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One day, the God/dess, filled with love as S/He was in Her/His Serene Bliss,
Pulsed with such delight, that S/He threw out from Herself/himself vibrations called light.

birth of a star M82 Hubble Telescope

By means of the colors of the spectrum, your life can be controlled by you so that you can live in a state of serenity constantly and yet let the colors of life wash over you to enjoy, but not to affect.

There are seven colors in the visible spectrum. The visible spectrum is the light which we see.

White light is divided into:
  • Purple
  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

Red, being the most energetic color with the longest waves, is at the bottom. Purple is the most serene color, having only very short waves and therefore conserving lots of energy.

All agitated things are further away from their Source which is complete stillness and bliss. The Source is God/dess. The aim of these lessons on color is to show you that to travel on the path to spiritual bliss, we need to still the agitation in our lives,or at least use it consciously where it is under our control.

Color is a vibration like the rest of Creation. It has an effect on two aspects of the human condition, the spiritual and the physical.

The physical is the body and all material things.

The spiritual aspect is the mind, thought, imagination and consciousness which you cannot see but which nobody doubts exists.

Color is transmitted in waves. The shorter the wave, the higher the conserved energy - the more powerful it is, the longer the wave the greater is the energy squandered and spread about.

Squandered energy are lower vibrations and conserved energy are higher vibrations.

When you meditate you raise your vibrations. When you feel weightless or floating, it means you have raised your vibrations so high that you are lifting out of your gross (lower) dimension.

If you have been meditating a lot or talking with your guide who is there, you raise your gross vibrations so high you might feel light headed or dizzy or get a feeling of unreality.

When this happens and you feel too spiritual, go and color your life with red. Make love, dance to loud music, eat out, go walking, roll in the mud! You will shake yourself down into the grosser field. You will release a lot of your stored energy. You will feel much better. A feeling of great joy of being human will flood you. Enjoy being human!

All earthy/sensual things have a gross - lower- vibration. A little list would be - delicious food, smoking, lust, greed, indulgence, drunkenness, abandonment, loud thumping music, playing in mud, wallowing in a warm pool - you get the idea. All sensual things of the world are gross (lower vibration). They are not to be shunned. They are to be enjoyed as part of the human condition.

The trouble is that all sensual things drain you, after the initial excitement, because they are energy squandered. The advanced entity recharges his batteries by prayer and meditation. When their energy level is full to overflowing, they go and squander it knowingly and in full control of their actions. The pleasure of this controlled vibrationary orgy is greater than the poor soul who fritters away his life thinking the sensual pleasures will make him happy.


The color of all sensual things is RED.

Red energy has to go somewhere because no matter can be destroyed so it agitates all that it falls upon. Red light excites. It is sensual, carnal, restless. It activates the appetite. It motivates to activity all other aspects of Creation. The energy that comes from it goes into all other vibrations - remember all of Creation is only a vibration of one kind or other.

Even love is red. People consider love to be a desirous condition but it is to be endured with care! The love that comes from the bliss state of serenity - God/dess - is a spiritual and creative force. But the love that most humans endure is red, agitating, and very far from the Source. Human love is often jealous, possessive, abusive, inhuman and most un-God/dess like. It is not true love. It torments people because they have the wrong idea of love.

Mentally red induces activity. Night-clubs use red light to encourage dancing, hunger, lust, the feeling of well being and expansiveness which increases profits remarkably - remember the red light district of Hamburg?

Political parties use red on their flags - often red flags remind us of tyrannical passionate actions - or Red uniforms and badges.

But red's most useful characteristic is not this harmful aspect. Red is a healer. It excites all the cells of the body into activity. It releases the depressed grey mind from lethargy into a feeling of well being. Well being emotions are lacking in ill people. Infrared is not part of the visible range of colors. It has been used for healing for years. Red stimulates the immune system and all the gland systems of the body. In itself it does nothing. It is merely the activator making the body heal itself. As in life, it must be used with caution in healing.

The red energies cause humankind the most problems - that is we dwell on them. Red is the color which is furthest away from the serenity which is the state of God/dess. You will understand then that the fruits of red things are never lasting joy because everything is in a state of discomfort until it gets back to its Source.


Yellow is the color of the mind. It is the color of the mind in the unseen spiritual aspect.

Yellow has a shorter wave length than red which means it conserves energy more than red. But the energy it expends stimulates mind things and thoughts.

Books, new idea, stimulating conversations, academic teaching, learning, teaching reading, art works, architecture, concepts, all the skills of learning are yellow.

The effect yellow has on the body is to activate all the organs of the body. That also means the skin, digestive organs, the bowels, the salivary glands and the bile ducts. All internal organs react to yellow, for example, the secretions of insulin are stimulated so it is helpful in diabetes and digestive disorders.

The yellow rays of the sun give life to the earth. A yellow room cheers. Yellow brightens the outlook on life because it peps up the energy level. We talk about the light of learning and enlightenment. Comic books show a yellow electric globe over the head to indicate that a character has a good idea.

Catholic Saints are depicted with yellow halos. And we wallow in the golden glow of achievement or success.

Learn to color your life with yellow. Like all colors, it must be used sparingly. Too much mental action, learning, study, academic knowledge is just as bad as too little. The Buddha taught that all things must be done in moderation.


There is a way in which yellow can be tempered to be less of a mind color and more of an earthy color, and that is to make orange. Orange is a very useful color, having many attributes of red and many attributes of yellow. It combines physical action with mental action.

Orange is also a great healer. It is warmer than yellow and gives a feeling of great well being like red and yet also has an effect on the mind, thoughts consciousness and is less academic and cerebral than yellow.

