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    Agaricus is also known as Agaricus muscarius, Amanita muscaria, Toad Stool, Bug Agaric and Fly Agaric. Agaricus is a large and important genus of mushrooms containing both edible and poisonous species. Members of Agaricus are characterized by having a fleshy cap or pileus, coming from the underside grows a number of radiating plates or gills on which are produced the naked spores. Agaricus, Amanita muscaria commonly called Fly agaric or less often Fly mushroom, is a common toadstool that is highly poisonous and hallucinogenic. The original white-spotted red toadstool, is one of the most recognizable mushrooms and is widely used in popular culture. Though it is generally considered poisonous, Amanita muscaria is otherwise famed for its hallucinogenic properties. The active component in this mushroom is muscimole, which passes through the body mostly unaltered. Agaricus can produce visions and delirium, and is one of the oldest known hallucinogens. Consuming more than one gram of Amanita muscaria (wild and untouched) can cause nausea and a number of other effects, depending on dosage, ranging from twitching to drowsiness, cholinergic effects (lower blood pressure, increase sweat and saliva), visual distortions, mood chages, euphoria, relaxation, and hallucinations.


    A recent molecular study proposes an ancestral origin in the Siberian-Beringian region in the Tertiary period before radiation outwards across Asia, Europe and North America. Ancient Siberian medicine men used Agaricus to promote visionary states. They would eat the mushroom and others would drink the medicine men's urine and become intoxicated as well. This was a practice they found valuable because many people could become inebriated relatively safely and efficiently from just one dose of mushroom. These mushrooms were effectively used by the Vikings when they were getting ready to invade a land. The Vikings essentially turned off their fear emotions, thus gaining their reputation for their fierceness. The people of many cultures of Northern Europe lived in constant fear of invasion. Before entering battle, the Vikings would go through a religious ritual in which they would dance around the woods and consume Amanita muscaria. So the main reason the Vikings were able to fight without fear is that they were on drugs!


    Koryak Siberians have a story about the Fly agaric (wapaq) which enabled Big Raven to carry a whale to its home. In the story, the deity Vahiyinin ("Existence") spat onto earth, and his spittle became the wapaq, and his saliva becomes the warts. After experiencing the power of the wapaq, Raven was so exhilarated that he told it to grow forever on earth so his children, the people, can learn from it. Amanita muscaria is widely thought to be the Soma talked about in the Hindu scriptures, and at times also thought to be the Amrita talked about in the Buddhist scriptures.



    Researchers have found the Agaricus polysaccharide fraction (ingredient inside the mushroom) to have significant immune activation power. The Agaricus mushroom has also been shown to have a potent chemo preventive activity. Today, Agaricus is used as a homeopathic remedy for chilblains (an inflammatory swelling or sore caused by exposure to cold) and nervous disorders such as epilepsy and chorea where symptoms such as jerking, twitching, trembling, and itching are prevalent. It is also used for those who suffer delirium tremens (D.T.'s) associated with alcohol withdrawal, and for those with senile dementia. The therapeutic range of Agaricus muscarius has been found of service in the treatment of spinal irritation or congestion, and softening of the spinal marrow. It has shown helpful in typhoid fever, apoplexy, various affections of the eye, diabetes, hay fever, hepatitis, high cholesterol, skin diseases, ulcers, and obesity. Agaricus in recent years has shown to be a marvelous agent in the service of various cancers: breast, lung, stomach, liver, colon, rectum, prostate, and leukemia.

    Agaricus Muscarius, commonly known as Fly Agaric and also called Amanita Muscaria, is a variety of mushroom with psychoactive properties. This fungus has a history of use as an entheogen (natural drug) by the peoples of Siberia. Today, it is used in homeopathic medicine, as well as recreationally. Fly Agaric, however, has a number of unpleasant side-effects.


    Fly Agaric is often consumed in homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a practice that uses a drug's effects as its indications as well. In layman's terms, the way a healthy person acts or feels on the drug is recorded, and the drug is assigned to patients who act or feel in that manner in an unaltered state. In homeopathic medicine, Fly Agaric is assigned to patients with extreme delirium, vertigo, involuntary twitching, abdominal pains, cold sensations, convulsions and a number of other symptoms.


