it is called, is the most popular Ayurvedic herbal formula of India, since it is an effective laxative which also supports the body's strength. Triphala uniquely cleanses and detoxifies at the deepest organic levels without depleting the body's reserves. Triphala is also useful for vision support. It is taken daily both internally as well as externally as an eye wash. Taken in this way for at least three months, Triphala becomes an herbal eye tonic.
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Balancing Formula, Certified Organic, Banyan Botanicals, 500 mg, 90 Tabs
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala, Advanced Formula, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct, 500 mg, 120 Tabs
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Laxative, Planetary Formulas, 865 mg, 240 Tabs
    Triphala Laxative is a unique combination of the legendary Ayurvedic blend Triphala combined with key intestinal cleansers of Western herbalism for relief from occasional constipation. Unlike many laxatives, Triphala has been used traditionally to strengthen and tone as it cleanses, which helps to restore normalcy, health and efficiency to bowel function.
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala, Planetary Formulas, 1000 mg, 180 Tabs
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Gold, Sustainably Wildcrafted, Planetary Formulas, 1000 mg, 120 Tabs
    Triphala is the legendary intestinal cleanser and tonifier of India. Planetary Herbals Triphala Gold is made with premier, high quality fruits. Grown without chemicals and pesticides in the pristine forests of Madhya Pradesh, each fruit is sustainably wildcrafted and processed to maintain its freshness, purity, and quality. Deeply cleansing and tonifying, Triphala Gold is a potent, yet gentle formula designed to support the body's natural detoxification and antioxidant processes.
    Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Triphala Gold, Planetary Ayurvedics, PlanetaryFormulas, 1000 mg, 120 Tabs
    Triphala is the legendary intestinal cleanser and tonifier of India. Planetary Ayurvedics Triphala Gold is made with premier, high quality fruits. Grown without chemicals and pesticides in the pristine forests of Madhya Pradesh, each fruit is sustainably wildcrafted and processed to maintain its freshness, purity, and quality. Deeply cleansing and tonifying, Triphala Gold is a potent, yet gentle formula designed to support the body's natural detoxification and antioxidant processes.


    Starwest Botanicals: Triphala Powder, Organic, 1 lb.


    HerbsPro: Triphala, Avesta, 60 VCaps (33882)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Fruit, Gaia Herbs, 60 Caps (108430)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Laxative, Planetary Herbals, 60 Tabs (75159)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Natures Formulary, 60 VCaps (49612)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Planetary Ayurvedics, 500 mg, 60 Caps (80151)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Organic India, 90 VCaps (84078)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Standardized, Natures Way, 500 mg, 90 VCaps (70330)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Internal Cleanser, Planetary Herbals, 500 mg, 90 Caps (31788)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Ayurvedic Digestive Cleanser, Now Foods, 500 mg 120 Tabs (68829)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Planetary Ayurvedics, 500 mg, 120 Caps (80152)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Internal Cleanser, Planetary Herbals, 500 mg, 180 Caps (31787)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Gold Ayurvedic, Planetary Ayurvedics, 550 mg, 60 VCaps (93678)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Planetary Herbals, 865 mg, 10 Tabs (104684)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Traditional Ayurvedic Purifier, Planetary Ayurvedics, 1000 mg, 15 Tabs (7166)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Gold, Planetary Herbals, 1000 mg, 120 Tabs (67636)
    HerbsPro: Triphala, Planetary Ayurvedics, 1000 mg, 120 Tabs (80150)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Internal Cleanser Powder, Planetary Herbals, 16 oz. (7169)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Oil, Himalayan Institute, 4 fl. oz. (110687)
    HerbsPro: Triphala & Pearl Deep Cleansing Scrub, Herbal Destination, 3.52 oz. (95406)
    HerbsPro: Triphala Incense, Auromere Ayurvedic, 10 Grams (Case of 12) (36037)


    Kalyx: Triphala Powder, Starwest Botanicals, 1 lb: C
    Kalyx: Triphala Powder, Certified Organic, Starwest Botanicals, 1 lb: C
    Kalyx: Trifala (Triphala) Compound Powder, Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Guggulu Trifala (Triphala) Blend Powder, Vadik Herbs, 1 lb: B
    Kalyx: Triphala Compound (Amalaki, Babitaki, Haritaki), Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps: B
    Kalyx: Guggulu Trifala (Triphala) Blend, Vadik Herbs, 100 VCaps: B


    Amazon: Triphala Herbal Products

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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Foods That Heal
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: The Micronutrients: Vitamins & Minerals
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Avoid Overcooking Your Foods
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Phytochemicals
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Increase Your Consumption of Raw Produce
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Limit Your Use of Salt
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Use Proper Cooking Utensils
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Choosing The Best Water & Types of Water


  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Analysis Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Diet Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Recipe Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Therapy: Preparing Produce for Juicing
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Additives Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Safety Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Articles
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Back Pain
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Labor & Birth
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Blending Chart
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Essential Oil Details
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Miscarriage
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Post Partum
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Childbearing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Problems in Pregnancy & Birthing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #1
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #2
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Tips
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Uses
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Information Overview
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Touch & Movement Therapies Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy: Touch & Movement: Aromatherapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Therapy: Touch & Movement - Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Therapeutic Massage
  • MoonDragon's Holistic Health Links Page 1
  • MoonDragon's Holistic Health Links Page 2
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Nutrition Basics Index
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Hydrotherapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Pain Control Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Relaxation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Steam Inhalation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy - Herbal Oils Index

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