Both red and orange should be used with great caution being the colors of fire and explosions, heat, danger, caution, flame etc. Try to have only a little red in your life, a greater dose of orange, a dollop of yellow and lots of green, the equalizer, stabilizer and the color of love.


You will see that the exact middle of the spectrum is green.

Green is the most wonderful color. Because it is exactly in the middle of the spectrum, its waves are neither too spiritually serene nor too earthy.

Green is the color of balance, harmony, rest, refreshment, and rejuvenation. It is the refresher.

Spiritually, remember now we are talking about mind, consciousness, imagination, it calms. Its color gives feelings of restful mental serenity. It relieves stress and agitated thoughts. It calms worry.

Physically, it soothes each cell in the body. It reduces inflammation. It lowers blood pressure. It calms rampant cells into a state of non activity and rest. It opens the lungs. It is a very important color in healing because many illnesses are stress related and green is the anti-stress color.

It is no accident that the color of nature is green. All cities need parks and green belts to reduce the stress of city life. A day in the country refreshes us and reminds us that we are also nature.

It is the place of rest in the middle of the spectrum which is neither the slowing down of purple nor the restlessness of red. Green is a life color. It is neither non action nor is it over action. It is the color of harmony, serenity, coolness. From the place of green all healing can take its course. It is the beginning, the base, the stable starting point. Green stabilizes all the activities of the body. It strengthens the immune system, the rejuvenation ability of each cell, and it floods the body and mind with the strength it needs to heal itself.

Color your life with lots of green things like lying on the grass, sitting outside, being part of nature. Red, orange and yellow look beautiful next to green!

Green light used in color healing: Green is drawn into the physical body by the heart energy center (chakra) that is situated in the middle of the chest. It is the frequency that circulates around the chest, heart and lungs.

Emotionally green makes a person feel refreshed, clean and invigorated - as we feel after a day in the country. Green is a stimulant and tonic, an astringent. In green, one feels peaceful, relaxed, and yet alert, mentally clear and ready for action but at rest.

Physically green stimulates the immune system. The frequency green can be used as a blood cleanser. It reduces blood pressure. It is a relaxant. It builds and tones muscle. Green stabilizes over-activity in the digestive organs and green water (water from a green bottle) settles the stomach and bowels. Green can be helpful for people suffering from asthma and breathing difficulties. Ordinary cellophane taped over the window can change normal light into green light - and at night, the moonlight will be green-tinged so you can treat yourself while you sleep. Green reduces inflammation. It is antiseptic. It is used at the end of a long illness to gently stimulate and stabilize healing.

Spiritually green represents the heart loving outwardly, connection to others, compassion and empathy. It also represents money and abundance that is a shareable commodity. When the heart energy center opens, a person becomes aware of and concerned for others, the whole, and itself as part of the group. Doing something for someone else is the quickest way of raising one's own self esteem which also resides in the heart energy center.

Scientifically, in using light frequencies, green is a primary color. The primary colors in light are red, blue and green. Red and green in differing quantities make orange, gold and yellow. Blue and green make different shades of turquoises. Red and blue make differing shades of lilacs, purples and cerises.

Green has always been known to be restful yet not soporific and is used in operating theaters because of this quality. We are influenced by the green from trees, plants and grass and "green belts" are planned in every city because we know it is an essential part of our "light/color diet"! The green in plants gives us our oxygen which is processed in the green area of our chests.


The spirit colors are blue, indigo and purple.

All the colors below green are agitated colors, having long waves. Green has both stimulating waves like the colors below it and calming waves like the colors above it.

Remember all colors affect the whole person. The whole person is not what you see as the physical body. That is just the vehicle for the real part - the spiritual part. The spiritual aspect is not the mind. Outside the mind (which is physical) is the soul, the mind of the spiritual entity which is indestructible.

The soul part of a person, is indestructible and goes on. It is the real person. The mind part is physical. It can be destroyed. If a person is damaged in an accident s/he can end up having no mind. It can be tampered with by surgical operation. The mind is the result of activity in the brain. We can see the brain. It is an organ. Yellow stimulates all organs in the body. That is why yellow stimulates the mind.

The spiritual part of a person is something far greater than the mind and even more intangible. The soul is a sentient energy force. It houses itself in several bodies as it progresses on its journey back to its source, which is the state of Bliss - God/dess - its Source.

On this plane we live in bodies of light, or, you call them astral bodies. On your plane the soul is encased in the astral and the physical body. The soul has many other bodies. In "death" it sheds its physical gross body and continues as a light body.

The explanation on the different bodies a spirit entity wears during its journey, was to show you that the mind has nothing to do with the actual development of the soul. A person can be as learned as Einstein, yet his soul progresses nil!

Knowledge is not spiritual advancement. The physical mind is not the spiritual part of a person, although both are unseen. It is strange that people accept thought as being real but many do not accept the soul as being real, although they see neither!

All the colors above green are called the spirit colors and affect the spiritual aspect of a person in a beneficial way. This does not mean they have no effect on the physical body. They do. Blue, indigo and purple have the physical reaction of calming the physical organs and activities of the body. Inflammations and swellings can be reduced. Pain can be quietened since these colors soothe the nerves registering pain. Infections can be relieved because heat, agitation (pain and inflammation are too much of this) is calmed.The cell growth of the body can be inhibited which is useful in cancer situations or inflammation.

However, because they have higher vibrations than the earth colors, there is less agitation in them. Remember, the greater the agitation, the further away from the source and the more the energy is dissipated. The warm Earth colors expend their energy while the cool Spirit colors conserve their energy. Energy has to go somewhere it cannot be destroyed. Earth colors agitate because their energy radiates. Spirit colors calm because their energy is held within themselves. Green is such a healing color because it both expends and conserves energy.