    Agaricus Muscarius is occasionally used as a recreational drug, notably in the United Kingdom and Lithuania. In this respect, it acts as a hallucinogen, producing effects such as euphoria, relaxation, changes in mood, and visual and auditory distortions. It also produces a heavy intoxication similar to alcohol. But the effects are not consistent, and may vary from person to person.


    Agaricus Muscarius has a number of side-effects that vary in number and severity depending on the dose. Most common among them are nausea, drowsiness, twitching, low blood pressure, perspiration and excessive salivation, confusion and ataxia. These effects can also vary based on the environment and setting of the Agaricus Muscarius user.

    If too much Fly Agaric is consumed, it can result in severe poisoning, which carries a whole new set of unpleasant effects. Severe poisoning is usually accompanied by extreme delirium, rage, confusion, strong hallucinations and irritability. Additionally, seizures or a coma may result from an overdose.

    For more information about side effects and toxicity, see Agaricus Safety, Cautions & Interactions.


    Fly Agaric is not only consumed for its psychoactive effects. It is also eaten in some cultures after being detoxified by boiling. It has been most notably consumed by Russian settlers in Siberia, and some groups of colonial Americans.


    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Head ailments: Vertigo from sunlight, and on walking. Head in constant motion. Falling backward, as if a weight in occiput. Lateral headache, as if from a nail (Coff; Ignat). Dull headache from prolonged desk-work. Icy coldness, like icy needles, or splinters. Neuralgia with icy cold head. Desire to cover head warmly (Silica). Headache with nose-bleed or thick mucous discharge.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Eyes ailments: Reading difficult, as type seems to move, to swim. Vibrating specters. Double vision (Gels), dim and flickering. Asthenopia from prolonged strain, spasm of accommodation. Twitching of lids and eyeballs (Codein). Margins of lids red; itch and burn and agglutinate. Inner angles very red.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Ears ailments: Burn and itch, as if frozen. Twitching of muscles about the ear and noises.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Nose ailments: Nervous nasal disturbances. Itching internally and externally. Spasmodic sneezing after coughing; sensitiveness; watery non-inflammatory discharge. Inner angles very red. Fetid, dark, bloody discharge. Nosebleed in old people. Sensation of soreness in nose and mouth.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Face ailments: Facial muscles feel stiff; twitch; face itches and burns. Lancinating, tearing pain in cheeks, as of splinters. Neuralgia, as if cold needles ran through nerves or sharp ice touched them.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Mouth ailments: Burning and smarting on lips. Herpes on lips. Twitching. Taste sweet. Aphthae on roof of mouth. Splinter like pains in tongue. Thirsty all the time. Tremulous tongue (Lach). Tongue white.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Throat ailments: Stitches along eustachian tube to ear. Feels contracted. Small solid balls of phlegm thrown up. Dryness of pharynx, swallowing difficult. Scratching in throat; cannot sing a note.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Stomach ailments: Empty eructations, tasting of apples. Nervous disturbances, with spasmodic contractions, hiccough. Unnatural hunger. Flatulent distention of stomach and abdomen. Profuse inodorous flatus. Burning in stomach about three hours after a meal, changing into a dull pressure. Gastric disturbance with sharp pains in liver region.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Abdomen ailments: Stitching pains in liver, spleen (Ceanothus) and abdomen. Stitches under short ribs, left side. Diarrhea with much fetid flatus. Fetid stools.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Urinary ailments: Stitches in urethra. Sudden and violent urging to urinate. Frequent urination.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Female ailments: Menses, increased, earlier. Itching and tearing, pressive pains of genitals and back. Spasmodic dysmenorrhea. Severe bearing-down pains, especially after menopause. Sexual excitement. Nipples itch, burn. Complaints following parturition and coitus. Leucorrhea, with much itching.

    Respiratory Organs: Violent attacks of coughing that can be suppressed by effort of will, worse eating, pain in head while cough lasts. Spasmodic cough at night after falling asleep, with expectoration of little balls of mucus. Labored, oppressed breathing. Cough ends in a sneeze.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Heart ailments: Irregular, tumultuous palpitation, after tobacco. Pulse intermittent and irregular. Cardiac region oppressed, as if thorax were narrowed. Palpitation with redness of face.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Back ailments: Pain, with sensitiveness of spine to touch; worse in dorsal region. Lumbago; worse in open air. Crick in back. Twitching of cervical muscles.

