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The word shaman, from the Tungus language of Siberia, describes someone who is said to be able to "journey" to and commune with the spirit world. Shamans, variously known as witch doctors, wizards, sorcerers, medicine men, or holy men, have been revered by tribal societies from ancient Celts to the Australian Aborigines.

Shamanism may be broadly defined as a way of healing and providing spiritual guidance that involves going into a trance. The shaman may use continuous sounds, such as drumming or shaking rattles, or hallucinogenic drugs, to enter into a state of altered consciousness in which he can determine the causes of your illness and learn how to cure it. Some practitioners claim to make contact with a spirit guide. Contemporary or neoshamanism combines traditional methods with modern therapies such as counseling and visualization. It first attracted interest in the US as awareness of Native American traditions grew, and then spread to the UK and Australia.

A session may last from an hour to a weekend, and shamans claim to treat "conditions of the soul" that may affect emotional and physical health.

Conventional health care providers tend to dismiss neoshamanism as a jumble of psychotherapy and New Age ideas.



Shamanism Foundation For Shamanic Studies
Dance of the Deer Foundation: Center For Shamanic Studies
Shamanism Ireland: Celtic Shamanism's Healing Journey
Shamanism Canada: Shamanism At The Edges - Shamanism Retreat Centre, Ontario, Canada
Shamanic Teachers & Practitioners
Shaman Portal: The Resource For All Things Shamanic
Scandinavian Center For Shamanic Studies: Denmark & United Kingdom


German singing teacher Alfred Wolfsohn developed the basis of voice therapy in the 1920s and 1930s. When he died in 1962, Roy Hart, a South African actor and student of Wolfsohn, continued his work. The technique is most widely practiced in the UK and France.

Practitioners claim that the speed, tone, rhythm, and pitch of the voice provide vital clues to a person's mental, physical, and emotional health. Piano notes are used to help you expand the vocal and emotional range of your sounds. Emphasis is placed on exploring cries and screams as well as signs and whispers: this is said to have a profound psychological effect and increase vocal expression. Voice therapy can help people deal with emotional barriers and vocal problems, such as stammering.

Treatment may be 4 to 12 individual hour-long sessions, or group workshops over a week or weekend.

Most conventional health care providers see voice therapy as an acceptable way to help self-expression, relaxation, and vocal flexibility.

Voice Therapy


Wayne Perry: The Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles
Ani Williams-Songaia Sound Therapy Healing System
Sound Wave Energy - Healing The Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Aspects
Sound Healing With Bioacoustics Therapy


Developed in the 1960s by Jose Silva, a Mexican American, this technique aims to develop and control the powers of the mind through exercises that involve adjusting to different brain wavelengths or "levels". Exercises are taught at classes by registered practitioners throughout the US and UK.

Silva exercises, which are similar to those used in autogenic training, aim to help you reach, and go beyond, the state of awareness achieved by meditation. The exercises are designed to teach you to recognize and use different levels of consciousness. According to the Silva method, beta is associated with an everyday waking state, theta and delta are unconscious intuitive levels. "Going into alpha", Silva claimed, sharpens the mind, facilitates self-healing, and encourages extrasensory perception, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Further Silva exercises use visualization techniques to integrate the analytical left side of the brain with the creative right side.

Silva training involves 40 hours of seminars over two weekends.

While the Silva method may enhance memory, self-confidence, and creativity, most conventional health care providers view it as essentially a self-hypnosis technique, and question its ability to promote mental ability or diagnostic skills.

The Silva Method


The Silva Method
The Silva Method Orlando
The Jose Silva UltraMind System
Silva Life System By Jose Silva of the Silva Method
The Silva Method - Tampa Bay


Since the 1950s, some hypnotherapists and psychotherapists, mainly in the US and UK, have used regression techniques to allow patients to express what seem to be memories of earlier lives. Such regressions are often thought to be evidence of reincarnation, but some practitioners see them as the mind's way of symbolizing buried thoughts or emotions.

While regression usually takes place under hypnosis, practitioners trained in psychotherapy may work with your full conscious, although very relaxed or in a light trance, sometimes as part of a group. You are asked about past events that may have current significance for your, and you many find yourself recalling times and places of which you have no apparent knowledge. Whatever their source, these "memories" can have a therapeutic, even cathartic effect, and may help resolve emotional or nervous complaints, such as anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. Sessions usually last about an hour, and treatment may continue for several months or longer.

There have been a few documented cases in which historical details recalled under hypnosis were later confirmed. However, conventional health care practitioners are likely to see past life therapy simply as an outlet for the imagination, and would advise against any literal interpretations of the events recalled.

past lives and the tree of life


Past Life Therapy center: Hypnotherapy Regression
Past Lives - Regression Therapy
Brian L. Weiss, M.D. - Same Soul Many Bodies
Past Life Regression & Past Life Therapy
International Association of Past Life Therapists
Past Life Regressions - UK


Described by its creator as "non-invasive, self-selective soul therapy," Aura-Soma is a form of color therapy. It was developed, or "envisioned", in 1984 by Vicky Hall, a UK chiropodist who allegedly developed extrasensory powers after losing her sight. The theory is mainly available in the UK; a small number of practitioners work in the US and Australia.

You are presented with a selection of over 90 specifically prepared "balance" bottles, then asked to choose four. Each contains two colored liquids: a mixture of essential oils on a layer of springwater containing herbal extracts. The colors you choose are said to provide insights into your physical and emotional condition. The four bottles are shaken and the mixtures applied to your skin daily for as long as necessary; this supposedly allows the colors to enter the body and rebalance disturbed chakras. There is no standard length of treatment or number of sessions, and the therapy is used primarily for long-standing emotional problems and stress.

aura-soma bottles


Red: Energy, grounding, survival issues and the material side of life.

Coral: Unrequited love.

Orange: Independence/dependency. Shock. Trauma. Deep insight and bliss.

Gold: Wisdom and intense fear

Yellow: Acquired knowledge

Olive: Creating a space for clarity and wisdom.

Green: Space. Search for truth. Panoramic consciousness.

Turquoise: Mass media/group communication. Creative communication (art).

Blue: Peace and communication.

Royal blue: Knowing why one is here.

Violet: Spirituality. Healing. Serving others.

Magenta: Love for the little things in daily life.

Pink: Unconditional love. Caring.

Clear (white): Suffering and the understanding of suffering.

It is not recognized by conventional medicine.


You Are The Colors You Choose: An Introduction To Aura-Soma Therapy
Aura-Soma Training At Golden Hill School of Healing Arts
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