The light frequency "Turquoise" as used in Color Healing is a mixture of green and blue. Turquoise is drawn into the physical body by the Thymus energy center that is situated slightly to the right of the middle of the chest just below shoulder height. It is the frequency that circulates around the Thymus Gland.

Emotionally turquoise makes a person feel open, able to accept all things and co-operative. Turquoise is a pacifier for strong emotion. In turquoise, one feels able to "allow" others, to release one's own opinions and views about life, and to integrate all other aspects of a question or idea. It can make us feel fragile and unsure if we are afraid of change.

Physically Turquoise activates the immune system and the frequency turquoise can be used to a strengthen immunity. It reduces fever. It is a system cleanser. It tones the skin. Turquoise is a coolant, physically and emotionally. It is useful with burns. Turquoise reduces inflammation. Its green quality is antiseptic. Its blue quality is tranquilizing. It can be used when we feel we are "coming down with something" so our bodies can co-operate with whatever it might be.

Spiritually turquoise represents the ability to accept others and allow them the right to be what they are unconditionally. It also represents the wisdom of co-operation, acceptance and response - ability. When the Thymus energy is released, a person becomes aware of and concerned for others, and sees itself as part of the whole of which everything, differences, anomalies, and seeming opposites are all part. People who hold universal concepts have a lot of turquoise in their auric color system.

Scientifically, in using light frequencies, turquoise is made from different proportions of all the frequencies of light although it is usually only thought of as blue and green mixed. The primary colors in light are red, blue and green. Red and green in differing quantities make orange, gold and yellow. Blue and green make different shades of turquoises. Red and blue make differing shades of lilacs, purples and cerises. Turquoise is considered a clean, cool color and is used in Hospitals because of this quality.


The first (lowest) of the spirit colors is blue. Blue calms cell activity like all spirit colors and its special action is on all the organs of respiration. It calms and reduces inflammation in the lungs, chest and throat. It reduces the action of the heart. it clears sinus, nasal organs, including the ears.

Spiritually, blue pacifies. It is the initial quieting of spirit. Blue is not the 'peace' color for nothing. It is the slowing down of agitation to quietness. A 'blue' mood describes not feeling lively or active, perhaps a little depressed. It is a cold color lacking the liveliness of earth. The sky and sea are blue and both tranquilize you if you lie and watch them.

Color your life with blue, not too much either because it can be a depressant. Be physically still at times, slow down your body actions. rest a lot. Lie under the sky. Consider the eternal sea. Look into water. Be alone. Sit quietly and listen, but not in meditation.

The light frequency blue as used in color healing: Blue is drawn into the physical body by the throat energy center that is situated in the little cup of bone at the neck. It is the frequency that circulates around the mouth, throat, nasal passages and upper lungs.

Emotionally blue makes a person feel calm, rested, clean and peaceful - as we feel after a day under open skies. Blue is a pacifant and tranquilizer, a calming agent. In blue, one feels peaceful, relaxed, and calm.

Physically blue reduces fever and is anti-bacterial. It is a reductive color. The frequency blue can be used in feverish conditions. It reduces swelling and pain. It is a relaxant. It calms the nerves and reduces stress. Blue calms mental over-activity and blue water (water from a blue bottle) can be very calming in an anxious time or when feverish. Blue can be helpful for people suffering from sore throats, fever and colds. Ordinary cellophane taped over the window can change normal light into blue light - and at night, the moonlight will be blue-tinged so you can treat yourself while you sleep. Blue reduces inflammation. It is antiseptic. It can be used for children suffering from children's illnesses, to relax in during pregnancy or when in need of emotional calming.

Spiritually blue represents the throat communicating outwardly, connection to others, the ability to feel awe at beauty and to praise our concept of divinity. It also represents the ability to speak clarity and truth and the will to give and receive un-conservedly. When the blue energy center opens, a person becomes aware of and concerned for others, the whole, and itself communicating with the group. Perception of and admiration for beauty is the quickest way of stimulating the throat energy center so that a person is moved to "sing in praise of glory."

Scientifically, in using light frequencies, green is a primary color. The primary colors in light are red, blue and green. Red and green in differing quantities make orange, gold and yellow. Blue and green make different shades of turquoises. Red and blue make differing shades of lilacs, purples and cerises. Blue has always been known to be restful, calming and tranquilizing and is used in hospital decor because of this quality. It is the color of peace. We are influenced by the green from trees, plants and grass and "green belts" are planned in every city because we know it is an essential part of our "color/light diet"! The green in plants gives us our oxygen which is processed in the green area of our chests.


Indigo is deep blue, royal blue but darker. Perhaps navy describes it better. It's effect on the physical is anesthetic. It reduces feelings of pain by slowing down pain messages through the nerves to the brain. It slows thought - the opposite of yellow. In this way it calms and tranquilizes. It is useful to restrain cell growth - eg. cancer and to pacify inflammation especially of nerves and nervous disorders. It acts on the nervous system.

Spiritually, it acts as a release mechanism to the soul from physical, bodily things. The physical tranquilized and anesthetized releases its grip on the spiritual part of man which can now function better. Thought can go from the body to the spirit aspect of existence.

Indigo stimulates spiritual thought. It is a meditative color. The freed mind can roam to grasp new insights and spiritual concepts. Indigo things are meditation, contemplation, stillness, and silence.

Color your life with lots of Indigo things - but not too much. All spirit colors can be depressant. When you are feeling too spiritual, consciously color your life with red, yellow and orange. Do it consciously - then you are in complete control. If you feel you have enough meditation, healing, spiritual experiences etc., decide what earth thing you are going to do and do it with greatest enjoyment and no guilt! Your soul has clothed itself in a physical body which can bring as much joy as pain. Its the joy part you must experience with no feelings of guilt to spoil it. If it becomes pain, especially emotional pain, run and hide in purple.