    Extremities: Stiff all over. Pain over hips. Rheumatism better motion. Weakness in loins. Uncertain gait. Trembling. Itching of toes and feet as if frozen. Cramp in soles of feet. Pain in shin-bone. Neuralgia in locomotor ataxia. Paralysis of lower limbs, with spasmodic condition of arms. Numbness of legs on crossing them. Paralytic pain in left arm followed by palpitation. Tearing painful contractions in the calves.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Skin ailments: Burning, itching, redness, and swelling, as from frostbites. Pimples, hard, like flea-bites. Miliary eruption, with intolerable itching and burning. Chilblains. Angioneurotic oedema; rosacea. Swollen veins with cold skin. Circumscribed erythematous, papular and pustular and edematous lesions.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Sleep ailments: Paroxysms of yawning. Restless from violent itching and burning. On falling asleep, starts, twitches, and awakes often. Vivid dreams. Drowsy in daytime. Yawning, followed by involuntary laughter.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Fever ailments: Very sensitive to cool air. Violent attacks of heat in evening. Copious sweat. Burning spots.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Modalities ailments: Worse, open cold air, after eating, after coitus. In cold weather, before a thunder-storm. Worse, pressure on dorsal spine, which causes involuntary laughter. Better, moving about slowly.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Relationship ailments: Agaricus muscarius treatment for Compare ailments: Muscarine, the alkaloid of Agaricus (has much power over secretions, increasing lachrymal, salivary, hepatic, etc, but diminishing renal; probably neurotic in origin, stimulating the terminal fibers of the secretory nerves of all these structures, hence salivation, lachrymation and excessive perspiration. Atropin exactly opposes Muscarine. Resembles Pilocarpin in action). Amanita vernus - spring mushroom - a variety of Agar Phalloides - Death cup - active principle is Phallin, active like Muscarine. Amanita phalloides (Death Cup - Deadly Agaric). The poison is a toxalbumin, resembling the poison in the rattle snake and the poison excreted by the cholera and diphtheria germs. It acts on the red blood corpuscles, dissolving them so that blood escapes into the alimentary canal and the whole system is drained. The amount of this toxic principle is small, even handling of specimens and breathing of spores affects some people unpleasantly. The poison is slow in development. Even 12 to 20 hours after taking it the patient feels all right, but vertigo violent choleraic symptoms with rapid loss of strength with death the second or third day, preceded by stupor and spasms. Fatty degeneration of liver, heart and kidneys, hemorrhages in lungs, pleura and skin (Dr. J. Schier). Vomiting and purging. Continuous urging to stool, but no gastric, abdominal or rectal pain. Intense thirst for cold water, dry skin. Lethargic but mentally clear. Sharp changes from rapid to slow and from slow to rapid breathing, extreme collapse, suppressed urine, but no cold extremities or cramps. Agaric emet (severe vertigo; all symptoms better, cold water; longing for ice-water; gastritis cold sweat, vomiting sensation as if stomach was suspended on a string). Tamus (chilblains and freckles). Cimicif; Cann ind; Hyos; Tarantula.

    Antidote: Absinth; Coffea; Camphor.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Dose ailments: Third to thirtieth and two hundredth potency. In skin affections and brain exhaustions give the lower attenuations.



    Agaricus comes in various forms and is an ingredient in many products, but due to its strong actions, it should be used only under strict medical supervision. Please follow the instructions on the bottle, see your health care provider or homeopathic practitioner before and during the use of Agaricus Muscarius or any form of this Mushroom, including homeopathic remedies.



    Agaricus is highly poisonous and can cause strong nausea until the psychoactive agent begins to take effect. Children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease should avoid taking this mushroom. Do not combine it with other drugs or alcohol. The toxic substances of Agaricus are water soluble and susceptible to heart. The mushroom cannot be de-toxified fully by thoroughly parboiling of leaching it in boiling water.


