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    Before you give birth to your baby at home or When you come home from the hospital you want to make sure you have the following supplies in your house:


    Breast pumps are used to express milk to help engorgement and for saving your breastmilk during times when you may be away from your baby. Breast pumps are used for numerous reasons including temporary difficulties associated with the baby or mother, to enhance the breast-feeding experience, or to allow a working mother to ensure breast milk is available for her baby as long as desirable.

    Breast pumps are most often used for mother/baby separation. The frequency of separation can be a few breast-feeding sessions a week to several breastfeeding sessions a day. The length of time needed to pump can be a few days to several months. The pumping recommendation is determined by the reason that a mother chooses to pump.

    Types of Breast Pumps: There are various types of pumps available on the market. All breast pumps can express milk from one breast at a time (single pumping) and some can express milk from both breasts simultaneously (double pumping). If frequent pumping is recommended, double pumping can reduce pumping time in half.
    • Manual breast pumps are designed to use the strength of the hand or arm muscles for single pumping. There is also a pump available that uses the leg and foot muscles for double pumping. Mothers susceptible to carpal-tunnel syndrome from repetitive hand motions may want to consider using a pump designed for the arm or leg muscles.

    • Handheld Battery-Operated breast pumps use batteries for creating suction minimizing muscle fatigue. Most handheld pumps are designed for single pumping and are suggested for occasional use. Some have AC adapters for electrical use.

    • Electric breast pumps are powered by electricity with use of an AC adapter or by plugging directly into an outlet. Electric pumps are designed for double pumping and are suggested for frequent use. Hospital-grade quality breast pumps are the most efficient for initiating and maintaining the milk supply and are available for rent or purchase. Professional quality breast pumps are efficient pumps for maintaining the milk supply and are available for purchase only.

    Features of Breast Pumps: Any type of breast pump you choose should have features designed for optimal comfort and safety.

    Rent or Purchase: There are many considerations for choosing to rent or purchase a breast pump. To assist you in that decision, consider the following:
    • Purpose - Rent or purchase a pump designed for the intended use (see Figure Three).
    • Efficiency - The pump effectiveness varies depending on the design of the pump. Hospital-grade rental breast pumps are the most efficient for expressing breast milk. Manual breast pumps are the least efficient.
    • Warranties - When purchasing be sure the manufacturer's warranty covers the length of time the pump is needed. Rent from a reputable rental agent who will exchange a defective breast pump.
    • Cost - Determine if renting or purchasing is more economical for the pumping recommendation.

    Breastfeeding Accessories:
    • Nipple shields for temporary latch-on difficulties.
    • Pure lanolin for sore, dry, or cracked nipples. Non-toxic.
    • Breast shells for sore, flat or inverted nipples.
    • Nursing pads for spotting or leakage of milk from breasts.
    • Baby scales for monitoring weight gain or milk intake.
    • Milk bottles & bags.
    • Pillows/stools for comfortable positioning of baby and mother. A height adjustable pillow provides the best possible fit for every mother.
    • Nursing apparel & bras for comfort, support and easy access to breasts.

    Health Risk:

    As a final note, please remember that breast pumps are considered personal single-user products and should not be shared by women. Rental pumps are the exception and are designed for use by multiple women.


    You will need to obtain at least two good nursing bras. When your milk comes in, you will want to have something with very good support. I recommend Playtex Nursing Bras. They give the best support and are the most comfortable that I could find. However, you might want to shop around and try on different brands and styles before deciding on one for yourself. Each woman is different and should be fitted properly.


    Every mom will not require nursing pads as part of her breastfeeding apparel. Some moms never leak despite having healthy milk supplies. Others only leak occasionally. Some may leak early on and then notice that the leaking greatly slows down or stops completely. Unfortunately, I would leak from both breasts every time my milk let down.

    It's still wise, however, to purchase at least one package of nursing pads until you know what your needs will be. That way, if leaking should occur when the milk "comes in" you will have something ready to go and already clean and softened with washing (if you choose reusable pads). As breastfeeding becomes established you can purchase more pads if needed.

    Washable or Disposable? Usually this is only a matter of what you find more convenient. And there may be times when you prefer a disposable pad over a washable one, such as when you are traveling, or out and about with baby. Washable pads tend to be less expensive in the long run than disposable, but you will need to keep up with the washing of them so that you always have a clean, dry pad available. Wearing wet pads for any length of time is not recommended as this makes nipple conditions such as yeast more common.

    When washing reusable pads, be sure to avoid liquid fabric softener as it can impede the pad's absorbency. Fabric softeners sheets, however, can be used in the dryer to soften the pads without any problem.

    Nursing Pad Features: If choosing washable/reusable pads, look for those that are made of cotton, preferably 100% cotton. This will ensure adequate airflow to the nipples and breasts. Some pads may have a lace overlay. This is usually fine as long as the rest of the pad is all cotton.

    If choosing a disposable pad, look for those that are either 100% cotton or all paper. Lansinoh has recently come out with a disposable pad that has a breathable plastic lining. Other pads with plastic linings may not allow for good airflow. Pads with unbreathable plastic linings may actually impede healing of traumatized nipples or make nipple infections more likely.

    Several manufacturers offer a variety of pads with multiple layers or added absorbency. If you are not satisfied with the pad you are using, do not be afraid to explore other brands. Usually the larger the pad the more discreet it will be under your clothing. Pads with a pink color to them also tend to be less noticeable under light-colored clothing. Some disposable pads may have an adhesive backing making it easier for them to stay "put".

    Homemade Nursing Pads: Some moms do quite well with cloth diapers cut up or a man's handkerchief folded up. Sanitary napkins, normally used during menstruation, are not recommended to absorb breastmilk leakage because they have plastic backing that can prevent good airflow.

    Changing Frequency: How often should you change your breast pads? Pads should be changed or discarded as soon as they become damp. Doing so lessens the risk of nipple infection. If you are being treated for nipple or breast yeast, you will need to be even more deliberate about changing wet pads and laundering them so as to kill the yeast.


    Choose a natural moisturizer to help heal and prevent sore nipples. You will need this in the first few weeks. Pure lanolin is helpful in caring for sore nipples.


    When your milk comes in it will be uncomfortable, maybe even painful. Your breasts will be overwhelmed with milk. Heat will make the milk thinner and you more comfortable. Hot showers also help. Manual expression of milk while under a hot shower helps to relieve pain and pressure of full breasts.


    Two regular bed pillows or a nursing pillow. This will offer you support help you hold your baby better until you recover from delivery.


    Sometimes swelling occurs when the milk comes in. Ice packs will reduce this, also helpful in pain. Be sure to place a towel or other fabrice between your breasts and the ice pack to preven skin damage. Frozen peas work well as ice packs.

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