Using the light frequency Indigo in Color Healing: Indigo is drawn into the physical body by the energy center that is situated in the middle of the brow on the forehead (the third eye). It is the frequency that circulates around the, sinuses, jaw, ears and upper brain.

Emotionally Indigo is a powerful tranquilizer and anesthetizer. Some people find it a frightening color and animals are uncomfortable in it. Indigo is a tranquilizer and calming agent. It dulls the senses and can cause a type of emotional numbing. It can be used in small doses only as it is also a depressant.

Physically Indigo reduces pain and numbs feeling. It is a reductive color. The frequency Indigo, like blue, can be used in feverish conditions. It reduces swelling and pain. It is a depressant. It calms the nerves and dulls the senses. Indigo calms mental over-activity and Indigo water (water from a dark indigo or navy blue bottle) can be very calming in an restless time or when in pain. Indigo can be helpful for people suffering from toothache, earache, fever and sinus colds. Ordinary cellophane taped over the window can change normal light into Indigo light - and at night, the moonlight will be Indigo-tinged so you can treat yourself while you sleep. This is not recommended for more than a night/day or two. Indigo reduces sensation and is a depressant. It is antiseptic and a very strong anti-bacterial agent. It can be used when 'cooking something', feeling some kind of infection is on its way, for inner agitation in times of great stress or when in need of emotional calming.

Spiritually Indigo represents the "sonar device" we are all born with - our intuition that guides us through life. This is the ability to discern rather than judge. It also represents the ability to travel within to explore and be nourished by quiet inner landscapes. Unfortunately many people turn this capacity upon themselves and can be super self critical and self judgmental to their own cost. When the Indigo energy center opens, a person becomes aware of dimensions other than this, and develops psychic abilities. They find themselves part of a greater, cosmic whole. Perception of and investigation into the inner spiritual life is the quickest way of stimulating the brow energy center so that a person is fully nourished by his inner journey.

Scientifically, in using light frequencies, green is a primary color. The primary colors in light are red, blue and green. Red and green in differing quantities make orange, gold and yellow. Blue and green make different shades of turquoises. Red and blue make differing shades of lilacs, purples and cerises. Indigo has always been known to be anesthetic, calming and tranquilizing and is used in dentistry and hospitals for minor surgical procedures because of this quality. It is used in laboratories as ultra violet to kill germs.


Purple is the highest vibrating color with the shortest wavelengths. It works on the emotions of the physical body. It tranquilizes like Indigo and is an emotional pain killer. Purple and Indigo are strong medicine. It works on the brain like Indigo. It slows the thought processes so that people can get into contact with his/her spiritual facet.

Purple things are meditation, complete non-activity, stillness (Physical and mental), just being, the I AM of no emotion, the total rest of not feeling. Remember that purple things are an emotional pain killer so if you were needing to be enthusiastic and emotive, you would block out these feelings as well.


God/dess is complete stillness, no activity, no emotion except the joy of being, the bliss state. The Bliss state is unobtainable while thought and emotion, mental activity, physical action are surging through us. It can only be found in meditation. The Bliss state is your objective. When your connections to the physical body can be controlled at will, then you can live in the Bliss state. Bliss is no activity, total rest, no agitation, no emotion, only complete joy, the void. It is the color of Black. Black is the color of God/dess **at rest. If you achieved this state and lived in it completely, you would be colorless, emotionless, boring, dull, uninteresting and motionless. You would be an almost brain dead vegetable. No one would notice you and you would not be aware of what was going on around you. You would feel and see nothing except your own joy. It is not advisable to achieve this state in a physical incarnation though some Yogis do.

The trick is to achieve a kernel of bliss, a core of joy around which you throw the colors of life. They are YOUR colors under your control. Others may do what they like in the world around you but you will always remain bright and beautiful.

** God/dess at rest is black - the absence of light, God/dess in action is white - all color - all light.


The aura is the vibrational energy surrounding everyone and everything. Everything in the universe has energy, including our thoughts and consciousness. Even what you might think of as non-living objects have auras. Observe the aura of an antique chair. The chair will have the aura of the energy it picked up wherever it was, as well as subtle energies left behind from those who have sat in it. Even new items have auras. While they may not have imprints left by time, they will have the vibrational energies of the materials they are made of, and possibly, those of any humans who came in contact with them throughout the production process.

The aura is the spiritual embodiment of our true nature. Observing a person's aura allows you to diagnose dis-ease within the body long before physical symptoms become evident. By consciously controlling your aura, you can actually heal yourself. You can often tell if someone is not being honest with you by certain colors and fluctuations in their aura. You can decide if you wish to purchase a certain house, vehicle, antique furniture or other furnishings, just by observing its aura. Seeing and reading auras can do wonders for your consciousness, spiritual development, and awareness of your true nature.

We can all see auras to the extent of our intuitive ability. While it seems we may be seeing auras with our eyes, actually, we are seeing the aura through our intuitive nature at a higher level of consciousness, or our "third eye," where you can also "see" angels and spirit guides. If you have not yet mastered the ability to see angels, spirit guides, or auras, you can still learn. And with practice, you can exercise and master your intuitive ability.

Children see auras naturally (at least until someone tells them they can not). Infants frequently look above a person in front of them. When they do not like the color of the aura above the head, or if this color is much different from their parent's aura, they cry, no matter how much smiling and cooing the person does. But you can learn to manipulate your aura to display a more favorable or calming color.