    Acting directly upon cerebral centers, this remedy, like alcohol, opium, or hashish, produces an intoxicating effect, which at last ends in an entire loss of consciousness. Upon the general system Agaricus seems to possess the power of producing a cachexia similar to that which is the result of a long-continued use of alcohol, while locally it acts as an irritant and very destructive poison, producing inflammation, deterioration, and sometimes gangrene of mucous surfaces. The spinal nerves are profoundly affected, especially the motor centers, giving rise to tremors, chorea, convulsions, etc. The sensory nerves are also involved, causing pain in the spinal cord and nerves, and tenderness of the spine to the touch, especially in the lumbar region.

    This fungus contains several toxic compounds, the best known of which is Muscarin. The symptoms of poisoning do not develop at once, usually twelve to fourteen hours elapse before the initial attack. There is no antidote, treatment, entirely symptomatic (Schneider). Agaricus acts as an intoxicant to the brain, producing more vertigo and delirium than alcohol, followed by profound sopor with lowered reflexes.

    Jerking, twitching, trembling, and itching are strong indications. Incipient phthisis; is related to the tubercular diathesis, anemia, chorea, twitching ceases during sleep. Various forms of neuralgia and spasmodic affections, and neurotic skin troubles are pictured in the symptomatology of this remedy. It corresponds to various forms of cerebral excitement rather than congestion. Thus, in delirium of fevers, alcoholism, etc. General paralysis. Sensation as if pierced by needles of ice. Sensitive to pressure and cold air. Violent bearing-down pains. Symptoms appear diagonally as right arm and left leg. Pains are accompanied by sensation of cold, numbness and tingling.

    Agaricus muscarius treatment for Mind ailments: Sings, talks, but does not answer. Loquacity. Aversion to work. Indifference. Fearlessness. Delirium characterized by singing, shouting, and muttering; rhymes and prophesies. Begins with paroxysm of yawning.

    The provings bring out four phases of cerebral excitement.
      1. Slight stimulation-shown by increased cheerfulness, courage, loquacity, exalted fancy.
      2. More decided intoxication-great mental excitement and incoherent talking, immoderate gaity alternates with melancholy. Perception of relative size of objects is lost, takes long steps and jumps over small objects as if they were trunks of trees - a small hole appears as a frightful chasm, a spoonful of water an immense lake. Physical strength is increased, can lift heavy loads. With it much twitching.
      3. Third stage produces a condition of furious or raging delirium, screaming, raving, wants to injure himself, etc.
      4. Fourth stage-mental depression, languor, indifference, confusion, disinclination to work, etc. We do not get the active cerebral congestion of Belladonna, but a general nervous excitement such as is found in delirium tremens, delirium of fevers, etc.


  • ABM (Agaricus) Mushroom Herbal Products

  • Agaricus Muscarius Homeopathic Products


    FTC Advertising & Affilate Disclosure: This website has an affiliate relationship with certain merchants selling products and we recieve commissions from those sales to help support this website. Any products listed here are not listed by any rating system. We do not rate any product or post any feedback about products listed here. We leave this to the individual merchants to provide. We do not provide product prices or shopping carts since you do not order these products directly from us, but from the merchant providing the products. We only provide the link to that merchant webpage with all related product information and pricing. The products are listed here by merchant, product use, quantity size or volume, and for nutritional supplements - dosage per unit. All product descriptions are provided by the merchant or manufacturer and are not our descriptive review of the product. We do not endorse any specific product or attest to its effectiveness to treat any health condition or support nutritional requirements for any individual.


    This mushroom is an edible, medicinal mushroom with a similar name. It should never be confused with the Agaricus Muscarius (Fly Agaric) poisonous mushroom. I have included a photo of dried ABM mushrooms (below). For more information about this mushroom and its uses, see Nutrition Basics: ABM Mushroom Herbal Information

