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    Developed in Berlin in the 1920s, autogenic training (AT) claims to alleviate physical and mental problems, as well as improve work performance, creativity, and personal relationships. It consists of a series of six mental exercises that allow the mind to calm itself by switching off the "fight-or-flight" stress responses of the body. The therapy offers a rational, organized way to relax at will and mobilize the body's self-healing powers. A useful self-help treatment for stress-related conditions, AT became more established in the 1970s and is now practiced worldwide.


  • Stress-related conditions:
    • High blood pressure.
    • Eczema.
    • Migraines.
    • Insomnia.
    • Depression.
    • Nervous tension.
    • Irritable bowel syndrome.
    • Ulcers.
  • PMS.
  • Addictions.
  • Alleviation of the symptoms of AIDS.

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    Dr. Schultz
    Dr. Schultz, founder of autogenic training, was influenced by 19th century studies in which patients practicing self-hypnosis reported improved well-being and relief from tension and fatigue.


    Autogenic training was developed in the 1920s by Dr. Johannes Schultz, a German neurologist and psychiatrist. The word autogenic means "generated from within" in Greek. Dr. Schultz devised six silent verbal exercises for the mind which were further developed in Canada by his colleague, Dr. Wolfgang Luthe. Now available worldwide, AT is used in some corporate staff-training programs.


    The therapeutic effects of AT are reported in more than 3,000 scientific papers. Many examples of physiological and brain-wave changes have been noted, which, when measured, resemble those produced in meditation. The Schultz Institute in Berlin and the Oskar Vogt Institute in Japan are leading research centers.


    Autogenic training's structured approach has become relatively well-established as a relaxation technique, and a few practitioners are beginning to refer patients for AT.


    Autogenic training is usually taught in groups of 6-8 patients, or on a one-to-one basis, in eight 90-minute weekly sessions.

    Before instruction, your medical history will be taken, and your physical and psychological suitability evaluated. The six exercises taught by the practitioner are done sitting or lying down, so comfortable clothes should be worn. Each exercise aims to induce relaxation in different areas of the body: heaviness in the limbs; a calm heartbeat; relaxed breathing; warmth in the stomach; and coolness in the forehead. Throughout the sequence, you will be asked to repeat set phrases, such as "my right arm is heavy," and, with practice you should be able to reach an altered state of consciousness known as "passive concentration". This is similar to medication and boosts the body's self-healing processes.


    Sitting in an upright chair.
    Sitting in an upright chair, is a position that can be used at work. It helps to relax the neck and shoulders, areas which often carry tension.

    Lying down.
    Lying down is a useful position for practicing autogenic exercises when going to sleep. Pillows are sometimes placed under the head and knees.

    Sitting in an armchair.
    Sitting in an armchair is a comfortable position, which can easily be adapted for practicing AT in a bus, train, or plane.

    At a more advanced level, "autogenic modification" involves adopting formulas that focus on specific issues; someone with asthma, for example, may use the phrase "my sinuses are cool, my chest is warm."

    Your practitioner can also teach you ways to cope with grief, anger, or anxiety, since repressed emotions ("autogenic discharges") may arise during treatment.

    It is essential that you practice autogenic exercises between classes, about 15 minutes, three times daily, noting your responses for the next session. Once taught, you can use AT as self-treatment.


  • Check with your health care provider if you have psychiatric problems.
  • Advise the practitioner if you are pregnant or have a heart condition or diabetes.

  • British Autogenic Society Autogenic Training Course For Free


    Find a quiet place free from distractions. Lie on the floor or recline in a chair. Loosen any tight clothing and remove glasses or contacts. Rest your hands in your lap or on the arms of the chair.

    Take a few slow even breaths. If you have not already, spend a few minutes practicing diaphragmatic breathing.

    Quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Focus attention on your arms. Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My arms are very heavy." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Refocus attention on your arms. Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My arms are very warm." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Focus attention on your legs. Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My legs are very heavy." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Refocus attention on your legs. Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My legs are very warm." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My heartbeat is calm and regular." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My breathing is calm and regular." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My abdomen is warm." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Quietly and slowly repeat to yourself six times, "My forehead is pleasantly cool." Then quietly say to yourself, "I am completely calm."

    Enjoy the feeling of relaxation, warmth and heaviness. When you are ready, quietly say to yourself, "Arms firm, breathe deeply, eyes open."

    In addition to following these instructions, you may consider using a voice recording, such as the free MP3 audio file offered by McMaster University with directions on practicing autogenic training. Use of an audio recording will allow you to fully relax and concentrate on the technique.


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