The following will help you learn to see auras, and as I mentioned earlier, it will help you to see angels and spirit guides, too, as they are all "seen" in the same manner.


This exercise is designed to help you to practice seeing auras. This is easiest to accomplish in a dimly lit room, but with enough light to see the aura. (To see your own aura, follow the instructions below standing about 3-4 feet away from a large mirror.)

1. Have the person sit or stand in front of a very softly illuminated plain white or light background.

2. Focus on the person';s "third eye" - the spot in the middle of the forehead between the brows - for 30 to 60 seconds. Throughout this entire exercise, remain focused on the third eye area.

3. After about 30 seconds, you should see that the person's body is surrounded with a white light or glow emanating an inch or two from the body.

4. Remain focused on the third eye. Gradually you will begin to see colors emanating several inches from the body. These colors may also fluctuate.

5. Have the person move very slightly and slowing from side to side. You should see the aura "catching up" with the body as the person moves to each side.

Daily practice (10 to 15 minutes) helps to stimulate and develop your auric sight. You can practice where ever you go. Sit in the back of an auditorium or movie theater and focus on the backs of people's heads. However, I would warn against the rudeness of staring at anyone straight on. Better yet, practice with a friend.

head and shoulder auras


Usually, people have one or two dominating colors in their aura. In addition to the dominant colors, the aura reflects thoughts, feelings, and desires of the moment as fluctuations in color combinations, intensity, and hue. For example a flash of orange in the aura may indicate a thought or desire to exercise power and control. As the person's thoughts or feelings change, the aura will fluctuate and take on other colors.

The list of colors below is simply a guide. As with books on dream symbols, you must also tap into your own intuitive nature to clearly define what the color or symbol really means. Slight changes in intensity or hue and combinations of colors can mean a big difference in what the person's aura is actually revealing.

PURPLE: Indicates spiritual thoughts - a high level of intuition, wisdom, and truly spiritual thinking. People with purple in their auras are often spiritual teachers, leaders, and healers. Purple is never a strong point in the Aura. It appears as temporary "clouds" and "flames", indicating truly spiritual thoughts. Purple can also be the colors of one who is seeking something in life. They represent an ability to handle affairs with worldliness and practicallity. Dark shades may show that the person has obstacles to overcome and is feeling misunderstood. Violet is highly spiritual, wisdom, intuition. Indigo is benevolence, highly intuitive, seeker.

BLUE: Indicates a calm, relaxed, reserved, and balanced, spiritual individual. A balanced existence, sustaining life, eased nerve system, transmitting forces and energy. People with blue in their aura are born survivors. Blue thought is a thought about relaxing the nerve system to achieve the balance of the mind or a thought about surviving. People with blue strong point in their aura are relaxed and balanced. This color is most commonly associated with quiet and calm. A bright blue hue indicates that the person is receiving and/or transmitting energy or is in telepathic communication. Any blue in the aura is good to have, but deep blue is the best. one with deep blue in their aura shows a person who has fund their work in life. Many are spiritual minded as well. Blue may sometimes represent a tendency to be moody and depressed. Electric blue can override any other color in the aura when a person is learning or teaching. Blue is spiritual, loyal, creative, sensitive, kind, moody.

TURQUOISE: Indicates dynamic quality of being, highly energized personality, capable of projection, influencing other people. People with turquoise as a strong point in their aura are well-organized and can do many things simultaneously (multi-tasking). These people feel bored when forced to concentrate on a single thing. People love bosses with turquoise auras and they make good team leaders because they take the time to explain their goals and influence their team rather than execute commands.

GREEN: Green is a restful, modifiying energy - healthy, balanced, calming, charming, sensual, sensible natural healers. People with green dominating their auras are natural healers and have natural healing ability. The stronger the green aura, the better the healer. They also love nature and enjoy gardening - they usually have a "green thumb" - and anything grows for them. Being in a presence of a person with a strong green aura is a very peaceful and restful experience. However, dark shades of green can indicate one who is jealous or uncertain. Green is peaceful, healing, compassion, deceitful, jealous.

YELLOW: Intellectual, thinking, working faculties, joy, freedom, non-attachment, freeing or releasing vital forces. People who glow yellow are full of inner joy, contentment, very generous, and not attached to anything. A yellow aura appears as a result of a highly active "third eye" (which can often be seen glowing with violet) indicating a person who is very spiritually evolved. A yellow aura around the head indicates high spiritual development, a sign of a spiritual teacher. Buddha and Jesus are said to have had yellow auras extending to their arms. Yellow can also indicate mental activity, optimism. It can mean new learning opportunities and wisdom. A golden-yellow means that the person takes care of themselves. Ruddy yellow may mean that its owner is shy. Yellow is optimistic, happy, intellectual, friendly, indecisive, easily led.

ORANGE: Friendly, open, approachable, uplifting, absorbing, and inspiring. A sign of power. Ability and/or desire to control people. When orange is dominant, it usually contributes to a yellow aura, which then becomes gold, indicating not only a spiritual teacher, someone capable of demonstrating their powerful, unique abilities. This is a color of warmth, creativity and thoughtfulness. The muddier shades may represent pride or vanity, while golden orange denotes self-control. A person with orange in their aura may suffer from kidney ailments. Orange is self-control, ambition, courage, lack of will.

RED: Physical energy; physically-based person personality or sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. Warm reds, sensuous, or physically charged and healthy. Red can also indicate materialistic thoughts, thoughts about the physical body. Predominantly red aura indicates materialistically oriented person. Typically, red is the color of strength, strong passion, and will. Dark red may symbolize one who has a quick temper and is nervous or impulsive. All red relates to nervous tendencies. Red is energy, strength, anger, sexuality, passion, fear, ego.