    dried abm - agaricus mushrooms


    HerbsPro: Royal Sun Agaricus Extract (Himematsutake), Eclectic Institute, 1 fl. oz. (2160)
    Royal Sun Agaricus by Eclectic Institute is made from certified organically grown Agaricus blazei fresh mycelia. Manufacturing strength is 1:1 (fresh weight to volume) with filtered water. Organic Grape Alcohol content is 25%.
    HerbsPro: Agaricus Sun Supreme Extract, Certified Organic, Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories, 1 fl. oz. (71441)
    HerbsPro: Agaricus Sun Supreme Extract, Certified Organic, Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories, 2 fl. oz. (71444)
    HerbsPro: Agaricus Sun Supreme Extract, Amazon Therapeutic Labs, Certified Organic, 4 fl. oz. (71442)
    Agaricus Sun Supreme was first discovered in the Brazilian rainforest and has caught the attention of researchers around the world. Widely used in Japan as one of the top supplements, it is said to contain a unique beta-1-6 linkage with more beta glucans than any of the medicinal mushrooms tested so far, showing significant immune stimulating properties. A great adjunctive to allopathic therapies. Full spectrum organic Agaricus Sun Supreme extractives in distilled water and 40% organic grain alcohol. Use 15 to 20 drops mixed with water two to three times daily. Larger doses of 30 to 60 drops may be taken if recommended by a practitioner. Consult your medical practitioner before long term use.
    HerbsPro: Best Agaricus Blazei Extract, Doctors Best, 400 mg, 90 VCaps (69100)
    Agaricus blazei is a medicinal mushroom that contains a special class of polysaccharides known as "beta glucans." Studies show beta glucans stimulate activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which are an important part of the immune system. The Agaricus blazei in this product is extracted with the preferred hot water/alcohol method to increase its digestibility and enhance bioavailability of the polysaccharides. Originally discovered in Brazil, Agaricus blazei is widely consumed in many countries, where it is regarded as a health food, due to its medicinal properties. The mushroom is used both in tea form and as a food. Since 1965, strains of Agaricus blazei have been imported to Japan, where it is now widely cultivated and researched. Product benefits - Supports immune function. Agaricus blazei has been the subject of research in Japan, where investigations have focused on the role of mushroom polysaccharides as "biological response modifiers that can stimulate immune function. Studies have shown that beta glucans extracted from Agaricus are the active polysaccharides, with 1,6 beta-glucan as the most potent immunomodulator. Fungi-derived beta glucans have been found to stimulate the release of tumor necrosis factor from immune cells called "macrophages." While activating the immune response to abnormal cells, beta glucans have no effect on normal cells. Contains Agaricus blazei extract (400 mg), Polysacharides (160 mg, Black Pepper Extract Fruit Bioperine (5 mg) per serving. Take one or two capsules daily or as recommended by a nutritionally informed health care practitioner. Take with or without food.
    HerbsPro: Agaricus Full Spectrum Extract, Planetary Herbals, 500 mg, 30 Caps (93674)
    Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Agaricus, also known as the "sun mushroom", contains polysaccharides known to fortify the body's natural immune response by increasing macrophage, natural killer cell, and T-cell activity. Agaricus blazei is native to Brazil and is popular in Japan, where it is eaten as a food and widely used for its health-promoting benefits. Immune & Natural Killer Cell Activator, Immune and natural killer cell activator. Contains polysaccharides for immune support. May help support a general sense of well-being.
    HerbsPro: Agaricus Extract, Full Spectrum, Planetary Herbals, 500 mg, 60 caps
    Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Agaricus, also known as the "sun mushroom", contains polysaccharides known to fortify the body's natural immune response by increasing macrophage, natural killer cell, and T-cell activity. Agaricus blazei is native to Brazil and is popular in Japan, where it is eaten as a food and widely used for its health-promoting benefits. Immune & Natural Killer Cell Activator, Immune and natural killer cell activator. Contains polysaccharides for immune support. May help support a general sense of well-being.
    HerbsPro: Agaricus Full Spectrum Extract, Planetary Herbals, 500 mg, 90 Caps (93676)
    Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Agaricus, also known as the "sun mushroom", contains polysaccharides known to fortify the body's natural immune response by increasing macrophage, natural killer cell, and T-cell activity. Agaricus blazei is native to Brazil and is popular in Japan, where it is eaten as a food and widely used for its health-promoting benefits. Immune & Natural Killer Cell Activator, Immune and natural killer cell activator. Contains polysaccharides for immune support. May help support a general sense of well-being.
    HerbsPro: Super Royal Agaricus, Standardized Extract, Maitake Mushroom Wisdom, 120 Caps (42028)
    Originating from the mountain region of Piedade, Brazil, Royal Agaricus is known as Cogmello de Deus or Mushroom of God. Interest was piqued when a much lower occurrence of various diseases was found in this region of Brazil. Super Royal Agaricus contains both the whole fruit body of Royal Agaricus and its high-quality extract. Also it contains an extract of Maitake D-fraction (TD-Fraction) and Bioperine. Maitake D-fraction is extremely potent in maintaining healthy immune functioning. Bioperine is a pure piperine extract obtained from black pepper fruits which significantly enhances the bioavailability of various nutrients. Contains Agaricus Fruit Body (500 mg), Agaricus 12:1 Extract (400 mg), Maitake Extract D-fraction, standardized 10% (100 mg), Vitamin C (80 mg), and Bioperine (5 mg) per 4 tablet dosage. Take 4 tablets once daily or 2 tablets twice daily after meal or as directed by your health care practitioner.
    HerbsPro: Original 7 Mushrooms, Eclectic Institute Inc, 650 mg, 30 Caps
    Each capsule contains fresh freeze-dried Mycelia of Certified Organically Grown: Royal Sun Agaricus (Agaricus blazei), Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor),Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Maitake (Grifola frondosa), Zhu Ling (Polyporus umbellatus).Air-Dried Fruiting Body of Certified Organically Grown: Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Maitake (Grifola frondosa). Also contains: Larix (Larix occidentalis) - 75 mg.


