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Reiki is a form of Japanese spiritual healing, Reiki has its foundations in ancient Tibetan Buddhism, and was apparently forgotten until its rediscovery in the late 19th century. Practitioners draw on "reiki energy", channeling it to areas in need in themselves and their clients/patients. Terminology is borrowed from physics, claiming that reiki acts at an atomic level, causing the body's molecules to vibrate with higher intensity and thus dissolving energy blockages that lead to disharmony and disease. Reiki is becoming popular in the West, with over 200,000 initiates in North America, Europe, and Australia and Asia.


The Japanese word reiki is derived from rei ("universal") and ki ("life energy"). The ancient reiki healing practices of Tibetan Buddhism were believed to have been lost over the centuries, until Dr. Usui rediscovered and reinterpreted them in the late 19th century. One of his pupils, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, passed on this knowledge to Hawaio Takata, a Japanese woman living in Hawaii, who introduced reiki in the West in the 1970s. In 1981, her pupils formed the Reiki Alliance, which now has over 800 members worldwide. Today, there are many reiki practitioners that have received their training and attunements outside of the alliance and practice independently.


Reiki aims to promote health, maintain well-being, and help people attain a higher consciousness. Practitioners need have their physical and spiritual (or etheric) bodies attuned according to ancient and secret symbols revealed to initiates in three stages before acting as a channel for reiki. Once the healing channel is opened, it is thought to remain active for life and can be used when required.

When you are treated by a reiki practitioner, you will be asked to "formulate your intent" (to say what you wish the practitioner to treat), but since it is thought that reiki "works for the highest good", it may not necessarily offer a cure. Each treatment session lasts about an hour. You lie, fully clothed, on a treatment table, sitting in a chair, or on your bed and the practitioner holds his hands on or over your body in 12 basic positions for about five minutes each; four are on the head, four on the front of the body and four on the back. Sometimes, the front and backs of the knees are included and the feet. This is said to balance the body's energy centers, or chakras. Some clients/patients may feel relaxed after treatment; others feel invigorated. Reiki may also be practiced as a form of absent or distance healing.

Heat sensitive photographs of a practitioner's hands, taken before and during treatment, show an intensification of heat during healing.

I have always performed hands-on energy healing ever since I was a little girl. I used to work a lot on injured animals as a child. I also have been a practicing Pagan Priestess for over 25 years, which also uses energy working to perform rites and rituals and a homebirth midwife for over 30 years, also working with birthing energies. When I received my Reiki attunements, they took my natural abilities and fine tuned them to perform a better managed and more focused energy-healing. Regardless of whether you feel you have natural energy working ability or not, anyone can perform Reiki once their channels have been opened and tuned in to the energy forces.

My Reiki clients always comment about how hot my hands become during a Reiki treatment and how they feel the heat and energy penetrating their bodies. Those that begin as skeptics have always changed their minds about the therapy after it is over and are amazed at the results, regardless on the original problem being treated. Depending on the problem being treated, sometimes it helps to take the "edge" off pain and discomfort until the client can obtain medical treatment. Other times it has remedied a problem completely. Either way, it still infuses the client with some positive energy that they needed.

During a treatment, I can feel the energy moving through my body and out my hands into my client. My whole body becomes very warm and energized. The best side effect from Reiki is that the energy that passes through the healer's body not only works on the client, but it also helps the healer as well.

- MoonDragon Reiki Therapist

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The aura is a pocket of light which radiates around each living thing. Its contents build up with our experiences, thoughts and life processes. A newborn child has a very clear and simple aura because it has not experienced a "life" yet. The aura holds in it all the light energy that we transpire. We draw in electromagnetic frequencies from the visible and invisible electromagnetic pond in which we live, through centers that lie over glands in the physical body. These glands give chemical messages to our body systems, but they get their instruction from our consciousnesses. This consciousness regulates our whole body, all our actions and life circumstances. It is not the same as our physical brain which is simply another organ of the body. The consciousness does not live inside the brain. The brain is the consciousness's organ for weighing up and processing physical experiences.

One could call the consciousness an experiential body - that goes on after death.

The consciousness draws in electromagnetic frequencies as it "experiences" its life.

It uses frequencies of the RED group to cause physical vigor, experience physical senses and appetite for life, physical protection and rooting the physical body on earth and in a nest. These frequencies are drawn in at the groin.

It uses ORANGE frequencies, drawn in at the belly, for the physical creation of the ideas in the physical brain and to cause the physical actions that must be achieved for its physical comfort and reproduction.

The YELLOW spectrum is registered by the physical body 's solar plexus area so that the brain and mind can think. They are used for intellectual thought, humor, laughter and joy. And for organizing and "willing."

The consciousness draws into the heart area GREEN frequencies every time it has to deal with self esteem and esteem for others, or begins to connect with other people. These frequencies are also used for feelings of abundance.

The BLUE range are drawn into the physical body at the throat when communicating with other people or expressing thought from the physical brain or expressing inspirations. They are used when the consciousness is experiencing beauty.

The consciousness pulls in the INDIGO spectrum when it is using its "Sonar" protection device of intuition, or "gut feelings". Or when it is being perceptive of circumstances and events it is experiencing. These frequencies wash through the Pineal Gland and are Psychic in nature.

All the PURPLE range of electromagnetic light frequencies are used when the consciousness is docking with its Divine/Higher/Soul self. It uses these frequencies while experiencing the Divine or "God/dess".

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REIKI is a form of "hands-on" energy healing that works with the clients major and minor chakras (energy centers) and auric field using life force energy found in ourselves and our environment, the earth, plants, and so forth. The Reiki therapist acts as a channel for this energy, directing it into the client's body. The energy "recharges" the clients body in areas in which extra energy may be required for healing and strengthening damaged tissue. Reiki also helps the client with mental and emotional healing. Reiki helps the body to heal faster, the mind to be calmer and more at ease and centered. Reiki is perfectly safe and will not harm anyone. At worse, it will not do anything at all, but this is rare. Reiki does not require conscious belief in it as a health-healing tool or in any religious or cosmic belief in anything or anyone. It works well on humans, including babies, animals, plants and any other life form that needs a bit of an energy "boost". Reiki therapy has become known as a healing aid used by some midwives, nurses and physicians in hospital, clinical, and home settings to help their clients/patients recover faster and more fully from childbirth, surgeries and therapies.

Magick is energy in action!

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