PINK: Unconditional love and love in a spiritual sense. To obtain a clean pink, it is a mixture of purple (the highest frequency we perceive) with red (the lowest frequency). Pink indicates a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence has been achieved. The most spiritually evolved and advanced have not only a yellow aura around the head but also a large pink aura extending further away. The pink color in the aura is quite rare and typically appears as temporary, never as a strong point in the aura. It represets compassion, and possibly a love of art and beauty. Darker or muddier shades of pink may point to an individual who is immature. Pink is love, sincerity, friendship.

BROWN: Can be unsettling, materialistic, distracting, and negating spiritually. When this color is more of a glow, it can also reflect an "earthy" person; the person is establishing new roots; or is centered with themselves or surroundings. However, if seen in the chakras, it may indicate that a person's energy is being blocked in some way.

GRAY or BLACK: Shielding or protective. A gray or black aura can indicate low energy, depression, or illness. Gray and black are very easily misinterpreted as these colors can indicate one who is very skilled who does not want to be noticed, scanned, or otherwise invaded (in which case these colors may appear to be metallic). Gray is depression, sadness, exhaustion, low energy skepticism. Gray is dark thoughts, depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, temporary presence of a darker side of a person's personality. Black is lacking energy, illness, imminent death. Black spots in the aura may indicate that it is unbalanced in some areas. This may mean that the persohn has some negative habits that he or she should work on. Meditation helps reduce these spots, as does things like exercise and sunlight. If they persist, psychiatric help may be needed.

SILVER LIGHTS or TWINKLES: Seeing these is a person's aura may mean they are, will be, or have been recently pregnant. However, this is not always the case. Seeing this may indicate a person who has great creativity in their life.

WHITE: White is perfect balance. Many times white is one of the first colors that can be observed in an aura, but when it is a true and strong color of the aura, it reflects purity and truth. White can also indicate a serious disease or artificial stimulation (drugs). The reason white color in the aura can sometimes indicate problems is because it is like a noise, rather than a set of harmonious tones (monochromatic colors). It is impossible to 'tune' the noise to an orchestra playing harmonious music, as such the white aura indicates a lack of harmony in the body and mind. Nature, which we are all a part of, is harmonious. The harmony comes in discrete vibration 'tones' or harmonics, partially described by modern quantum physics. Several hours before death, the aura becomes white and greatly increases in intensity. For this reason in most cultures 'death' is depicted in white, not black.

full body auras


When we learn what our dominant colors are in our own aura, we can attempt to match our surroundings or clothing with our aura. Redecorating your home to achieve a better match will result in a positive stimulation of our psyche and will help to promote our well being in many aspects.


Every morning upon arising you should "cleanse" and "balance" your aura. This is a simple exercise in visualization. Sit quietly or meditate by first surrounding yourself with divine white light. Next, visualize the colors you wish to emanate that day. Perhaps you could even choose your clothing colors to fortify your aura. This can change your aura temporarily, but with practice, you can learn to manipulate your aura to match and achieve your goals.


In times past, the light that fell on the auric field of humans, was the healing light of the sun, the silver light of the moon, firelight and candlelight. The colors flowing into and out of the electromagnetic sheath of the body were natural, warm and earthy.

Since the industrial revolution, the light that we bathe ourselves in both night and day, is artificial, unbalanced and emits powerful magnetic fields. Computers, Television, and Electricity, cause our day to be lengthened, our nights shortened, and the magnetic pond in which we swim, to be polluted. We are destroying ourselves. Or are we?

Is it not exactly right and proper in the Divine plan of things, and has it not come at the correct time in the developmental process of our earth and the life forms in it, around it, and upon it, that, we are causing ourselves to go into light?

Light that falls upon any surface, releases light-energy from that surface. Each photon of light is either a particle or a wave with an invisible magnetic field (ie. a force which it exerts). The Auric field of any living thing, is made of photons of light and each photon has its magnetic field. So to call the human Aura 'the magnetic field' is partially true. The other part of the human aura consists of photons of light - color - that are drawn into the mental, emotional and invisible physical body through the energy centers and used as the language of our thoughts and to instruct cells, via chemicals, on how to behave. Specific wavelengths are used in the thought processes which cause us to be.

Red is our "rooting" wavelength. It is the physical senses, appetite, energy, our "place", home, safety, self protection and defense wavelength. It keeps us in this dimension.

Orange is our "rooting" done with the yellow mental energy of the intellect. We create with thought, using our physical energy. We use orange wavelengths to physically create in our dimension.

The yellow wavelengths, we use for intellectual processes and in causing things to happen about us that we "will" with our minds. This is our "organizational" wavelength.

Green (being yellow and blue) is the energy that we use to construct our own self esteem and feelings of self worth with our intellect. When we have self worth, then we are able to esteem all else - and communicate our love via the blue in green. This is our "linking up with others" wavelength.

Blue wavelengths are used for communication and appreciation of something awesomely more beautiful than the self. They are the "linking up with something more" energies.

Indigo wavelengths are our "psychic sonar energies" which guide us on the journey through the dimension in which we have rooted.

And Purple wavelengths keep us docked to our real being.

We - I mean the whole of the earth and all its parts - have been working with unpolluted light since the last time we mastered the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for our own benefit. Now we are mastering the electromagnetic spectrum again. We are pouring light into our electromagnetic sheaths and causing a "bleaching" out of the previously rich, natural and physical colors keeping us in this dimension.