    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom Powder, Kalyx Bulk Products, 1 Kg (2.2 lbs): EB
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom 4:1 Powdered Extract, Kalyx Bulk Products, 1 Kg (2.2 lbs): EB
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom 5:1 Powdered Extract, Kalyx Bulk Products, 1 Kg (2.2 lbs): EB
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom (Ji Song Rong) Single Herb Alcohol Fluid Extract, Golden Lotus Botanicals, 2 fl oz: GL
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom (Ji Song Rong) Single Herb Alcohol Fluid Extract, Golden Lotus Botanicals, 4 fl oz: GL
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom (Ji Song Rong) Single Herb Alcohol Fluid Extract, Golden Lotus Botanicals, 8 fl oz: GL
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom (Ji Song Rong) Single Herb Alcohol Fluid Extract, Golden Lotus Botanicals, 16 fl oz: GL
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom (Ji Song Rong) Single Herb Alcohol Fluid Extract, Golden Lotus Botanicals, 32 fl oz: GL
    Kalyx: Agaricus Mushroom (Ji Song Rong) Single Herb Alcohol Fluid Extract, Golden Lotus Botanicals, 1 Gallon: GL


    Amazon: Agaricus Mushroom Herbal Products

  • Nutrition Basics: ABM Mushroom Information



    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius Homeopathic Health Supplement Products
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 6C, Boiron USA
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 12C, Boiron USA
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 30C, Boiron USA
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 200CK, Boiron USA
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 200CK Liquid (20% Alcohol), Boiron, 1 oz. (30 ml)
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 1M, Boiron USA
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 10M, Boiron, 75 Pellets
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 5CH, Unda Brand Pellets
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 30K, Unda Brand Pellets
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius 200K, Unda Brand Pellets
    Amazon: Agaricus Muscarius XMK, Unda Brand Pellets

  • Nutrition Basics: Agaricus Muscarius (Fly Agaric) Herbal Information

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  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Increase Your Consumption of Raw Produce
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Limit Your Use of Salt
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Use Proper Cooking Utensils
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Basics: Choosing The Best Water & Types of Water


  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Analysis Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Diet Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutritional Recipe Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Therapy: Preparing Produce for Juicing
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Additives Index
  • MoonDragon's Nutrition Information: Food Safety Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Articles
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Back Pain
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Labor & Birth
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Blending Chart
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Essential Oil Details
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Links
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Miscarriage
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Post Partum
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Childbearing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy For Problems in Pregnancy & Birthing
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #1
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Chart of Essential Oils #2
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Tips
  • MoonDragon's Aromatherapy Uses
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Information Overview
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Touch & Movement Therapies Index
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health Therapy: Touch & Movement: Aromatherapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Therapy: Touch & Movement - Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Alternative Health: Therapeutic Massage
  • MoonDragon's Holistic Health Links Page 1
  • MoonDragon's Holistic Health Links Page 2
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Nutrition Basics Index
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy Index
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Massage Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Hydrotherapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Pain Control Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Relaxation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Steam Inhalation Therapy
  • MoonDragon's Health & Wellness: Therapy - Herbal Oils Index

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