When you want to make pink - you add white, or light, to red. Pale blue is achieved the same way. If the concept of this is taken into the color that we ingest through our energy centers, then, we are being undernourished. As we sit watching TV or reading in electric light, the artificial photons of electromagnetic energy, are bouncing off the particles of light in our auric sheath. Photon by photon, we are being bleached out as our own photons are released under impact. Our magnetic fields are being greatly disturbed as well.

We - I mean the whole of earth and all its parts, are magnificently adaptable - and we have done this thing before! We are going pastel!

Our Electromagnetic fields are mutating so that we will be able to function perfectly well in this new enlightened ocean. Our physical bodies are beginning to switch over to handling an over exposure to electromagnetic energies by simple evolution.

So this is nothing to be depressed about. It is great. It is proper. It is a whole wonderful, natural and exciting process!

But, it is causing some physical discomfort here and there. So, being magnificently adaptable, we are finding that the way to mental and physical comfort, is to simply become luminescent.

Our new pastel red wavelengths will cause allergies to anything we eat or breathe in, or wear that is not also pastel. Meat will cause us to be ill. And food prepared without love will sit uncomfortably in the gut. We will be hyper-sensitive to "atmospheres" in buildings, doing business with ventures based on greed or eating, wearing or using their products. We will feel a dissatisfaction with where we have "rooted" and long to root in a finer dimension. The old ways will not suit us anymore.

Many men will have prostate cancer, and women, cervical cancer, as the energy centers struggle for the old nutritional wavelengths.

With our new pastel orange wavelengths, we will find the physical dimension and the way we have created things before, to feel uncomfortably laborious! Such an effort. Such hard work! Our young people will want to do less. We will have days of great lassitude and exhaustion. Some will wonder where their "drive" has gone. "Laziness", it will be called.

Many people will develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And with our new pastel yellow intellects, we will feel it too bothersome to think or "will" anything much. Our sense of humor will change to subtle delight rather than paroxysms of belly laughter. And we will do far more allowing than organizing. This might be called "slackness".

Thousands will develop stomach ulcers, diabetes and liver disorders as this energy center struggles to process finer shades of yellow in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our pastel green heart energy will cause us to work less on our own sense of self worth, and feel more connected to the worth of the whole being. Doing things for others will make us feel less of a schlep. In fact it will feel like our only reason to be.

But as this energy center adjusts to the pastel frequencies we are creating, there will be more heart attacks, lung cancers and bronchial diseases. The health warnings on all cigarette packs will produce a self fulfilling prophecy and the use of ultra violet protection sunglasses will cause an increase in TB, Candida and other bacterial and fungal infections.

Pastel blue wavelengths coming into our communication centers will cause us to feel very uncomfortable with anything less than the perfect truth. A directness of speech will make many feel uncomfortable with us. Untruth, heard by us, will ring an ugly sound in our ears.

Physically, mankind will find flu and coughs, lymph cancer, and thyroid problems troublesome.

A lighter shade of Indigo will cause a heightened intuition and psychic knowing and the Sonar beam of inner guidance will be much clearer. It will be happening to everyone so that others will "know" about us too. Pastel midnight blue will lessen our judgmental processes - especially its negative side of self criticism and others criticism.

There will be discomforts of sinus, hay fever, outbreaks of conjunctivitis, cataracts and headaches of all descriptions. And quite a bit of mental confusion.

The magical thing about going pastel is that we will quickly learn how to avoid all the pitfalls and enjoy all the advantages. As millions of people will have more success with subtle and alternate healing, it will become the norm. We will access lots of lovely knowledge from the Cosmic reservoir and spread it around the world very quickly via the Internet. Many of the old ways - especially all the rotten stuff - will crumble away because the new pastel wavelengths will not be able to sustain them. So it might not be easy. But it will definitely be exciting.

With our new pastel powers, we will remember some mistakes we made in the past and remember that we came to avoid them this time. Each one of us will find ourselves in exactly the right place at the right time so that we can do what we came to do.

With our lilac umbilical cord, we will draw in clearer images of our higher self, the real "us", which is already pastel. We will be able to fuse completely with ourselves whenever we need to because - at last - we will match!

Moving in and out of our higher/lower-self fusion state, might be a bit tricky at first. The trick will be in learning to stay "rooted" that way. Being in sync means every thing goes like a dream, we have just enough money, we are exactly on time for the bus 'though we thought we would miss it, the very person we wanted to see walks in, we think we need flowers for our room and a friend brings us some . This happens because we are synchronized with all the other higher selves of the pastel dimension.

Being out of sync is very uncomfortable and feels even more so by comparison. No one seems to understand what we are talking about. Physical things won't stay in place, or fall on us, drop, or otherwise misbehave. There is absolutely no parking when we need it most and we get a ticket to boot. The list of un-pastel situations, circumstances, and people is endless. When we feel mis-matched with all around us - we are! Something has happened to our color. We are literally not on the same wavelength.

The solution - translution! We need to consciously feel ourselves becoming translucent, allowing the finer frequencies to transfuse us with their pastel power. This is our new electromagnetic ocean, being made by our very own selves, and as soon as we have learned to surf and swim, it's going to be grand!

In the meantime, some nice games to play are already giving many people lots of fun.

With pastel red rooting energies we can give others more of our space without feeling threatened. When we are in sync in the orange, creating something is easy - there is always exactly enough paper, ribbon or paint or the tool we want will be there at our elbow. Thinking in the new yellows is as close as an inner knowing - amazing solutions simply pop into the mind and every thing organizes itself in a perfect way.

Our hearts feel connected - especially in a heart to heart hug - pastel green hugs are nutritious in every way. Explaining in pale blue is easy because the listener already understands what we mean and our iridescent indigo psychic sonar devices lead us directly to where we ought to be.

Kindergarten teachers know that in playing, much learning can happen in the very nicest way. The pastel realms are already full of beings who surf and swim with skill. While we learn to empower ourselves in the kindergarten of our new pastel ocean, we will find more and more, that we are not alone and that it is the teacher we choose that makes it safe for us, comfortable for us and, mostly, truly delightful.



All spiritual beings incarnate over and over again in order to experience the physical dimensions and to develop spiritual skill. They learn by working through various frequencies until they do not need to "do" these frequencies any more. Their consciousness rises to a finer frequency.

At each level good aspects are collected up for use in the progress of the soul. When the soul reaches the finest level, he has no need to "do" anything of any other frequency - he has no desire so he ceases to incarnate. He is free of the gross (low energy vibration) earth plane and goes on. No one level is better than any other, for each develops special skills and gives the earth dimension vitality and the swing of good/evil, light/dark, yin/yang, creation and dissolution. This battle between "good and evil" only occurs in your dimension - it being the dimension of opposites.

THE RED LEVEL controls all physical things. Spiritually it has a slow frequency and squanders its energy. The incarnating spiritual being who chooses a red incarnation, is experiencing the dimension through all his physical sensations and practicing using physical energy to root into the earth. The problems he faces are that he is absorbed with self and "I". He creates his world through sometimes mindless actions and insensitivity to others. He experiences greed, possessiveness, dissatisfaction, envy, and violent emotions. His absorption with self, can lead to cruelty, lack of self-control and insensitivity to the feelings of others - he simply reacts with his basic senses.

But - he is developing very important qualities of experiencing single-mindedness, power and the rooting of the physical aspect of himself. He develops skills of infectious excitement, physical drive, living in the "now", stimulation to gain through desire which will keep him rooted in the dimension he has chosen for many incarnations to come.

In the THE ORANGE LEVEL of incarnations spiritual beings are working through the experience of all physical sensations, desire of all kinds, possessiveness, strong emotions and envy, ambition for the self. They are absorbed with self and "I". They practice controlling the physical dimension with thought through enjoyment of physical exercise, food, physical relationships and parenting, and the love of life through wisdom. These spiritual beings are practicing responding to their situations rather than simply reacting. Orange is a mixture of Red and Yellow - physical and mental.

While a being uses this frequency to incarnate over and over again, he is developing very important qualities of experiencing physical energy, mental vitality, living the "now", single-minded drive, action and ambition, admiration of intelligence and education and response to external references.

YELLOW LEVEL incarnations control the will and intellect - it is a mental incarnation. Beings in a yellow incarnation are working through personal ambition and selfish needs, self pride and materialism, they rationalize and explain, having strong emotions still. They are able to stimulate and inspire others. They enjoy the physical control they can achieve over their environment and mental control especially education because they acquire knowledge. They have a desire for truth, fairness and justice. They can explain God/dess intellectually. Knowledge is power.

And - they are developing very important qualities enabling them to use mental enthusiasm, ambition; the ability to change the dimension they find themselves in through the mind. They experience curiosity and inquisitiveness, and the use of words and concepts to inspire others, the discernment of truth, fairness and justice.

Incarnating into the GREEN LEVEL a being has all the qualities he has empowered himself with through experience in the other levels. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow - the middle - balance. Working through this level, a spiritual being has to practice control of the basic urges; control of his ambition for self, his own intolerance and strong emotions. He experiences rationalizing his feelings and desires because he craves order and harmony. He desires knowledge of the truth. Often works in service to mankind.

He learns the skills of using the qualities of harmony and co-operation with others, harnessing ambition and drive so they do not impinge on others and to use his mental energy and ability to make changes in the world around, to improve the lot of others.

Using the BLUE LEVEL an incarnating being is challenged with the craving for the pure and true method of communication and experiencing harmony and peace. Experiencing this level, he must control any untamed physical and mental aspects of himself, which offend his inner desire for an ordered existence within and without. He experiences creating in his dimension through beauty, art, music, communication in all its forms and service to humanity. He experiences self-esteem and self-intolerance, and discernment of the inner and outer dimensions.

While he endures these problems of ordering beauty and the world through his mind, he develops the skills of striving for the inexplicable and patience for goodness and beauty that seems unobtainable - a divine discontent.

By incarnating in the INDIGO LEVEL a being is faced with the problems of experiencing the external dimension by turning within. He learns to control any mental and attitudinal deficiencies in himself as he experiences his external dimension by using his inner dimension as his "home". He is developing the qualities of flexibility in his own attitudes of mind, great tolerance, having deep inner ethical codes, and experiences working through strict control of all his appetites having a disciplined existence. He practices personal restrictions, releasing the concept of externally imposed restrictions, releases himself from attachment to the dimension he finds himself in and lacks any personal ambition. An incarnation at this level is often done in service.

Thank you to Liz Hilton from The Place of Angels for her words and thoughts that were the main contribution to this page.


Mood rings are a form of costume jewelry that uses Thermotropic Liquid Crystals to assess the wearer's skin temperature, which has been shown to change with your emotional state. One would hope that you would already know your emotional state, so the only practical use I see, is to watch the color on someone else's mood ring to see what mood she is in. Anyway, you can assess the wearer's mood thusly;

Black: Back off! Wearer is tense, nervous, over worked.
Gray: Watch out! Wearer is very uptight, possibly about to snap!
Amber: Wearer is nervous, has mixed emotions.
Green: Average reading. Wearer is active but not under stress.
Blue-Green: Wearer is relaxed but inner emotions are active.
Blue: Wearer is relaxed and calm.
Dark Blue: Wearer is very happy, passionate, in love.































How Stuff Works: How Do Mood Rings Work? Mood Jewelry, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings


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